The Nuns of our Holy Order – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

The Nuns of the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face

Selfless souls, dedicated to fulfilling God’s will at every moment, forgetting themselves with the lofty aim of saving other people’s souls. Their lives are of great austerity and their joy in the service of God is not fully understood by the world. Men of little faith consider that they are wasting away their lives, but at the service of Jesus and Mary these holy women attain happiness here on Earth and they have it assured, should they persevere, in Heaven for eternity.

The work of Palmarian Nuns

Together with their life of prayer which elevates these souls to a contemplative life and to an intimate union with Jesus and Mary, the nuns in the convent of El Palmar de Troya do work of great artistic value with their hands. Their embroidery is very beautiful and only with great difficulty will handcrafts done with the same perfection and beauty be found outside Palmar. See the embroidery.

Invitation to come to our Holy Order

We would accept nuns from other orders who wish to be in the True Church and not in the confusion of the roman church, but they should know that our religious life is similar to that of the reform of Saint Teresa of Jesus. In the convent there is no television, nor internet, nor holidays and there is much sacrifice. Also, you must be prepared to wholeheartedly reject the modernism that was infiltrated into the roman church. Nonetheless, what you do find is God. Saint Teresa used to say that God alone suffices. We remind you that this invitation was made years ago by Our Lord in the heavenly messages given in El Palmar de Troya.

28th September 1973

(Sacred Place of the Lentisco at El Palmar de Troya. Our Lord appeared to Clemente Dominguez and gave him the following Message:)

   And you, Nuns: Flee from chaplains and spiritual directors who do not teach you in accord with Holy Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church! Distrust such doctrines, for most probably such doctrines are to deprive you of the Truth and the Authentic Faith. But do not be alarmed, for worse times will come.

31th May 1977

The Most Holy Virgin Mary gave the following Message:

   How I love My beloved and dearest daughters, the Carmelite of the Holy Face Nuns! What beauty! The Angels, full of joy, associate with these little Nuns when they hear them pray in this Sacred Place. O the beauty of these Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face!

The Beautiful Embroidery done by the Nuns in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya