63rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

63rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The highlight of our internet apostolate recently has been the support our videos have received regarding the infernal heresy of the antipope of Rome in blessing homosexual unions and unions of those living in concubinage, that is, living together without being married. It is clear that a very large number of Roman Catholics do not agree with this new anti-Catholic doctrine. We know that in Rome they will continue to support the antipope despite the fact that he allows what was previously unimaginable in the Church. However, the Holy Ghost will continue to breathe upon and inspire Roman Catholics to leave that church and breathe the pure air in the True Catholic Church in El Palmar de Troya, Spain. There are many videos and debates on the internet that show very clearly that Rome has lost the faith. Now we only await the Great Apocalyptic Sign to show that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the true Church that all must enter.

    The Great Apocalyptic Sign is the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Her glorious Apparition over the Great Cathedral of El Palmar de Troya will show the world that the True Pope is in El Palmar de Troya and will be a very great call to conversion. This Apparition will give strength to many people to enter the Palmarian Church. Also, on the day of the Apparition, many of the Palmarian Apostles will be confirmed in Grace, which means that they will receive the grace to never again be able to sin either mortally or venially. However, those who convert on that wonderful day will not be confirmed in Grace. That precious gift will only be given to those who have already joined the Palmarian Church and have persevered in it. That is why it is so important to join the Palmarian Church now and not wait until the great miracles occur that prove this truth.

    In the Holy Palmarian Bible, in the Book of the Apocalypse, it is clearly explained: “I, Apostle John, saw a great sign appear in the heavens: a Woman clothed with the sun, her head crowned by twelve stars, and the crescent under her feet”. This passage mysteriously contains the Great Miracle of Palmar, which will consist of the apotheosic apparition of the Most Holy Virgin Mary under the sweet title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar, with the luminous emblems of Her heavenly royalty, and treading upon the crescent moon which is the symbol of schisms and heresies. On that day of Her great Apparition, Our Heavenly Mother will display the radiance of Her glory as She has never done before in any apparition. By Her glorious and triumphant apocalyptic manifestation, the Most Holy Virgin Mary will give universal and unequivocal proof of the veracity of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. The Divine Lady will first show Herself visibly in the Sacred Place of the Lentisco in the Sanctuary of Palmar, to manifest Herself in a more intimate way to all Her predilect children on Earth: the Hierarchy and faithful of the Palmarian Church, who will surround Her with jubilation, none of them being absent by a very special providence. Then the Eminent Precursoress of Christ’s Second Coming, with glory and majesty, will rise above the great dome of the Palmarian Cathedral as a resplendent Beacon, to be contemplated by all other people on Earth and on other planets, from wherever they may be.

    Many will have a very clear vision of the Most Holy Virgin Mary; others will see Her silhouette; others a great radiance, and will be astonished, because they will realize that She is present. But others, who are perverse, will see Her and deny it; because the proud place science above the things of God, and do not realize that God is the Most High and governs all things, and therefore science is subject to Him. Others, who want to follow their path of perdition, will tell Her: “Go away!”; because they will know that the vision brings them responsibility and they will have to change their lives; but their pride will prevent them from doing so. But those whose soul is like a child will see Her and accept Her as the Mother She is, and will want to follow the path that She has laid out for them. Although the most wicked will reject the Heavenly Queen at the time of Her Great Apparition, She will give everyone the great opportunity to know by an inner light the mysteries of Palmar de Troya, the See of the true Church of Christ, so that they may be converted. And those who invoke Her with true Faith will receive very special graces from Her, including bodily health.

    On that majestic day of the Great Miracle of the apparition of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in the Lentisco on the Mount of Christ the King, the apotheosic Pentecost will take place over the Pope, Bishops and other Palmarian Apostles. Tongues of fire shall be seen above their heads, at the same time as the Holy Ghost in the form of dove shall be seen above the Sacred Head of the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

    For the time being we will continue to show the Palmarian Catholic Church, the True Church, to many millions of people so that they will be prepared for that great and spectacular day. For that miracle to be most successful, in the sense of being effective in converting souls, it is only logical that Heaven should prepare humanity with a very momentous event. Therefore, in these coming months, or perhaps years, the Palmarian Catholic Church will be known by a great number of people around the world in preparation for that great miracle. This great apostolate does not depend on us, the Palmarian Church; it depends on the Holy Ghost who, like a Divine Volcano, will shine the light of truth on an immense number of people. Although it seems that the Palmarian Catholic Church does not have the capacity for such a great apostolate, the Holy Ghost will do the work of making His Immaculate Spouse, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, known.

    The world will know Our Crowned Mother of Palmar before Her Great Apparition because it is the work of the Palmarian Apostolate to present Her to the world in preparation for seeing Her in Person at this long-awaited Apparition.

    Another main part of our apostolate is to present the True Pope to the world. Although the world mistakenly considers Jorge Bergoglio to be Pope, he is not. The Papacy has been in El Palmar de Troya since 1978. How can we convince people that Pope Peter III is the True Pope? First by deduction. Bergoglio is a heretic, so there is no choice but Pope Peter III. How can we do enough publicity for the world to see Pope Peter III? Well, we don’t have to do anything more than follow the inspirations of the Holy Ghost. We will do our small part and God Almighty will do the rest. More and more videos of Pope Peter III are gaining huge numbers of views. These videos have been seen by millions of people so far. We have great plans for our apostolate. Palmarian Catholic Action has energetic members who are totally dedicated to the apostolate. We also have many enemies of the Church who help us continue our apostolate by speaking badly of us. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Hearing the name of the Palmarian Church already sparks interest. People start looking for more information and many will see that the persecution by so many people is the work of Satan.

    Our website receives many visitors every day. Many come away with important knowledge about the True Church of Christ. Many return in silence and then come back again. Something attracts them. It is God and His Most Holy Mother who impel them to return to the website to help save their souls.

    It has been several years since the Holy Palmarian Church moved Holy Week to a fixed date on the calendar. We did this because we do not see much sense in changing Holy Week to a different date each year when it is known that the 25th of March was the day of the crucifixion of Our Lord. Therefore, this day will always be Good Friday. That means that we celebrate Holy Week every year on the same date it occurred; that is, Palm Sunday will always be on the 20th of March (as it was) and Easter Sunday will always be on the 27th of March, no matter what day of the week it is celebrated. Our website has information for those who wish to visit the Cathedral for the Solemn Processions of Holy Week:


It also explains the dress code for visiting the Cathedral: