62nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

62nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

We often look at other people’s faults and are scandalized by what we don’t like. We continually judge the people around us by their expressions, their gestures, the colour of their clothes, the way they walk, etc. We analyze every detail of the people we look at according to our vision of reality. And when we have an important person in front of us, we pay even more attention to every detail. The True Pope has a normal appearance, he is not a person from another planet, he is a normal person who eats, sleeps, gets tired and is happy when there is something to be happy about. Nothing he does as a person affects his role as Vicar of Christ. Vicar of Christ means representative of Christ on Earth. His mission in the Church is to do what is most pleasing to the Lord, to do things as Christ Himself would do them if He were on Earth. When the Vicar of Christ makes a decision in the name of Christ, he can have complete confidence that Christ will be his support and defender in whatever he does.

    Christ would impose harsh rules against indecency in dress. Christ would impose harsh laws against thieves, corrupt people and those who spread impiety. Let us meditate well on what Christ would do if He were on earth right now and we will better understand the actions of the Pope who represents Him. The situation today is that there is a True Pope in El Palmar de Troya and an antipope in Rome. In Rome, the antipope allows a union of two people to be blessed, even if they are not a man and a woman. In Palmar this aberration is not allowed. In Rome, the antipope recommends that the faithful compromise with other religions so as not to hinder ecumenism. The Pope of the Palmarian Church defends just the opposite. The Pope of El Palmar obliges the faithful to defend the Faith with courage. How many martyrs gave their lives fighting for the Faith and were cruelly martyred for not accepting false religions!

    Jesus demands that we be merciful to our neighbor. Examine yourself on that question: Do you pay a fair wage to those who work for you? This is one of the sins that cries out to Heaven – requiring others to work hard for little pay in order to enrich yourself. The works of mercy are very important but the most important of all is to teach the true Faith to those who do not know it, to those who are deceived by false religions. Right now the Roman church is a false religion with an antipope leading it, opening the way to unify all religions into one. This church pretends to be gigantic, powerful, and so liberal that anyone could be a member without renouncing their own religion. It follows the path of ecumenism: all united under one false shepherd. In the process, any notion of Catholicism will be well and truly destroyed. Rome, in order to unite with all religions, ceased to be Catholic.

    For this reason, Christ sent His Mother to appear in the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya, as the See of the Catholic Church required a new location. Heaven prepared a person to receive the Papacy and that man was Bishop Fernando, in the world, Clemente Domínguez y Gómez, the main seer of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya. Christ crowned him Pope at the death of Saint Paul VI on the 6th of August 1978. From that moment the true Catholic Church has continued in El Palmar de Troya with the true Apostolic Succession.

    For a better understanding, the Apostolic Sees of the Church of Christ, following the historical trajectory, are the following: Jerusalem – Antioch – Rome – El Palmar de Troya and then, according to prophecies, Jerusalem once again. The return of the See of the Catholic Church of Christ to Jerusalem will occur when the great Cathedral of El Palmar de Troya will be transferred by the Angels to Jerusalem. The great Prophet and Mystic of El Palmar de Troya, Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, spoke of the construction of a Cathedral above the present Cathedral, that is to say the present Cathedral will remain as a Chapel within the great Cathedral that is yet to be built. If God wills it, no man will prevent it, and if God wills it, the great Cathedral will be moved. It seems like an exaggeration, but it also seemed like an exaggeration to plan to build the present Cathedral when there was not even a roof to protect those who prayed at the Place of Apparitions in the early days. You can see that today there is a magnificently built Cathedral.

    Our apostolate continues with large numbers of people taking an interest in what is happening in El Palmar de Troya. Let no one be surprised that this year the True Catholic Church becomes known to many millions of people. At any moment Christ will intervene and give the clear signal that Catholics must be with Pope Peter III. It is all in God’s hands, but in Rome they are getting more and more entangled with anti-Catholic teachings, so it is not surprising that the faithful with better dispositions will abandon this apostate church.

    It is astonishing to see how many people in the world reject the Heavenly intervention of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, when it is God’s will that we humbly turn to His Blessed Mother, who is also our Mother. The Virgin Mary’s love for us is so great that She suffered spiritually in Her Body all the sufferings that Christ suffered physically on Calvary. We have a sacred obligation to love Her intensely for having suffered so much for us. And it did not end there, as the Most Holy Virgin continues to love us, continues to inspire us, and continues to guide us to live as good Christians. We are not capable of doing anything good without the Grace of God and these Graces come to us through the Virgin Mary. If you really love the Most Holy Virgin, it is time to pray to Her intensely so that She show you where the True Church is. Most people are with the antipope, and therefore they need to ask for this light. And those who have fallen into the hands of the Protestants bear the ignominy of having cast aside the Most Holy Virgin, taking a proud attitude and wanting to get rid of such a wonderful Mother. They will always live in darkness and when they die, they will be faced with the great fright of meeting the Mother of God at particular judgment and having to ask Her forgiveness for having scorned Her.

    In the Palmarian Catholic Church we intensely love the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who is a worker of great miracles. Those who love Her experience the continuous miracle of Her powerful intercession. That is why we know with all certainty that we possess the true Faith, because we see that Mary Most Holy works miracles for us in our daily lives. Sometimes there are annoying problems that we do not know how to solve, but we pray three Hail Marys with great faith and She intervenes immediately. Mary Most Holy is the source of our joy, a joy that cannot be felt outside the Palmarian Church, even though those outside the Church can obtain miracles from the Virgin. What they cannot feel is Divine Love in their souls, because for that they must be in the State of Grace. We know that the State of Grace is attained by Baptism only within the True Church of Christ.

    We will soon enter the month of March, the month dedicated to Most Holy Joseph, Virginal Father of Jesus and Virginal Spouse of Mary. After the devotion to the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Crowned Mother of Palmar comes the devotion to Most Holy Joseph. Many faithful of the Holy Palmarian Church pray the Holy Josephine Rosary every day. That is why they receive the enviable protection of Saint Joseph. On our website we have a prayer booklet where you can learn to pray the Holy Josephine Rosary. It is an excellent prayer, and through Saint Joseph we will learn to have a greater love for the Most Holy Virgin, which will lead us to a greater love for Her Divine Son Jesus.

    This prayer is very important: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love You, save souls. This act of love helps us spiritually, especially when we think about what we are saying. The more often we pray it, the better. Some people, with a rosary in their hands, count the beads with this prayer of love: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love You, save souls. By loving the Holy Family, bad inclinations are expelled and our disposition to do good improves. Sometimes souls are saddened by falling into sins. We humans are weak, but if we pray this prayer intensely with love and faith, we will defeat the devil and these sins that cause so much sadness.