Information for those who visit the Cathedral

I want to respond to certain things that are being said about us not respecting the “State of alarm”.

It is true that we have the Holy Week floats in the Church. Let me explain:

It has been several years since the Holy Palmarian Church fixed the dates for Holy Week on the calendar, we did this because we do not see much sense in changing Holy Week from one date to another each year, when it is known that the 25th March was the day of the crucifixion of Our Lord, therefore, this day will always be Good Friday. That means that we celebrate Holy Week every year on the same date, that is, Palm Sunday will always be March 20th and Easter Sunday will be March 27th, regardless of what day of the week it is celebrated.

In order for you to understand better I give you the example of Christmas. Jesus was born on December 25th and we always celebrate it on that day, no matter on what day of the week it falls. One year it will fall on Tuesday, another on Wednesday … etc. etc.

Therefore, that is the reason why we had already prepared the Holy Week floats, because, for example, in this same year our Holy Week is before yours and when the prohibition of the “State of alarm” was announced, it was almost time for our Holy Week, and we already had the floats prepared, but that does not mean that Holy Week is proceeding as normal.

Furthermore, if for example, our Holy Week is one month out and the coronavirus prohibition is announced, do you believe that we are going to take the trouble to put together all the floats? For those who do not know, for example, for one of Our Lady’s floats, it must be removed from where it is stored, the table must be cleaned, the vents must be cleaned with a silver cleaning liquid, the poles, the canopy, the backstage must be put up, the image of Our Lady must be hoisted onto the float, she must be dressed and adorned, the iron bars need to be inserted under the cloak, the cloak must be put on, then all the candles and finally the flowers. And that is only for one float, and we have fifteen of them (not all of them for Our Lady).

Therefore, the ban caught us off guard, and that is the only reason why the floats are in the Church. I repeat we are having Holy Week as normal.

I hope that these explanations suffice.

We are abiding by all that the authorities have ordered to observe regarding this coronavirus pandemic.

Right now there cannot be any visits due to the coronavirus. 

The Cathedral can be visited daily in the evening. At six in the evening the Divine Worship commences, beginning with Holy Mass. Whoever wishes to enter can be present approximately fifteen minutes before.

One must not forget to be dressed according to the norms that are very clearly explained on our webpage. See Norms of Palmarian Christian decency. If you are a religious or a priest, you must come with the cassock proper to your order and, if you are a nun, you must come with the habit of your order.

The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church believes and defends the doctrine of all times about the True Presence of Christ and Mary in the Eucharist; therefore, we expect of visitors the due respect to Their Divine Majesties present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Also, we require that visitors kneel down during the Holy Mass, unless they have a health condition which impedes it.

We continue the Holy Traditional Customs that men and women be separate in the Church. On entering the Cathedral, the men will take their places on the left and the women on the right.

The Palmarian Church does not require payment to enter the Sacred Grounds nor to enter the Cathedral.

One can ask for pamphlets, holy pictures, and little books for praying the Holy Penitential Rosary, which will be given freely.

It is prohibited to take photos inside the Cathedral.

Only the members of the Holy Palmarian Church can receive the Holy Sacrament of Communion when It is administered at Holy Mass.

The members of the Holy Palmarian Church dress in Carmelite Tertiary habits when they go to the Palmarian Holy See, this being a special petition from Heaven in the Heavenly Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya. This norm is exclusively for the Palmarian faithful, and applies only when they attend this Sacred Place.