60th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

60th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

As we have reached the 60th report and we publish every month on the 15th, it means that it is 5 years since the website of Christ was started. This website is published by the Holy Palmarian Church which is the True Church of Christ. We know that the True Church has Christ as its guide, as source of Divine Light; that is why we can clearly say that this website is the work of Christ. A Christ thirsting for souls, a Christ eager to lead souls to His Church which He Himself founded on Calvary. Christ, the very Son of God, has His representative on Earth, who is the Pope. Unfortunately, there are very few faithful who recognize His True Vicar, Pope Peter III. In spite of the fact that millions and millions of people are getting to know him through the many videos published on the internet, a great majority ridicule him and hurl every insult and injury at him.

  Even when people despise and reject the True Pope, the Church of Christ will continue to show the world where the True Church is. Christ is Almighty and can intervene at any time to humiliate those who mock the Vicar of Christ. Francis of Rome is not a Pope, he is an antipope. He is a precursor of the antichrist for the simple reason that he embraces what Holy Christ rejects. The facts are clear. Man is created by God, created as a man or a woman. That cannot be changed. Any sin committed by men is repugnant to the infinite holiness of God, but some sins are more serious than others. It is a very grave sin to commit a sin of impurity. And the sin is more grievous if a person sins with one of his own sex. The sin is even greater if a married person commits a sin with one of his own sex because he now also sins by adultery.

  Francis of Rome, a deceitful man, embraces people who have made changes to their bodies in order to pretend to be a different sex from the one they really are. You cannot change what God has created. If God created a man, he will always be a man no matter what he does. Sodomy is one of the sins that cry out to Heaven given its enormous opposition to the natural order. The regular cohabitation of homosexuals be they male or female is utterly perverse. Marriage between homosexuals is a perverse concubinage that goes against the very essence of true marriage, instituted by God for the union of man and woman for the primary purpose of human procreation. Anyone who lives in this state of perverse concubinage, whether in public or private, incurs excommunication reserved to the Pope. Governments that have laws in favor of such aberration, such as those who approve, collaborate or participate in the administration of these “homosexual marriages” are also excommunicated.

  The fact that the head of the roman church receives all kinds of people who live in this state of sin which cries out to Heaven, and even eats with them, is a terrible offense to Christ. Francis of Rome is not the true pope, so what he does is not so important in itself. The problem is that many, out of ignorance, think that he is the real pope and follow his example and believe that what he does must be good. He is not good at all, although his deception is becoming more apparent every day. Yes, the world praises him instead of lowering its head and submitting to the True Vicar of Christ on earth, Pope Peter III, the fourth Pope in the line of the Papacy in El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain.

    We are continuing with more impetus than ever to show videos of the True Church – the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church and its supreme head, His Holiness Pope Peter III. In this way the world will gradually come to know of the existence of the True Church and will become accustomed to seeing the True Pope. It is very important that we do this apostolate even if it appears to be useless, because in seeing the True Pope, the light of conscience may awaken in some souls the notion that they are before the Vicar of Christ. Because of man’s fallen nature we are more inclined to believe evil than good. To overcome this fallen nature, man has to practice the virtue and make efforts to be good. Above all, he needs the help of the Sanctifying Grace received in the Sacrament of Baptism. Thus, we return to the need to be a member of the Church, a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, in order to have an abundance of light and spiritual strength to overcome evil. Seek to be baptized in the Palmarian Catholic Church in order to validly receive baptism and confirmation. These two Sacraments are of immense importance. Read more about them in the Palmarian Catechism that is on our website, page 31: https://www.palmarianchurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Extracts-from-the-Palmarian-Catechism.pdf

  We have recently published a short version of our website in Haitian Creole for those souls who so desperately need to be evangelized. We hope that those doing apostolate in Haiti will have great success.

  Next year there will be a page on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to encourage women to dress with dignity, to dress Christianly, and to dress Palmarian. Palmarian faithful will be in charge of posting photos and videos to show that dressing Christianly is the most beautiful and most honorable way, and, of course, the most pleasing to God. The person who dresses according to the norms of the Palmarian Church reflects Christian values and principles. It is an outward expression of their faith and a way of honoring God in all areas of their lives, including in their personal appearance.

  Dressing “Christianly” means dressing modestly and respectfully, avoiding clothing that may be considered provocative or that conveys messages contrary to your beliefs. This can be a demonstration of your commitment to live according to biblical principles that emphasize modesty, respect for self and others, and avoidance of vanity and materialism. In other words, not to be a fool and dress as Satan wants, but as the Virgin Mary wants. She sets the example. In all Her Apparitions she is dressed with the Christian perfection that all women must follow.

  A great proof that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the True Church is that God cares for it at all times. While it is true that God cares for all of His creation, He loves the members of His Church more than those who are not part of it. The reason for this is that the souls of the Church are true children of God for having received the Sacrament of Baptism. Every soul in the state of Grace is a Temple and Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity. What a great joy it is to be a Temple and Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, instead of being a tabernacle of Satan! Therefore, those who are in the True Church can appreciate how Divine Providence assists them at all times. An example of how Divine Providence works is, for example, when a Palmarian needs something and receives it as if they had asked God for it at that very moment. Divine Providence is God Himself working mysteriously in favour of the children of the Church. Although Divine Providence accompanies every human being, it manifests itself more to those who are more faithful to God. The Most Holy Virgin Mary is the Mother of Divine Providence. She works in union with Her Divine Son to give Her children everything they need both spiritually and materially. In the great works of the Church, this is wonderfully noticeable when there is a lack of money for a project or any help that is needed.

    We are entering a new year, a year that may bring wars, unknown diseases and miseries of all kinds. The more we pray, the less we will be affected by these calamities. Prayer is talking to God to worship Him, to thank Him, to implore His forgiveness and to ask for mercy. Prayer is the basis of the spiritual life; it is as necessary as eating. Eating is a fundamental necessity for human survival and well-being. Our bodies require nutrients to function properly, and we obtain these nutrients through the food we eat. Likewise, our souls need prayer, which is a way of communicating with God and the Most Holy Virgin. Through prayer, we seek to express love and gratitude, to seek divine inspiration and to ask for help in times of need. Prayer gives peace and spiritual well-being especially to those who pray the Holy Penitential Rosary every day. You can learn how to pray it on our website: https://www.palmarianchurch.org/holy-penitential-rosary/