61st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

61st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Our Internet apostolate continues to reach very large numbers of people of many languages and races. We have reached and continue to reach the most remote islands. This sounds wonderful, but it isn’t quite so, because it means that more and more people are rejecting the True Church of Christ. There continues to be enormous amounts of insults and mockery hurled at us from all sides. However, we know that this is normal for the Church of Christ. To be persecuted and mistreated is proper for the children of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ, who suffered much worse outrages during His life on Earth.

There is a very simple explanation of why the Palmarian Catholic Church is rejected by the masses and the antipope is acclaimed by so many people. First of all, it is because of original sin, the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Since the fall of Adam, the human mind, in this earthly life, has more inclination to evil than to good. However, this evil inclination can be sublimated by virtue of the powers of the soul through the practice of the Christian virtues.

Because of this disorderly inclination, fueled by the world, the devil and the flesh, there is a frightful internal struggle in the soul of each human person. For this reason, a person who sees something marvelous like the Palmarian Catholic Church easily rejects it, even with malice. A person who lives in permanent mortal sin has more tendency to believe evil than good. Corrupted souls, like those of people who search for immoral videos and pictures on the Internet – and there are many, many such people – no longer have the spiritual dispositions to see the Truth. It is true that Hell is waiting for many of these souls in such a bad state, if they do not change and convert to God. So many people commit these horrible sins and yet they insult us and tell any lie against the Palmarian Church, unscrupulously attacking our True Church. Most people who use the Internet fall into this vice of pornography. What is worse, when someone who has never used the Internet starts to do so, many immoral videos and images appear on the screen. That is why it is very important to control what children see on the Internet.

It is of utmost importance to consider the following: What is the ultimate End of man? The Palmarian Moral explains it wonderfully:

God creates man so that he serve Him faithfully in this world and one day can enjoy Heaven. Therefore, the last and supreme end of every human creature is God Himself as He is Infinite Goodness and Perfection. Man is therefore obliged to glorify God through his actions in order to possess Him eternally as the Supreme Good. For the greatest happiness of man is in attaining the eternal possession of God through the salvation of his soul.

And the joy of Eternal Happiness can only be achieved by faithfully fulfilling God’s commands in this world with the help of Grace.

Consequently, every human act must be directed towards the achievement of eternal happiness; which entails the knowledge of God as the ultimate supernatural end, the intention to achieve it and the ordering of this act to achieve said end. Although the other animate and inanimate creatures glorify God, each in its own way and according to its own nature, man, with an immortal soul, and free intelligence and will, made in the image and likeness of his Creator, must glorify Him according to the greater excellence of his own nature; that is, recognizing, loving and faithfully serving his God and Lord.

Therefore, man acts disorderly when he aims for another supreme goal other than God. In fact, anything at all that man aims for in this world, no matter how tiny, must be subordinated and ordered to the ultimate supernatural end.

Only in God, man can find the supreme happiness that fully satisfies him, for perfect happiness is not possible outside of God. Therefore, man’s greatest concern must be to ensure, with all the means available to him, his eternal joy and happiness; for which he must act in this world in accordance with the mandates of Good Morals, always counting on the help of Grace.

We have published a video on YouTube with a sermon of Bishop Father Simón María, a native of Peru. It is a video in which important topics of the Church are explained, among other things about the Apostolic Succession in the Palmarian Catholic Church. It is important to watch the video until the end so as not to miss valuable topics. https://youtu.be/AiIdZctLZeg

The following are excerpts from a message of the Most Holy Virgin Mary that will be helpful for understanding the Apostolic Succession in El Palmar de Troya:

25th of December 1975

Sacred Place of the Lentisco in El Palmar de Troya. Time: 10.20 at night. Archbishop Peter Martín Ngô-dinh Thuc, who had arrived in El Palmar on the 24th of December this same year, on the following day, the 25th of December, Festivity of the Nativity, celebrated Holy Traditional Mass in the Lentisco. Holy Mass over, the Most Holy Virgin Mary appeared to Clemente Domínguez and gave him the following Message:


A Bishop of the Church celebrates Mass in this Sacred Place. The worldly wise, in their pride, do not understand the grandeur of this Sacred Place. They do not understand the crisis in the Church of these times. A crisis of confusion, error, division, heresy, apostasy. The Barque sails amid tempests such as never before experienced. Only a small group, in several parts of the world, conserves integrity in the Faith, Sound Doctrine. Nowadays, with false shepherds, false doctors, false prophets, the Church is suffering one of the greatest crises in her History. Shortly the Church will undergo a tremendous Schism. It is necessary that El Palmar de Troya re-establish Holy Tradition in the Church, Holy Doctrine, the Catholic Faith.

Today is a wonderful day, because it is possible to speak openly to a Shepherd of the Church about the situation and crisis reigning in the Church. Up till a short while ago, I gave Messages in El Palmar to deliver to the Bishops. Right now, directly to a Bishop, here present. He can still work for the Church. He can still do great things for the Church. Great old age is the triumph of the Church. The counsel of the agèd is the way forward for the Church. Sadly, at present, the agèd are set aside in the Church. How many great Bishops have been retired because of advanced age, when that is precisely the best attribute for governing, shepherding and guiding the Church.

And yet I ask of you a special grace needed in this Sacred Place: THE CONSECRATION OF NEW BISHOPS IS NECESSARY. VERY NECESSARY! VERY NECESSARY! URGENT!

I shall now place the Divine Child in the Bishop’s arms.” (The Most Holy Virgin, through Clemente, deposited the Child Jesus in the arms of Archbishop Peter Martin Ngô-dinh Thuc, who felt the weight of the Divine Child in his arms, and was deeply impressed. The Most Holy Virgin Mary went on to say:) “I repeat: this consecration of new Bishops and Priests is necessary for the good of the Universal Church. For from here, from El Palmar de Troya, the Light will go out to the Church. They are the ones prepared to go out to meet Christ in His Return. In your hands I leave this mission. But it is very great, My dear son.”

Thanks to the Papacy of Saint Gregory XVII, the Holy Tradition of the Church, the Holy Doctrine, the Catholic Faith was reestablished and continues to be defended and maintained by the current Pope, His Holiness Pope Peter III. In 1978 when the See of the True Church was transferred to El Palmar de Troya, the differences between the apostate church of Rome and the True Church in El Palmar were great. However, the differences today are colossal. The path of the Palmarian Church has continued unchanged with its Ceremonies and Divine Worship. In contrast, the apostate roman church has seen radical changes that have left it with no resemblance to what it once was. Therefore, let the world prepare itself for harsh punishments for having allowed all this to happen. On the other hand, we will ensure that the world sees more and more of the Palmarian Divine Worship in order to remind everyone that true love for God, the Most Holy Virgin and the Church still exists.

Even though there is still a long way to go, it should be noted that Palmarian Holy Week begins every year on the 20th of March and lasts until the 27th of March. You can attend the processions from the 20th to the 26th of March at 9:00pm, as long as you come dressed according to the Church’s Norms of Christian Decency that you can find on our official website: www.palmarianchurch.org