Novena to Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

Novena to Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph

Novena to Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph
March 10th – 18th

We call those who love Saint Joseph as their Father to spread this message to all their friends so that the world be inflamed with love and devotion for the Great Virginal Father of Jesus and Virginal Spouse of the Virgin Mary!

To participate in this Novena (March 10-18th) which precedes the Anniversary of Saint Joseph’s Glorious Death on March 19th, you can pray the Holy Josephine Rosary.

The Holy Josephine Rosary is very similar to the Traditional Rosary, and when prayed with devotion and love, typically takes 15-20 minutes.

Instructions for praying the Josephine Rosary: Palmarian Prayer Book (page 57)

The reward for praying the Novena will be very great, as Saint Joseph himself promised: “Dear children: you can count on this Kind Father of yours as Protector in all your dangers; especially in dangers of plagues, deaths, epidemics and other chastisements. I will be the special Protector for that hour. Invoke me frequently so that I come to your help at every moment.

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