57th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

57th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Years go by and the world does not react to the numerous scandals in the roman church, the largest sect in the history of the Catholic Church. In 1978 the roman church separated from the Catholic Church by accepting the antipope John Paul I as the head of its sect. It is called a sect because it separated from the root. Christ founded the Christian Church on Calvary and the first head was Saint Peter the Apostle. The 263rd Pope was Saint Paul VI. When he died, Christ appeared to Bishop Father Ferdinand (Clemente Domínguez y Gómez) and visibly conferred the Papacy on him, and at this moment he became the 264th Pope. Therefore, those who followed Father Ferdinand followed the true Pope, and those who followed John Paul I fell into apostasy by following the antipope. The fact that many did not realize it does not take away the disgrace of falling into apostasy. In the same way, if in the Palmarian Catholic Church a family incurs apostasy, the children fall into apostasy by following the path of their parents.

     No one wants to belong to a sect, and that is why all roman catholics must leave that sect and prepare to enter the True Church under the staff of His Holiness Pope Peter III. Since many years have passed since the apostasy of Rome and its members have fallen into terrible habits, the preparation can be quite long. At the moment, we allow people to enter the Church after about a year because we live in very special times, although later this may be much longer because the very bad habits acquired in the sect of Rome have done enormous damage to their souls. We have to take into account that it is very difficult to change a habit. That is why they say it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

     For example, a Palmarian prays a lot, and those who are born into the Church form the good habit of praying and they do not find it hard to pray the Penitential Rosary. Today’s young people spend a lot of time addicted to bad habits such as modern music, social media, etc. Nowadays young people have been manipulated and taught many lies in school. Children in schools are taught that very good people from history were bad and that bad people from history were good. All this must be rectified. Christopher Columbus was a good, pious man, and desired the evangelization of the Americas. On the other hand, in the schools today he is considered an evil man. Simon Bolivar is a great hero for many people, when in reality he did the work of Satan and caused the separation of many countries from the Catholic Kingdom of Spain. When they want to enter the Church, many will find that their life will change almost one hundred percent. Some may own hardly any acceptable clothing to enter the Church. They will have to eliminate bad videos to watch decent videos approved by the Church. In many cases they will have to delete all their music and change their whole way of life.

     We are living a tremendous moment in the world when radical changes are happening. Even in public restrooms they put up strange signs. Before it was just men and women. Now they are putting up signs like “for people who identify as male” and the other restroom for “people who identify as female”. And this is in the airports. Now tiny minorities are in charge. What does the future hold? All these aberrant changes should be condemned. But no, we are all brothers they will say. Brothers in Satan perhaps but not brothers in Christ. To be a brother in Christ, one must follow the teachings of the Palmarian Gospel. The Palmarian Holy Bible is the most reliable guide one can follow. It can be read in the Palmarian Library on our website.

     We laugh at the comments made about the Holy Palmarian Church on social networks. In many cases, they are written in moments of great surprise, when people encounter this Holy Church for the first time. We hope that good will be as successful as evil has been. For example, for people to get used to something they have to see it many times. So many very bad laws have entered society. You can see disgusting videos and pictures of children kissing each other being posted to get us all used to it, so that one day not far off it will be normal for 7 or 8 year olds to be going around together as a couple. That is why Christ’s strong hand will not delay in striking a blow against the perverts of this world. With the recent Covid epidemic, so many places of sin were closed by this disease that killed millions. Christ can, when He wills, impose His will upon mankind. His will is that His Holiness Pope Peter III be known and accepted as the True Pope. It seems impossible but it is not inadmissible. For this reason, Christ is very interested in the apostolate that the Palmarian Church has been doing these last few years on the internet. Previously He did not want this done. Now He does, because He intends to humiliate the proud and exalt the humble. Rome and many of her followers are infected by pride and the Palmarian Catholic Church continues to be humiliated by the masses. And when everyone least expects it, the only Pope on Earth, Pope Peter III, will be pointed out by Heaven as the True Vicar of Christ.

     The Holy Doctrine of the Palmarian Catholic Church is clear proof that this is the True Church of Christ. It is the traditional doctrine sublimated by the Holy Ghost. The loss of the notion of sin is a big problem. For example: Cohabiting was always considered a very serious sin and a great scandal. Today, hardly anyone is bothered by it. Who was wrong, the good Catholics of the past or the modern Catholics who have lost the notion of sin? Let us consider what man’s conscience is. Read this very carefully: At the very instant of the creation of the soul of every new human being, the capacity to discern rightly between good and evil is received. The human conscience is always good. The conscience is the Voice of God who makes known to us what is good and what is evil, and who commands us to follow the path of good so that we freely correspond to His voice. Thus the conscience can rightly discern between truth and lies; so that man, knowing what is good, may do it; and knowing what is evil, may avoid it; and in short, may freely decide in favor of virtue. And no matter how much a man may be brutalized by his sins, he will always have the conscience to know what is good and what is evil; in such a way that all his intentionally evil acts will be done in betrayal of his conscience. The conscience of man, besides enlightening human reason so that it may rightly discern between good and evil and thus know the way of virtue, also has the mission of spiritually unsettling the soul with remorse when it betrays the truth by doing evil.

     No man can therefore plead innocence for his sins before God on the pretext that he has not been able to distinguish good from evil; for his conscience is always at least fundamentally distinguishing good from evil and warning him to do that good and avoid that evil. Therefore, there is no such thing as amorality; that is, that false and purported state of consciousness where the person is incapable of distinguishing good from evil.

     Against the good conscience, there is the bad conscience that each one receives when he is created. It obscures the natural light in the soul that illuminates reason or human conscience in order to hinder the right discernment of what is good and what is evil. This infernal light, without depriving man of his freedom at all, impels the understanding to judge in disagreement with the precepts of Good Morals. That natural evil light which is infused by Satan into man is the false conscience or human evil moral conscience.

     There is also an evil conscience, which is the voice of Satan, which tries to confuse us in our discernment between good and evil and who impels us to follow the path of evil. Therefore, the mission of the evil conscience is to obscure the good conscience in its right judgment about truth and lie, to confuse man and impel him in the use of his freedom to perform evil acts against his good conscience. And since Satan does not always succeed in getting man to act deliberately against the testimony of his good conscience, he employs many other means to vitiate good moral judgments or judgments in the human understanding. Sometimes this is by instilling in him doubts about truth and error, sometimes by creating confusion so that he sees evil as good and good as evil, sometimes by frightening him with scruples or by leading him to relaxation or vitiating him with pharisaical ideas, etc. And all with the purpose of ingraining in man the habit of sinning, until he no longer attaches any importance to sin, or considers that any vice is licit because it seems inevitable to him; and he even boasts of his bad conduct.