59th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

59th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The apostolate of the True Church of Christ, the Holy Palmarian Church, continues with ever greater success with the impulse of the Holy Ghost. We are reaching more and more people, increasing the number of views of our publications in an extraordinary way. Since we published the last report a month ago, many more millions of people know about the existence of the Palmarian Church, the Church undoubtedly protected by the Eternal Father. How many people learn from this Holy Church what is for the Palmarians a customary thing! The beautiful publications about the Eternal Father during His novena pleased many people because they never see that devotion elsewhere. The Eternal Father is the Fount without source, Unbegotten in all His infinite divine attributes, Fount of the Godhead, of the Trinity and of Authority. Therefore, the world must love its Creator and not offend him so much as if He did not exist.

     God the Father gave us a freedom that is to make us tremble. He gave us the ability to choose between Heaven and Hell. To go to Heaven, you must be good; Hell is for those who deliberately do evil with full knowledge and full consent of the will. No one is condemned by mistake or error: those who are condemned want to be as they do not wish to humble themselves before God and ask forgiveness for their sins. When thinking of Heaven and Hell, one realizes the importance of the Sacrament of Confession. This Sacrament was instituted by Christ to sanctify souls, to free souls from their sins. This blessed Sacrament gives us the assurance that Satan is expelled from our soul and we are thus prepared to go to Heaven. Anyone who dies after confession is assured of eternal salvation. Therefore, it is urgent that people who have faith in the Palmarian Catholic Church enter it. Let them seek the way to be part of the True Church of Christ, which is to be a member of the Mystical Body of Christ.

     Although we do not know the dates of the great events of the Apocalypse, we can sense that something important is at the door. Through social networks, Heaven is indicating to the world that this is where the Church of Christ is, the Church that leads souls to eternal salvation. It is not that we are doing a great apostolate. No, it is God who is doing the apostolate of His Holy Church, pointing it out to a multitude of people. Although many mock the Palmarian Church, there are always those who like it very much. It is much easier to accept the false churches than the True one. If we put 100 churches in a row with the Palmarian Church at the top of the list, the vast majority will choose the false churches. Although they fall far short of the spiritual beauty of the True Church, people would rather choose a church that has customs more similar to the life they see as comfortable for them. They would choose guitars and modern music over sacred music. They will choose some type of worship of God that does not involve interior life. Interior life is seeking God within our soul, which implies a life of prayer and penance. People are more attracted to throwing their arms in the air than to keeping their hands joined at the breast on their knees. And even those with better habits who could be considered good people will not want to choose the Palmarian Church because of the terrible humiliation of having to accept that they have been in a false church until now, like those of the roman church, the so-called Christians, the orthodox, etc.

     Since Holy Week this year, the number of people viewing our publications has increased dramatically. Since the Feast days of October 12th and 13th, the numbers have again increased incredibly. Before October, it was wonderful that half a million people saw one of our posts. Since October we have already doubled this number in several cases, and a TikTok account called Father Braulio Maria has reached 2.4 million views. We have accounts on different social networks under different names: Palmarian Church, Carmelites of the Holy Face and also under the name of a Palmarian bishop. There are also Palmarian faithful with important accounts. One account in TikTok is called Miguel Arcángel and this account, with recent publications and more activity, is gaining a lot of views. Another Palmarian faithful has already achieved his first million views for a post.

     There are people who steal our videos to put them on their pages, saying falsely that they are from the roman church when the roman church does not have the beautiful ceremonies that the Palmarian Church has. There are priests everywhere watching our ceremonies and wanting the roman church to imitate us: there is even a case of a priest who was suspended for praising the Palmarian liturgy so much. The number of priests who wish to be with our Holy Church continues to increase considerably.

     It is also worth explaining what poverty is in the Church of Christ. Poverty does not mean that priests walk on foot instead of having a car necessary for their pastoral life. Poverty does not mean going by bus if you can save a lot of time by going by plane because the hours lost on the bus could be used to celebrate more Masses or attend to other necessary matters. Poverty does not mean eating as little as possible when everyone knows that, if you do not eat well, you will not have the strength to fulfill your obligations. And when it comes to Divine Worship, we must always give the best to God.

Here is a message given in El Palmar de Troya on this subject:

Our Lord Jesus Christ

     “I also address you, My Ministers:

     WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF MASS? What have you turned it into? Into a masked ball! Satan is quite at home in many churches, where the true Sacrifice is not offered to the Father.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH SACRED MUSIC, WITH INCENSE, WITH GOLD AS TRIBUTE TO GOD? What have you turned the altars into? How badly have you understood the Church’s poverty! For God the very best; and you, My Ministers, are the ones who should live in poverty; not impoverish worship, but your own private life. Solomon was saved by the great Temple he built for God. Mary Magdalen anointed My feet with the best perfume, and I blessed her. But there will always be Judases, wanting to take away worship from God and give it to men.”

     The Pope is called His Holiness. It does not mean he is holy as God, as many comment on social media. The title “His Holiness” is used to refer to the Pope, who is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church. The term “Holiness” is derived from the Latin “sanctitas,” which means “sanctity” or “sanctification.” It is an honorary title given to the Pope in recognition of his position as head of the Church and his role as successor to Saint Peter, the First Pope. The designation “His Holiness” reflects the Catholic belief that the Pope is the representative of Christ on Earth and possesses supreme spiritual authority. The Pope is considered to have a special connection with God and is invested with exceptional grace and holiness. The use of the title “His Holiness” is a sign of respect and reverence for the Pope as the spiritual leader and guide of the Catholic Church. In addition, it is also used to distinguish the Pope from other religious and civil leaders.

     One thing that is hard to understand is that there are people who are terribly critical of the Palmarian Catholic Church and make ugly comments about it. Yet, when you go onto their pages, they have posted several of our publications, doing a great apostolate for us. This clearly demonstrates that God brings good out of evil.