64th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

64th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

It is certainly true to say that our apostolate is going from wonder to wonder, regardless of what our defamers may say or invent. Can God be hindered? Can anyone prevent the impulse of God the Holy Ghost, who illuminates the minds of the Palmarian Apostles to carry out their great apostolate? We are at a time of religious chaos in the world. Now more than ever the apostasy of the roman church is clearly evident. Now as never before, God the Holy Ghost is urging us to make known the True Church – the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. The Holy Ghost is showing the world where the True Church and the True Pope are. These two go together: you cannot have the True Church without having the True Pope. We insist on calling the Palmarian Catholic Church the True Church, because there are so many false churches that we call it True to distinguish it from them. It is also to make people think about whether they are in a church that is the true one. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me does not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of supernatural life.” That is why we have to follow Jesus, we have to belong to His Mystical Body, and this can only be if we are members of the Church that He founded on Calvary. Christ founded His Church on Calvary and promised to be with Her until the end of time.

     Everyone must be faithful to Christ and seek the way to enter the Palmarian Catholic Church. Turning to the Most Holy Virgin Mary is the surest way. She, who is the Great Worker of Miracles, will work a miracle for anyone who desires to be in the True Church. God does not ask people to believe in the Palmarian Church just because someone says the Palmarian Church is the True Church, rather He gives clear and obvious signs by which His Holy Church can be recognized. These signs were received by many people who were present during the ecstasies of Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great (Clemente Domínguez y Gómez in the world). Many people received the grace to perceive heavenly perfumes. Some saw mystical communions and others also saw columns of smoke. Those who have read a large number of publications on our website can conclude that the Palmarian Church is indeed the true one.

     On YouTube we are finally managing to increase the number of subscribers in an extraordinary way. Only 7,000 people subscribed in the first six years, which is a very small and insignificant number. In the last month, however, that number has almost doubled, and there are clear indications that the increase will continue. We will soon publish a video of the Holy Father speaking for about twenty minutes. Many people want to hear the voice of the Vicar of Christ. An announcement was made about this video on social media: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Vysx_XKZOLU

     As usual, Holy Week was a great success. Palmarian faithful came from many countries around the world. Once again we must thank God and His Most Holy Mother for the success of the Divine Worship celebrated for Their honour and glory. Confident and humble prayer obtains from God all graces and needs. The videos are already on our YouTube channel @IglesiaPalmariana. Palmarian Holy Week always falls on the same dates every year: March 20 – March 27.

     On the 30th of March, the ceremony of the Veneration of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar took place. Beautiful Marian hymns were sung as all those present lined up to venerate the Sacred Image. There was a large number of faithful present at this joyful and solemn act of love and veneration for the Queen of Heaven, our Most Holy Mother, the Divine Virgin Mary. In conclusion, the name of the Palmarian Church is very appropriate for the Catholic Church in these times: Palmarian for the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya, and Marian for the exceptional devotion that the Mother of God receives from her faithful devotees in the Holy Palmarian Church.

     There have been many martyrs in history who gave their lives for the Catholic faith and are now rejoicing in Heaven. It is a good thing that the saints in Heaven cannot suffer because if they could they would be suffering terribly. Why? Because the reasons for their martyrdom to defend the faith no longer matter today. How many saints were horribly martyred for not accepting the Anglicanism of the perverse King of England Henry VIII! Entering Anglican churches or any non-Catholic church has always been excommunication for the Catholic faithful. On May 29, 1982, Antipope John Paul II entered Canterbury Cathedral to concelebrate Mass with other bishops. On that day, John Paul II committed an act punishable by excommunication, a shameful and insulting act to Christ and the holy martyrs.

     We cannot forget the past. The Palmarian History of the Church teaches us that in 1534, the English parliament passed the Act of Supremacy, which recognized the king as sole and supreme head of the church in England, with full civil and ecclesiastical power. The church in England broke with the Catholic Church. The chancellor Thomas Cromwell forced churchmen and laymen to take an oath on the laws of royal succession and supremacy, threatening those who refused to do so with severe punishments, including death. There was an almost general defection of the episcopate, of other churchmen, of the intellectual world and of a great part of the people. Yet there were generous souls too, willing to give their lives in defence of the Church and in testimony to the truth, as in the case of the Carthusian, Franciscan and Augustinian religious, who were victims of dreadful persecution. Outstanding among the numerous martyrs were Bishop Saint John Fisher and Saint Thomas More, both confined to the Tower of London and beheaded in 1535.

     In 1536, the so-called confession of Wittenberg, Germany, between anglicans and lutherans, was held. There Melanchthon, Luther’s right hand man, drew up the “ten articles”, which were approved by the English parliament, save for slight changes, constituting the first formula of anglican faith. This was later revised in 1537, and the second formula or ‘Book of the bishops’ entered into vigour, which defined the fundamental tenets of anglicanism, which in opposition to Luther maintained the episcopal rank. Religious Orders were dissolved, monasteries and convents closed down throughout the realm and their goods confiscated.

     Several Anglican bishops have written to us wishing to be admitted into the Holy Palmarian Church, but as long as they do not renounce all their heresies there is nothing to be done. The Palmarian Church has no dialogue with other religions, rather we present the True Faith and if someone accepts it, wonderful! And if not, let them continue on their way because we will always remain faithful to traditional Catholic doctrine.

     We hope that the multitudes of people who are finding us on the Internet will be cautious of the many defamations that other ignorant and arrogant people publish. The path to Heaven is a path of sacrifice. The Palmarian Catholic Church is inspired and guided by God the Holy Ghost and by Mary Most Holy. We must always turn to prayer and pray devoutly to the Virgin Mary to have light and clarity about the True Church.