Third Report about the Palmarian Website – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

Third Report about the Palmarian Website

The countries that visit our web page are still mainly USA, Spain and Brazil. Spain has handed over the first place to the United States.

Thanks be to God and His Most Blessed Virgin Mother, so far there are more than a hundred countries that have visited our website, however, in saying this we don’t mean that we have had lots of visitors from each of these countries, on the contrary, some of them have only visited the website a few times.

The countries that have least visited us include Indonesia, Israel, Romania and China among others, but despite these few visits, we are happy, as it is a start.

The Germans are becoming more interested in attaining information about the True Church.

It is nice to see that Italy has suddenly become interested on our website. Although Italy still remains in ninth place, it has reduced considerably the margin of difference with respect to France that continues in eighth place.

Country City
1. U.S.A. 1. Seville
2. Spain 2. Natal
3. Brazil 3. Madrid
4. Ireland 4. Ashburn
5. Germany 5. Dublin
6. United Kingdom 6. Sao Pablo
7. Canada 7. Chicago
8. France 8. Utrera
9. Italy 9. London
10. Austria 10. New York

We can observe a significant increase in the number of visitors from Mexico who are beginning to show interest in the publications of the Palmarian Catholic Church. We know that Mexico has had many Martyrs in the past for having heroically defended the cause of Catholicism and now, once again, the True Church of Christ, invites them to be part of the Palmarian Church as Marian Apostles, courageous defenders of the rights of God and his Holy Church.

It is the desire of God and Our Blessed Virgin Mary to spread throughout the world the existence of the True Church of Christ: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian.  Our Lord Jesus Christ has left in your hands the treasure of the truth revealed by him. Due to this high responsibility, you must have the courage before God and Our Blessed Virgin Mary to spread the existence of this website to all the people of good will, in order to collaborate each one within their means, in the diffusion of the True Catholic Faith. God will reward you all.