55th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

55th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

As the Palmarian Catholic Church is the True Church of Christ, we have the support of Almighty God in our apostolate. Whether we are accepted or rejected is not in our hands. We present the True Church with her wonderful Divine Worship and beautiful doctrines to the world for all to see or read as the case may be. We realize that there are questions that are somewhat thorny. For example, the Gestatorial Chair, which was used for 500 years in the Church, has provoked an enormous amount of harsh criticism from many people who have seen our videos. They think we are worshiping the Pope. There is a very simple explanation why the Gestatorial Chair is used for the Sacred Person of the Pope, who is the Vicar of Christ and His representative on Earth. When the Holy See of the True Church was in Rome, great crowds came at certain times of the year. Imagine half a million people in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome. Everyone who went on pilgrimage to Rome at those times wanted to see the Pope. The Pope also wanted to greet the faithful. If the Pope had gone through the square on foot, very few people would have seen him, only those in the front rows. Carrying him up high in the Gestatorial Chair solved the problem, and many more people could see him and he could see many more people up close. That is why the Gestatorial Chair was introduced, and it was always used in the Roman Church until its apostasy in 1978.

    The antipopes in Rome never used the Gestatorial Chair under the pretext of humility, but Saint Teresa of Jesus was famous for saying that humility is keeping to the truth. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ on Earth, and using or not using the Gestatorial Chair does not make him any more humble. If the Pope wants to be more humble, there are many ways to do it. The humble soul allows himself to be corrected by others without getting angry. We deal with certain priests of the roman church and other churches who show interest in the Palmarian Catholic Church, and it happens that sometimes we have to correct them for a mistaken comment or something like that. The humble person accepts the correction without getting angry or causing scandal, but the proud ones furiously attack those who correct them. So you can clearly distinguish the good priests from the bad ones; it is all in how they take correction. It seems very simple, and it is so. The proud cannot hide their displeasure at being corrected, but the humble soul takes corrections as though nothing had happened, regardless of whether he is at fault or not. Wise Priests know this, and that is why true Priests, Palmarian Priests, are humble. Humility is the mark of Christ, while pride is the mark of the devil. There are people who would like to see debates between Priests of the Palmarian Church and those of the roman church. Logically, the Priests of the Palmarian Church will not debate with representatives of other churches for the simple reason that the truth is the truth and it is not up for discussion.

    All those who believe in the roman church should analyze why the head of their church, antipope Francis, wears the soutane when almost all the other priests of the roman church do not. If the Pope wears the soutane, it is because he wants to set an example and wants everyone to see him as Pope. And what about priests? Should they not wear the soutane so that everyone sees them as priests? Of course, a priest wearing a soutane cannot go just anywhere or be with any kind of person, because of the scandal he could give. It is not enough to wear the soutane on Sundays. For the true priest, every day is Sunday, because his duty is to celebrate many Masses. One of the main reasons why the roman church apostatized is that priests abandoned the custom of wearing the soutane, their sacred scapular that protected them from so many evils.

  We began this report with the topic of the Gestatorial Chair because these are the videos that have reached the highest numbers of views on social media. On Instagram, for example, a video of His Holiness Pope Peter III on the Gestatorial Chair reached 430,000 viewers in a few weeks. On another social network, the same video reached almost the same number. That is why we mentioned in the beginning that our apostolate counts on God’s help, because we see that His Provident Hand helps us to gain a significant number of views. And what about the future? What are we going to do in the near future to gain the attention of good Catholics? Well, we are going to increase our apostolate as never before. Stay tuned. The world will know the True Pope because the Palmarian Catholic Church follows the inspirations of the Holy Ghost and He leads us wisely.

    On our website, we have published a document on the use of the liturgical colours in the Holy Palmarian Church. For example, the Carmelite colour (brown and cream) was not previously used in the Church, but now that the Pope is a Carmelite, and the only religious order is that of the Carmelites, there is a colour specific to the Carmelite Order. Another example is the colour Rose, which is now used primarily for the feast days of Most Holy Joseph and when Holy Mass is celebrated for the benefit of the Souls of Limbo. The beautiful doctrine on the Souls of Limbo can be read in the Palmarian Creed and the Palmarian Catechism, which can be found in the Library of our website: www.palmarianchurch.org. The document on the liturgical colours is also in the Palmarian Library on our website: https://www.palmarianchurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Liturgical-Colors.pdf

    A petition to those who wish to become Priests of the Holy Palmarian Church: in order for this desire to be fulfilled, it is necessary to study the Palmarian Doctrine. It is necessary to read all the documents that are on our website or listen to the audios. In addition to this, the recitation of the Holy Penitential Rosary and the Holy Way of the Cross is essential to obtain light from Heaven and strength not to give up at the first obstacle. One must be willing to fight to win the battle against Satan. What the devil does not want is more priests in the True Church of Christ. There is increasing interest in becoming a priest of our Holy Church, but to achieve this, a total surrender is necessary. Start now to eliminate all clothes that do not comply with the norms of the Church, and everything else that goes against our norms, such as magazines with indecent pictures, etc., etc. We are not discouraging new vocations; on the contrary, we are very desirous of having more Priests, but good Priests, who are prepared and know the Palmarian Doctrine well. Priests who pray much. With goodwill, God will eliminate all obstacles.

    Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

1.Colombia11.The Philippines21.Germany
2.Mexico12.Dominican Republic22.Congo Kinshasa
9.United States19.Egypt29.Iraq