Recent Popes – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

Pope Saint Pius XII the Great

Pope Saint Pius XII the Great, Pastor Angélicus. (2-3-1939 to 9-10-1958)

Doctor. Great Mystic. Stigmatic. Spiritual Martyr. Apostle of Peace.

Born in Rome, Italy. Pontificate: from the 2nd of March 1939 to the 9th of October 1958.

This glorious Pope, in the world Eugene Pacelli, was born into an illustrious family on the 2nd of March 1876. He was ordained Priest in 1899. A person of great qualities and deeply pious, he did his studies in Philosophy, Theology, Civil Law and Canon Law with brilliant results. He was professor in the Gregorian University, and went on to hold a post in the Secretariat of State. In 1917 he was named Archbishop; and that same year was sent as Apostolic Nuncio to Munich, and later to Berlin. In 1929 Saint Pius XI named him Cardinal. The following year he filled the post of Secretary of State. Pope Saint Pius XII won great prestige, including outside the Church, for his wonderful gifts of intelligence, learning, capacity for work, sobriety of life and powerful personality. He stood out in a very special way in the field of doctrine. He endeavoured to have the greatest number of representatives from countries of the five continents in the College of Cardinals. He died in Castelgandolfo, some twenty-five kilometres from Rome, and his remains were solemnly translated to the city.

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Pope Saint John XXIII

Pope Saint John XXIII, Pastor et Nauta. (28-10-1958 to 3-6-1963)

Palmarian Calendar: Great Mystic. Stigmatic. Spiritual Martyr. Apostle of Marian Devotion.

Born in Sotto il Monte, Bergamo, Italy. Pontificate: from 28th of October 1958 to 3rd of June 1963.

This glorious Pope, in the world Angelo Joseph Roncalli, was born on the 25th of November 1881, into a modest farming family. He did his studies in the Bergamo seminary. On the 10th of August 1904 he was ordained Priest. From 1905 to 1914, he was secretary to the Bishop of Bergamo and a seminary professor. During World War I, he was a military chaplain, and gave proofs of his spirit of self-denial and sacrifice. In 1921, he occupied high office as director of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith. In the year 1925 he was consecrated Bishop in Rome. In 1953 he received the Cardinal’s hat and was named Patriarch of Venice. He lived a life of constant prayer and penance. This glorious Pope, owing to his benevolence and simplicity, was utilized by the Church’s enemies.

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Pope Saint Paul VI

Pope Saint Paul VI, Flos Florum. (19-6-1963 to 6-8-1978)

Palmarian Calendar: Great Mystic, Stigmatic. Great Martyr of the Vatican. Exalted Protector of the Holy Palmarian See.

Born in Concesio, Brescia, Italy. Pontificate: from the 19th of June 1963 to the 6th of August 1978.

This Glorious Pope, in the world John Baptist Montini, was born on the 26th of September 1897. He was ordained Priest in 1920. In 1924 he was appointed to the Vatican Secretariat; and in the year 1937 went on to become Substitute of the Secretariat of State held by Eugene Pacelli. After having exercised different offices for thirty years in the Vatican, he was consecrated Bishop in 1954, and appointed to the diocese of Milan. In 1958 he was named Cardinal. Pope Saint Paul VI’s life was exemplary and virtuous. He lived a life of prayer and penance and, of course, constant sacrifice, his pontificate being a dolorous ascent to Calvary. For the greater part of his pontificate, this Glorious Pope was drugged by villainous members of the Roman Curia with the object of weakening his will and having him at their mercy.

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Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great

Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, De Glória Olívæ. (6-8-1978 to 21-3-2005)

Doctor. Most Excellent Reformer of Priestly and Religious Life. Most Zealous and Eminent Restorer of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Reformer of Sacred Rites and of Holy Morals. Most Efficacious Protector of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. Elected directly by Christ. Sublime Mystic. Stigmatic. Spiritual Martyr. Vilely calumniated and betrayed. Totally blind throughout his entire Pontificate. Exalted Founder and Reformer. Patriarch of El Palmar de Troya. Most Zealous Guide and Guardian of the flock. Highly Efficacious Protector of the Palmarian Holy See. Apocalyptic Messenger. Most Illustrious Affluence of Doctrine and Discipline. Intensely Radiant Solar Luminary of the Church.

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Pope Saint Peter II the Great

Pope Saint Peter II the Great, De Cruce Apocalýptica. (21-3-2005 to 15-7-2011)

Great Doctor, vilely calumniated and betrayed, Cofounder of the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face, Patriarch of El Palmar de Troya, Second principal column of the Church of Christ in the spiritual desert of El Palmar de Troya, Protector and Defender of the Holy Palmarian Christian Church, Magnanimous Collaborator in Palmarian Doctrine and Discipline, Aflame with the zeal of Elias, Pre-eminent Solar Luminary of the Church.

Called Manuel Alonso Corral in the world, he was born in Cabeza del Buey, Badajoz, Spain, at six in the morning on Thursday 22nd of November 1934, feastday of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr; so that he was given the second Christian name of Cecil. A few days later he was baptized in the Parish Church.

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