58th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

58th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

What an impression the Catholic Church of El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain makes! A Church which is small in number, but which captures attention for the beauty of its Divine Worship, and its love for everything Heavenly. It is the Light amid a world immersed in impenetrable spiritual darkness. Take a good look at the videos published by the Palmarian Church − that is the way God stretches out His hands to souls enveloped in corruption in order to invite them to follow Him in the Holy Palmarian Church. In these videos, God makes Himself known to mankind, inviting men to leave all false churches, including the roman church, to be with Him in the Church which He loves and protects. Do not pay attention to all those who take up the ruinous mission of blackening the name of the Palmarian Church. They laugh at Her and say anything but the truth. The Holy Palmarian Church cannot be overcome, since Christ is King, King of the True Church, now located in the Sacred Place of Apparitions in El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain.

     In these last months, the love of God, God the Holy Ghost, is getting our Palmarian Apostolate moving. How many people have lately discovered the Church of God practically hidden in the desert! How many have been struck with wonder at this blessed Church of God! Palmarian Chapels will not be long in appearing in many more countries. Take care, the enemies of Christ and Mary will try to fill you with hatred for what God loves most, His Holy Church. Beware of Satan, who seeks the destruction of this Church which is guided and protected by the Most Holy Virgin Mary. More and more videos opposing the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face are appearing, because this Order’s mission is to make reparation to the Holy Face for so many sins crying out to Heaven. In one recent video, a Palmarian Bishop stated that abortion is not condemned by Rome. Some will say that the roman church speaks against abortion, but it is not a question of speaking, but of taking measures. In the Palmarian Church, abortion is censured with the pain of excommunication, which means that the person cannot receive the Holy Sacraments or take part in Divine Worship. If it should happen that a Palmarian were to commit such an abominable sin against God, the excommunication would not be lifted for a long time. This is also true for those who collaborate in an abortion.

     In these times in which God is so terribly offended, it is not enough to speak out and say that something is wrong. The devil and those who collaborate with him must be persecuted. To fight the devil means to impose laws which make it impossible to harm those who love God. Whoever keeps God’s Commandments is the one who loves Him. That is what is written in the Holy Bible. Hence, those who do not keep the Commandments of God’s Law commit acts of hatred against our Creator. One is either with Christ or against Him; there are no half-way postures. Let us keep God’s Laws, and show that we love Him. Whoever commits or takes part in an abortion commits an act of hatred for God. Terrible chastisements result from these acts of hatred for God. It is no use saying that we are exaggerating. No, a thousand times over. We are not exaggerating. These chastisements are clearly seen in wars, diseases, accidents, and so forth.

     The Holy Palmarian Church’s website is the work of the Holy Ghost, it is an opportunity for people to read the truth and not the lies and calumnies so often published against this Holy Church. You who are reading this Report, stop criticizing, stop telling falsehoods about God’s Church to avoid dreadful chastisements, at least for this motive. To others who are reading this Report, take heart once and for all, and leave the world and embrace the True Faith. You will thus live in peace and will see how Divine Providence organizes your life so as to save your soul. There is nothing more important for us than saving our soul. What is the use of a life of pleasure if it just ends up in Hell for all eternity? It would be better to live poor and afflicted and save our soul. The soul is immortal; it does not die. It will go to Heaven, Purgatory or Hell. Where do you want to go? To Heaven surely; however, to go to Heaven, our soul must be clean. Cleanliness of soul begins with the Sacrament of Baptism, unless you are already baptized. No one born after the 30th of July 1982 is baptized, since on that date Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great withdrew all powers from priests outside the Palmarian Church to administer the Holy Sacraments.

     We need to humble ourselves, to bow our heads and request admission into this Holy Church in order to receive the Sacraments. You don’t want to? Well then, don’t do so, but it will be pending for you at death and particular judgement, when the Most Holy Virgin Mary will ask you for explanations. It will be no use at that moment to say that the norms are very hard, since the norms there are in Purgatory are a thousand times harder than ours. Some complain that the Palmarian Church requires long skirts and long sleeves. Well and good! It is a sacrifice, and better than the fire and cold that purify in Purgatory – that is, if those who offend God so grievously succeed in saving themselves. If they do not, they will go to Hell where there are thousands of millions of souls. Thanks to the Holy Doctrine of the Palmarian Church, we know that far more souls are saved than are damned; however, that is no reason to keep on offending God with the hope of being saved. That is called presumption. Presumption means expecting to be saved without the need of repentance for our sins, and continuing to commit them without any fear of God’s chastisements.

     To those who have already been reading the literature of the Holy Palmarian Church for one or more years, the hour has struck. The hour of decision. I want to be a Palmarian faithful to have the kingdom of God in my soul and send the devil flying. That is what it is all about. The soul in the state of Grace, a baptized member of the True Church of Christ, has the kingdom of God in his soul. All those outside the Church, and that means all, however good they think they are, have the kingdom of darkness in their souls, which means that they have Satan and Hell in their souls, which is a good reason to enter the Church! We teach the Truth. Those who read this report are the ones who have to make the decision. May your decision be to follow Christ!

     The religious life for women is a life of great sacrifice; yet for love of Jesus and Mary Most Holy there are many who take up this state in life. On the 8th of September in Palmar, there was a ceremony where four nuns took their perpetual vows. On social media, in two sites in particular, half a million people viewed a short video showing this splendid day in Palmar. The new Mothers have won the hearts of throngs of people for their great sacrifice of leaving everything to follow their religious vocation. Many commented that they would like to do the same, but owing to life’s circumstances were unable. We welcome a group of nuns in Congo Kinshasa who have made the decision to enter the Holy Palmarian Church to follow their religious vocations under the guidance of the True Pope, His Holiness Pope Peter III. May God grant them the grace of perseverance!

     There are many cases of people who discover the Palmarian Church and are filled with enthusiasm, which then only lasts a few days, weeks or even months. After analyzing the sacrifice involved, all that it costs to enter the True Church, they turn back from their good proposal. It is a shame that this happens. Why does it happen? One reason is the lack of prayer. Prayer is not just a duty for the Christian, it is the life of the Christian. Just as a person eats to give life to his body, we have to pray to give life to our souls. Another reason is to incur the weakness of viewing obscene videos and photos. Each consented look harms the soul. Each consented look is a mortal sin. Living this way causes all the graces won by prayer to disappear. You may think that no one is watching you, but God sees all, and sees every sin that is committed. Not one escapes Him. All sins are registered in the hearts of men until they are wiped away by the Sacrament of Confession, since all the sins of saved men were the cause of the Passion of Jesus and the Spiritual Passion of the Virgin Mary. Reparation was made for all the sins of the souls who are to be saved by the sufferings of Christ and Mary on Calvary.