48th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

48th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The great mission of the Holy Palmarian Church gives us great peace and tranquility because God the Holy Ghost is the Promoter of that mission. What is that mission? It is a doctrinal, disciplinary and liturgical renewal, never before known in the Catholic Church. And why is it being done right now? Well, because at this moment the Church is reduced to a small number, and the faithful of that number are very sincere and practice the Catholic Faith with great dedication and docility. This is exactly what the Holy Ghost needs: docility to His divine inspirations. Docile souls are those who do God’s will because they love God and want to serve and please God in everything they do.

    God the Holy Ghost, traditionally considered to be the Great Unknown, has made Himself known more than ever in the Holy Palmarian Church. During the Holy Palmarian Councils there were very important revelations about the Most Holy Trinity. For example, we know that the Most Holy Trinity manifested Themselves under human figures on several occasions. We know that Most Holy Malachias who lived in the Old Testament was God the Holy Ghost in human form living on earth for a long time. We know that God the Holy Ghost is the Love of God the Father and God the Son from whom He proceeds. Therefore, when Jesus was dying on the Cross to save mankind, He showed us His great love for mankind. That love of Jesus is the Holy Ghost, because God is One and Triune, and Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. They are Three inseparable Divine Persons. If Jesus manifested Himself to a person, that person would be seeing God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. To better understand the Holy Trinity and especially God the Holy Ghost, we can look at these images to help us understand that God is One and Triune. Each one is God, but with His different attributes. These pictures are very old.

God the Holy Ghost, the Uncreated Soul of the Church, left the apostate church of Rome on the 6th of August 1978 with the death of the last true Pope in Rome, Saint Paul VI. Owing to the apostasy of the roman church, Christ moved the See of His Church from Rome to El Palmar de Troya on the 9th of August 1978. With the election of Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, and the translation of the See to El Palmar de Troya, the true Church of Christ received the title of Palmarian. The Holy Ghost is the Soul of one single True Church, namely the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian. Outside of Her, the indwelling of God the Holy Ghost in souls is not possible. With the translation of the True Church to El Palmar de Troya, the Holy Mass or Perpetual Sacrifice was reestablished, and is offered in all its purity of worship. Under the pretext of a false renovation the roman church abolished the Perpetual Sacrifice, which is the Holy Mass, and implanted the disastrous Novus Ordo, a product of Vatican Freemasonry, on the 30th of November 1969. To better understand what the Holy Mass is, read the Palmarian Catechism that is on our website:  https://cdn-prod.ocsficp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Extracts-from-the-Palmarian-Catechism.pdf

    We continue working so that the true Faith reaches all parts of the world. Now our website can be read in Japanese, and also in Guaraní, the native language of Paraguay.

    On YouTube we are increasing our apostolate with the inclusion of a channel in the German language and we are preparing several more channels in other languages.

    Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained position are highlighted.

2.Brazil12.United States22.Indonesia
5.India15.Bolivia25.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Nicaragua27.Iraq
10.The Philippines20.Honduras30.Cameroon

    Our apostolate in Congo Kinshasa is bearing good fruit. Recently a Palmarian missionary, Father Bartholomew María, made a visit to this African country and found a good number of people interested in the Church. Many were convinced that the Palmarian Church is the True Church of Christ. We hope that they will not be afraid to embrace the one authentic path to holiness, since outside of the Palmarian Catholic Church it is impossible to receive the Holy Sacraments.

    We know that there are a large number of believers in the Palmarian Church. But for one reason or another, they allow their cowardly spirit to dominate them instead of turning to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, for the spiritual strength to put their religious convictions into practice. Just like the Apostles, whom Jesus reproached for their lack of prayer and vigilance, many believers in the Palmarian Catholic Church remain outside the True Church for their lack of prayer and firmness in fulfilling the Divine Will. God is demanding. He demands that souls leave everything to love and serve Him as our Creator and He deserves all of our dedication and love.

    As we are nearing Christmas, it is very important that every family have a replica of the Nativity of our Divine Saviour in their home. Saint Francis of Assisi was the great apostle of Christmas Cribs. Unfortunately, later the protestant custom of putting up a tree for Christmas became more and more important. Trees are everywhere. What is the logic of cutting them down and putting them inside houses if they are already outside? It would be more logical to set up a manger to remind us of the birth of the Child Jesus, our Saviour and Redeemer. The Nativity scene has always been a source of joy in Catholic homes. The tree is useless for inspiring anything, as it was a living thing that was cut down and is now useless for anything except to sadden people because it is now a dead thing. How is it that all these organizations that care about nature are not concerned that so many trees are cut down every year, damaging the environment? And if they use plastic trees, well, these plastic objects do a lot of damage to the environment as well according to experts on these issues. In addition, a nice and well-decorated nativity scene in the house encourages the singing of Christmas hymns, which are very beautiful and uplift the soul to God and the Blessed Virgin.