65th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

65th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Every time the antipope of Rome speaks on doctrinal issues, the triumph of the Palmarian Catholic Church is closer because he continually contradicts the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church of all times. Francisco Bergoglio knows perfectly well that he is not the True Pope because if he were the True Pope he would not preach the opposite of what the Catholic Church has always taught on procreation and other matters. It is known from the teachings of the Church that procreation is the primary purpose of marriage and nothing else. Marriage cooperates with God for the multiplication of human beings. At the very moment of conception, God creates and infuses the soul. Therefore, that creature has the right to be born. No one can go against this sacred right. Therefore, any man or woman who does anything to prevent the birth of a child is going against God and against the human child’s right to be born. In recent times, false doctrines have been published citing lack of food and resources as an excuse for not having a large family when Christ clearly taught us: “Therefore I tell you: do not be anxious about your own life thinking what you shall eat; nor about your body, what you shall wear. For life is worth more than food, and the body more than clothing. Look at the crows. They neither sow nor harvest nor have storerooms or granaries, and yet God feeds them. Well, how much more are you worth than they!”

     Now we do not want to expose only the reasons why the roman church has fallen into apostasy, but we want to highlight the glories and wonderful teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. We do not speak of other churches, such as the protestants, hindus or the thousands of other sects that exist today because they have always been wrong and false. We speak of the roman church because for almost two millennia it was the True Church of Christ and many people still believe it to be so. When you raise your arms and start dancing in your supposedly Catholic churches, you are trying to animate yourselves with gestures just as they do in nightclubs. In nightclubs, false happiness is sought by dancing and listening to songs inspired by Satan, the very immoral words of the lyrics indicating that they come from the devil. This is now being imitated in the roman church. Instead of kneeling and meditating on the mysteries of the Gospel, they have created a new gospel, the gospel of the devil. Body movements to animate yourself and feel happy. The saints did not teach that. It is new. It is not Catholic.

     In the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church we keep devotions as they have always been done in the Catholic Church. We pray kneeling and cast out distractions from our minds so that we can think of heavenly things. You cannot replace what has been done perfectly since the beginning of Christianity. The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds, and does not rest until it reaches God, and does not withdraw until the Most High has fixed His gaze upon it.

     An Our Father prayed with deep devotion cannot be replaced by other novelties. Christ taught the Apostles the prayer of the Our Father. No one can take it away or change it or introduce another way of praying that is not similar to it. The Our Father is the most important of all prayers. The Hail Mary cannot be prayed while dancing and throwing your arms up in the air. Like the Our Father, it is best to pray it on your knees, eliminating distractions and praying it with great fervor. Neither is it forbidden to pray while sitting or walking if we are not in Church or at home.

     Many people have seen the video of the Holy Father, His Holiness Pope Peter III, giving his first message to the world. The Holy Father speaks of the Marian Apparitions related to the last times. He warns once again about the apostasy within the church in Rome, the presence of antipopes after the death of Saint Paul VI, martyr of the Vatican, and how its ministers are currently turning the faithful away from traditional customs through liturgical celebrations that have lost the essence of the Catholic tradition, becoming more like spectacles than acts of faith. Furthermore, His Holiness warns about future events in the Church, mentioning the Apparitions in El Palmar de Troya and the heavenly visions of Clemente Domínguez, later Pope Gregory XVII. His Holiness reveals facts that highlight that we are on the way to World War III, pointing to the spread of communism and the growing moral and religious corruption seen today, prophecies revealed by the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 and in La Salette in 1846. At the end of the first papal message, His Holiness emphasizes that the Church in Rome has apostatized from the Catholic faith, while the True Church of Christ is now to be found in El Palmar de Troya. It is in this place where the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Peter III, decisively leads the battle against error and apostasy that affects all those in the world who call themselves “catholic”.

     We are constantly posting videos on the internet. A video of the Holy Father in the Gestatorial Chair during this past Holy Week has been seen by more than two million people and more than 65,000 have ‘liked’ the video. We know that the first time people see the Pope in the Gestatorial Chair can be a shock for different reasons. Especially when it is the first time they see the Holy Father and the Palmarian Holy See. The magnificent Cathedral that the Palmarian Church has in El Palmar de Troya, Spain, is always a surprise for those who have not seen it before. We hope to increase our internet activities considerably in the coming months. Let no one think that the Palmarian Catholic Church is going to disappear or that we will tire of propagating the True Church because our apostolate work is moved by Christ, inspired by the Holy Ghost and protected by the Eternal Father!

     Although we have reached millions of people by giving them the opportunity to know the Palmarian Catholic Church, there is still a lot of work to be done to reach those who do not yet know it. We will try to do more to help people who speak other languages so that the knowledge of the True Church reaches them. We count on the help of Our Heavenly Mother, the Divine Virgin Mary, to carry out this evangelization, especially as we are now in the month of May, the month of flowers, the month of Mary. You will see how She will not let this month pass without doing very special things for the apostolate of the Holy Church of Christ, Her Divine Son. Our Most Holy Mother will give us spiritual strength to overcome the obstacles that always arise when we want to carry out an important apostolate. Moreover, we must not forget that the Most Holy Virgin is a worker of great miracles and continually performs miracles so that nothing and no one will prevent the expansion of the True Catholic Church, now the Palmarian Church.

     We have a new edition of the Palmarian Catechism on our website. There you can read about catechumens. A catechumen is a person who is preparing to enter the Church, preparing to be baptized. This is why catechumens are discussed in the chapter on the Sacrament of Baptism. Once a person is a catechumen, he is obliged to comply with all the norms of the Church. Therefore, he cannot go to religious services that are not of the Palmarian Catholic Church, nor to weddings or funerals, nor listen to non-Palmarian sermons, nor watch videos of other religions, etc., etc. Being a member of the Palmarian Church means completely separating yourself from any ceremony of other apostate churches. All churches outside the Palmarian Church are sects, including the roman church, so you cannot visit these places under any circumstances. Traditionally in the Catholic Church, a member of the faithful would never have entered a place where there was non-Catholic worship. We have not changed anything in that respect, we are just fulfilling what we believe. Similarly, Palmarian Catholics cannot pray the prayers of other sects. However, those of other sects can come to our chapels if they are dressed appropriately according to our norms and pray the prayers of the Palmarian Church.