Chapel of the Holy Well of The Most Holy Virgin of Palmar de Troya – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

History of the Chapel of the Holy Well Water from El Palmar de Troya

19th of June 1973

(Seville. The seer Clemente Domínguez describes: ‘At about midday today, the 19th of June, in my room, the Most Holy Virgin Mary appeared to me under the title of Carmel and told me the following”:)

The Most Holy Virgin of Carmel

Dear son: it is necessary that you take My words of the Calling for the 16th of July, Festivity of Carmel, regarding the gathering of My children at the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, to the press.

I MAKE A SPECIAL CALLING TO THE SICK. My dear children: you who suffer from illnesses, gather at El Palmar de Troya. There you will all receive My blessing and I will listen to you. I want to communicate to you that I Myself, on the 16th of July, will bless the water of the Well of the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya. I desire that the sick drink the water which I shall bless on that day. As from the 16th of July, that water will no longer be men’s water, for it will turn into your Mother of El Palmar’s Water, to heal the sick.  I PROMISE THAT IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE VISIT YOU MAKE TO EL PALMAR, MANY SICK WILL BE HEALED. Dear children: come with faith, with spirit of prayer and sacrifice. Come decently, with decorum and modesty.

I call the sick of Spain and of all nations in general. Seek first the healing of the soul and then that of the body. I bless you.”

On the 16th of July 1973, Festivity of Carmel, at about 12.30 in the morning, the seer Clemente Domínguez began the Holy Exercise of the Viacrucis, solemnly sung as is done every day in El Palmar. A good number of pilgrims thronged the Sacred Place of the Lentisco, making reparation for the affronts to Jesus’ Divine Countenance. The Holy Viacrucis over, Clemente Domínguez fell into ecstasy at the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who once again made known His infinite love and contentment, signing, caressing and embracing some of the pilgrims, as also blessing, kissing and passing through His wounds the religious objects they presented. The faithful intoned traditional hymns to the Lord, while He lavished His love and His graces upon all. Following the vision of the Lord, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, under the title of Carmel, appeared to Clemente, and took the seer in ecstasy halfway down the track between the Lentisco and the entrance to the property of the Apparitions. FROM THERE, AT ABOUT 2.15 IN THE MORNING OF THE 16TH OF JULY 1973, THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN MARY BLESSED THE WATER OF THE WELL, and gave Clemente the following Message:)

The Most Holy Virgin Mary

“My little children: the Water of the Well has now been blest by My Powerful Hand, My Hand of Mother of Goodness. From this moment on, you can drink the Water from the Well and it will perform cures on the sick. DRINK THE WATER OF YOUR MOTHER WITH CONFIDENCE: THE WATER OF YOUR MOTHER OF EL PALMAR, WHICH HEALS SPIRITUAL AND BODILY ILLNESSESS. Drink it with confidence. This is the seal of El Palmar: the Water blest by My Hand. It will heal many. Take the Water to the sick everywhere in your towns and Nations. My blessing to you all.”

(The ecstasy over, we all went down to the Sacred Well to drink the miraculous water and give thanks to the Most Holy Virgin for Her wonderful gift. Before opening the Well, Clemente Domínguez led a mystery of the Holy Rosary, which we all prayed with great fervour. The seer went on to open up the Well of Our Mother of El Palmar in the presence of a large number of Spanish and foreign pilgrims. All drank from the miraculous wellspring; and the pilgrims in turn filled their recipients to take away to their towns and nations. There we stayed until almost dawn. When we withdrew to our homes, a group of people, chiefly French, were still in prayer in the Lentisco. When we reached El Palmar at about four in the afternoon of the 16th of July 1973, there was already a considerable group of faithful praying before the Sacred Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar, and coaches and private cars from different parts of Spain and abroad, among them a good number of the sick. We began the prayers proper to the Place and then the celebration of Holy Mass. During the whole evening and part of the night, there were six Masses: the first and second by two French Priests; the third, solemnly sung, by a Spanish Priest, the best-attended, since at that moment the greater part of the pilgrims were there. The other three Masses were celebrated after the Solemn Procession with the processional Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar, and corresponded to a Venezuelan and two Spanish Priests, as there were six Priests willing to celebrate Mass. Communions and confessions were very numerous. The evening having ended, a Solemn Procession was organized with an Imagen of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, from the Lentisco down to the Sacred Well. The number of pilgrims accompanying the Most Holy Virgin along the processional route was immense. The Sacred Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar paused at the Sacred Well and stayed there until the late hours of the night, presiding over and gazing at Her pilgrim children who drank the miraculous water with great faith and filled their recipients to take away to their towns and nations, after the Well had been opened with great solemnity by Clemente Domínguez. The seer addressed some words to all the faithful, making quite clear that the Well Water was completely gratuitous, and that if any person without scruples of conscience were bold enough to demand money for the water, such a person was not one of our own, namely those in charge of giving out the Well Water, legitimately authorized, nor was he a true devotee of Our Mother of El Palmar. We repeat: the Water from the Sacred Well in El Palmar de Troya is completely free. If anyone should offer water saying that it is the Virgin’s and requiring payment, for charity’s sake, do not accept it!)

15th of August 1973

(Sacred Place of the Lentisco in El Palmar de Troya. Festivity of the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. A great number of pilgrims resorted here from different parts of Spain, especially Valencia, Granada and Cadiz, to render homage to Our Heavenly Mother. We began Worship on the 14th at night with the celebration of a Solemn Sung Mass by a Spanish Priest, according to the Traditional Rite, as always in this Sacred Place. Next another Priest celebrated another Mass, after which the Blessed Sacrament was exposed until 5.30 in the morning of the 15th, concluding the Exposition with a Solemn Procession with His Divine Majesty down to outside the property. Then a third Priest celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of Mass at dawn on the 15th. In the evening, following the recital of the Holy Penitential Rosary and other prayers, at about 8 o’clock another Holy Mass was celebrated at which a considerable number of people assisted with great devotion, crowding the Lentisco before the Divine Face and the Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar. Following Mass, the processional Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar was borne in Solemn Procession down to the Sacred Well and the Divine Shepherdess. On the 15th of August 1973, two sick were healed with the Well Water of Our Mother of El Palmar: one young boy from Granada, and a lady from Seville.)

Some of the miraculous cures of the sick in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya

Many are the sick who have recovered their bodily health in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, above all by means of the Water blessed by the Most Holy Virgin. From the 16th of July 1973, when Our Heavenly Mother blessed the Water of the Sacred Well, news constantly arrives of cures due to this miraculous Water.

The Eternal Father made known to a seer of El Palmar: that the sick cured were obliged to publish their cure for the greater Glory of God, of the Most Holy Virgin and of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya.

Complying with Heaven’s mandate, we publish below an account of some of the sick cured thanks to the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in El Palmar de Troya.

  1. In the evening of Palm Sunday 1971, during a Viacrucis in El Palmar de Troya, Don Fernando Gómez Moreno, from Cadiz, Spain, who was suffering from a fracture of the tibia and kneecap, with his leg paralysed, was cured by Heaven in the presence of several witnesses.
  2. Doña Consuelo Alonso, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain, had a cyst in the breast for over a year. On the 16th of July 1973 she went to El Palmar de Troya. She passed a handkerchief over the Holy Face venerated there, asking for the cyst to disappear, offering Him to have it always on her breast. Three days later she went to see the doctor, and he told her that the cyst had disappeared, leaving him very surprised.
  3. Doña Ángeles Santana, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain, had an ulcer on one leg, infected, for more than five years. Nothing could dry it up, and the doctor did not know what medicine to give her, and ceased to prescribe anything, since it would not heal as she was diabetic. Water from the Sacred Well of El Palmar was applied to the ulcer and in four days it had healed.
  4. Doña Amparo Gómez Pérez, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain. This lady had heart disease, and the doctor had ordered her not to move at all, as her heart was in a very poor state. She was given Water from the Holy Well of El Palmar, and since taking it she is leading a normal life.
  5. Doña Rosario Ocaña Marchena, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain. She had a kidney stone and acute pain. As from taking the Well Water of El Palmar, the pain disappeared. She went to see the doctor, had X-rays taken, and her kidneys were quite clear.
  6. Doña Dolores López, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain. For ten days she had an enormous swelling in the stomach which did not go down. She took the Water of El Palmar and the swelling disappeared immediately.
  7. Doña Manuel Martínez, resident of Brenes, Seville, Spain. She had a nineteen-year-old son with a nervous illness. The boy spent all his time shut up in his room, and did not want to leave or see anyone. His mother could not even speak to him, since he replied using very bad language. His mother took him Water from the Well of Our Mother of El Palmar, and told him to pray three Avemarías. The sick boy took the Water and following a wonderful prodigy which occurred to the mother, she entered her son’s room and found him on his knees praying. He told her that something very strange was happening to him and from then on the boy is much better.
  8. Doña Rosario Salazar Delgado, resident of Seville, Spain. She had a completely useless leg for many years. She resorted to El Palmar de Troya on the 15th of August 1973 to pray for a cure for one of her family. As she recounted, she did not even remember her own leg, as she had for many years been resigned to it being useless. But when hearing Holy Mass before the Holy Face and the Imagen of Our Mother of El Palmar, she suddenly felt life in her leg, and realized that she could move it freely, saying so to a friend at her side. After this had occurred, she communicated the miracle immediately to some there, and in particular to Manuel Alonso Corral. Approximately one and a half months from her cure, Manuel Alonso Corral and two lady devotees of Our Mother of El Palmar visited this lady in her home, personally verifying that the leg had become sufficiently healed to enable her to use it and lead a normal life.

We received more news from Cadiz, Seville, Palma de Majorca, and Sevillian towns, of miraculous cures which the Water of Our Mother of El Palmar has been performing on those who drink it with faith, and they will soon be published.

Miraculous cures with the Well Water of Our Mother of El Palmar, El Palmar de Troya

We communicate further cures of the sick thanks to the Well Water of Our Mother of El Palmar.

  1. “My husband José Vázquez Martínez, from Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), had a cancerous tumour of the stomach. The doctor, a specialist from Orense, gave him fifteen days to live. We commended him to the Virgin in the Cenacle and he took Well Water blessed by Our Mother of El Palmar, given to me by a lady who had gone to El Palmar for the gathering on the 12th of October 1973. And he was completely cured. Now he can eat anything. The same doctor who saw him previously, seeing that there is now nothing wrong with him, said, ‘This is a real miracle’. Very thankful, I record this so that you publish it in the Bulletin of Cures. Signed: Dorinda Vázquez.”
  2. “I, Magdalena Rodríguez González, from Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), had kidney, heart, liver and stomach ailments. I had kidney stones. A lady friend gave me Water from the Well blessed by Our Mother of El Palmar, brought here from the gathering on the 12th of October 1973; I took it with great faith, praying to the Virgin to cure me only of what was most necessary, and She cured me completely, for I find myself quite well. I notify you so that you publish this in the Bulletin of Cures, for the greater glory of the Virgin Our Mother of El Palmar. Signed: Magdalena Rodríguez González.”
  3. We anticipate, until they send us concrete details, the wonderful cure of a sister of a great Apostle of Cadiz, Doña Berta Rivero, living in Cadiz, Calle Santiago number 8. On the feast of the Immaculate several members of her family travelled to El Palmar to give thanks to the Virgin for her cure by means of the Water from the Well.
  4. We anticipate several other cures which we will shortly publish in detail: one in the town of Loja, three in Barcelona, another in Cadiz, two in Ireland and one in Mexico, all with the Well Water of Our Mother of El Palmar.

Further miraculous cures with the Well Water of Our Mother of El Palmar, from El Palmar de Troya

  1. Don Alonso Tejo, from Valladolid, tells us of the following miracle: “Doña Emiliana Buenaposada García, living in Valladolid, 66 years of age, rheumatic since 1936. The illness became more pronounced with the years, until in 1964 the rheumatism turned into incurable arthrosis, with one leg in danger of breaking if she bent the knee. They had to get her out of bed and back into bed in the worst moments of the disease. She was diagnosed incurable by doctors … from Valladolid. From the water I brought back, which I distributed, a little reached this lady through a cousin. She began to take some, and at the same time started a Novena to the Virgin of Carmel, to whom she is very devoted. On the ninth day, she felt an impulse to rise up from her wheelchair, and thus found herself walking in the middle of her room, to her great surprise, as she could not believe that she was seeing herself standing and walking. Full of joy, she then began to move the leg normally several times to assure herself of the great miracle. She wants to visit the place of El Palmar de Troya when she finds the right occasion. At present she is completely cured as from the moment of the miracle.”
  2. Doña May C. Souza Neves, from São Paulo, Brazil, describes the following miracle for us: “I distributed many flasks with Water from the Well and the following miracle took place: Don Gilberto Grande, living in São Paulo, Brazil. This man, with cancer, was in dreadful pain. When he took the Water, the pain disappeared instantly. This occurred in hospital.”
  3. A youth, Antonio Sánchez Malaver, who works as a mechanic in Talleres Bermúdez, Seville, had been suffering continuous headaches of a neuralgic type for a long time. On 3-1-74, he drank Water from the Sacred Well of El Palmar, and felt cured at once.
  4. Doña Agustina Martínez Carreño, living in Barcelona, had a thrombosis with gangrene for four months in one leg, which they were necessarily going to amputate. On the 16th of July 1973, she resorted to El Palmar de Troya and applied Water from the Sacred Well to the diseased leg, immediately feeling a great improvement, becoming completely cured on the 23rd of August 1973.

Miraculous cure with the Well Water of the Sacred Place of El Palmar

For the greater glory of God and of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, we leave on record the miraculous cure with El Palmar Well Water, of Doña Ester Rivero de Rosa, resident in Malaga, Spain, according to the letter sent by Doña Berta Rivero, the sick woman’s sister, dated 13th of April 1974. The sick woman, according to medical diagnosis, had two cysts on a breast, one the size of a hen’s egg and the other smaller. Following repeated checks, her doctor counselled an urgent operation, as the cysts would grow by the hour, since they were of the polycystic kind. A date for the operation was fixed with the surgeon, a room reserved, etcetera. But he told her to go the day before to his surgery for a check-up, to see how it had progressed. Before going, the sick woman soaked herself in the Water of El Palmar asking the Most Holy Virgin Mary, full of faith, to cure her if that were Her will. She had severe pain. When she arrived for the check-up, the doctor, astonished, told her: “Señora, I don’t know what has happened here! But I no longer have to operate on you. They have dissolved and left a slight inflammation, which we could call mastitis, and which will disappear with these pills.” She did not take the medicine, and kept on with the Miraculous Water, her health remaining good. Doña Berta Rivero, some time later, told us that her sister had no sign of her ailment, being completely cured. The whole family went to El Palmar for that reason, to give thanks to the Most Holy Virgin. Doña Berta Rivero publishes this by letter for the greater glory of God and of Our Most Holy Mother.