56th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

56th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The 9th of August this year marked 45 years since the See and Cathedra of Rome were translated to El Palmar de Troya by Divine Mandate, when Rome became the Great Harlot of the Last Times, thus fulfilling the apocalyptic fall of Babylon the Great or the city of the seven hills. The prophesies of the Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin in La Salette, France, in 1846 were fulfilled: The Most Holy Virgin wept and announced many of the evils which were to befall the Church and the world, and the chastisements for blasphemers, profaners of Sundays and others: “Alas for Priests and for persons consecrated to God, who, by their infidelities and bad conduct, are again crucifying My Son!” “Spirits of darkness will spread universal laxity on earth in everything related to God’s service, and will obtain extraordinary power over nature: there will be churches destined for the service of these spirits… The true Faith will have been extinguished and a false light will illumine the world.”

    Everything has been fulfilled, the Faith has been extinguished. Now the Holy Palmarian Church is a scandal to the world for its normality, for preserving Holy Tradition, and for wanting to exclude all that is sinful from the Church and the faithful. In the last Report, we spoke of the scandal caused among so many people by the use of the Gestatorial Chair, which has been used in the Catholic Church for more than 550 years. Now our apostolate is gaining greater momentum and millions of people are watching us. Some people find it scandalous that men and women should be separated in Divine Worship, even though this has been the case in the Catholic Church for 19 and a half centuries. Others are scandalized that the Palmarian faithful wear long sleeves even when it is very hot, without taking into account that this norm was preached by many Popes throughout history. One cannot help but wonder whether Catholics who dress immodestly or inappropriately have lost faith in the omnipresence of God.

    Pope Saint Pius XII the Great imparted his Apostolic Blessing to the Crusade of Mary Immaculate’s Purity, “and to all who promote this praiseworthy movement for modesty in dress and in behavior.” The Crusade was called ‘Marylike’, because its aim was for all to imitate the purity and modesty of Mary Immaculate, in accord with the strict norms on dress established by Popes Saint Pius XI and Saint Pius XII.

    Today, it is a scandal for some people that Palmarian women dress well, elegantly and with dignity in long skirts. From now on we are going to scandalize the world even more by teaching women to dress decently. We are going to do an apostolate to be ‘Marylike’. And this apostolate will help many women gain greater respect from others. When a woman presents herself in public dressed with dignity as Palmarian women and girls do, she stands out for the elegant way she dresses. When she goes for an interview, she often has a better chance of getting the job. When a woman covers herself well, the interviewer pays attention to her words, to her intelligence; if she is indecently dressed, the attention goes to her body, which can cause rejection. Try it! Dress like a Palmarian and you will gain more respect from both men and women. Your words will carry more weight in conversations. Dress your daughters in long skirts and don’t allow them to go to schools that force girls to wear miniskirts. This cries out to Heaven. Schoolgirls who provoke and put themselves in great danger. If you love your daughters, dress them decently.

    The experience of life teaches much. For example, a person dressed in Palmarian fashion receives much more respect than someone dressed in immoral fashion. People are therefore careful about what they say in the presence of Palmarians, because they know that vulgar words are not appropriate in their presence.

    From now on, instead of wearing provocative clothes, look for clothes that cover the body in order to command more respect from others. In Her many Apparitions, the Blessed Virgin Mary always gave the example that women should cover up and not be provocative and incite others to sin, at the risk of condemning themselves to eternal damnation. Hell exists. No one wants to go there, and neither should we be the cause of others going there. The day you dress Palmarian is the day your conscience will give you peace and you will be more at ease with yourself and others. To dress Palmarian is to wear long skirts. The new standard for skirts in Divine Worship is ankle length from the age of 14. Outside Divine Worship, skirts cannot be higher up than 15 cm from the ground with shoes on. Girls under 14 years of age will wear dresses or skirts with the hem closer to the feet than to the knees; that is, they will cover more than half of the lower leg. The new rule will go into effect at the end of the year. All this coincides with a new crusade to encourage all women to dress like the Most Holy Virgin Mary and be faithful daughters of Mary.

    The Palmarian crusade to awaken the consciences of women can be very successful, as the Palmarian Catholic Church is already known to a great many people. The first reaction may be total rejection, but when people meditate a little they will change their minds. When they said the Earth was round, this was at first rejected. That is why the truth is taken very badly by many people. It is true that Purgatory exists, but many do not want to believe it in order to continue their life of sin. Others reject the existence of a demanding Church, with rules to protect its members from the world. When we say “the world”, we mean modern customs that lead souls away from God, such as dressing immorally, listening to modern music that has words that incite people to sin and make provocative movements, watching immoral videos on social media, and so on. If you want to participate in this crusade to be like Mary Most Holy, dress Palmarian and post your photos wherever you can. This would be the first step towards being a beloved daughter of Mary.

    A worldly person focuses on material and earthly things, and gives great importance to worldly pleasures and concerns rather than focusing on more spiritual or transcendental aspects of life. A worldly person tends to be obsessed with the pursuit of wealth, social status, material success and the satisfaction of personal desires, and neglects spiritual matters or the pursuit of knowledge of the things of God and His Church.

    Returning to the subject of our apostolate, we have found a way to reach many more people; so let those who wish to see the end of the True Church of Christ know that they will see much more of us in the future. God in His infinite mercy uses the medium of the internet to give more people the chance of finding a sure path of salvation. The sure path is the Holy Palmarian Church. Although millions acclaim him as pope, Francis of Rome is not pope in the line of succession of St. Peter. This line ended in Rome with the death of St. Paul VI in 1978. With the election of Saint Gregory XVII directly by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Santa Fe de Bogotá after the death of St. Paul VI, the line of succession of St. Peter ceased to continue in Rome. Three days after his papal election directly by Christ, St. Gregory XVII arrived in El Palmar de Troya, thus bringing the Apostolic See of the Catholic Church to El Palmar de Troya.