Messages of the Virgin Mary in La Salette – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

Messages of the Virgin Mary in La Salette

In La Salette (1846), the Most Holy Virgin wept and announced many of the evils which were to befall the Church and the world, and the chastisements for blasphemers, profaners of Sundays and others: “Alas for Priests and for persons consecrated to God, who, by their infidelities and bad conduct, are again crucifying My Son! The heads, the guides of God’s people, have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has darkened their minds: they have be- come wandering stars whom the devil draws down with his tail and causes to perish. God will allow the ancient serpent to sow divisions among those who reign; in every society and in every family there will be physical and moral affliction: God will abandon men to themselves and purify them with chastisements… Society will suffer the most terrible chastisements and is on the eve of amazing events; do not expect to be ruled other than by a rod of iron and drink the chalice of God’s wrath. Evil books abound on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread universal laxity on earth in everything related to God’s service, and will obtain extraordinary power over nature: there will be churches destined for the service of these spirits… The true Faith will have been extinguished and a false light will illumine the world..”