54th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

54th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

We are looking for more faithful for the True Church of Christ. The ideal person is one who does not like the things of pagans. A pagan is a person who likes the opposite of what Palmarians like. Palmarians, that is to say the faithful members of the Holy Palmarian Church, enjoy praying. They like to talk to God, to listen to what God tells them or inspires them, and they avoid wearing things that are not appropriate for God’s children. Years ago, nose rings were mainly worn by bulls. Today, many people wear nose rings, even though they are annoying when you have a cold or when your nose is irritated from allergies, etc. We do not consider people who wear nose rings in this way as potential new Palmarians. This is a ridiculous fashion that the Church cannot allow.

   Potential Palmarians are more normal people in the sense that they don’t like tattoos. Candidates for the Palmarian Church are those who prefer to wear crosses or medals of Our Lady or Saint Joseph. These are closer to the Palmarian Church than those who wear animal or car brooches, to give an example. Potential candidates for our Holy Church are more inclined towards classical or traditional music than rock music or its derivatives. People who do not mix much with worldly people will feel more comfortable with the Palmarian Church since the Church and the world are two things that have nothing in common. The Church is holy in Her customs; therefore, those of the world with their perverse habits, as a general rule, will hate the Church for Her holy customs. It is a holy habit to pray, whereas it is a diabolical habit to use bad words and incite others to offend God.

   If the Palmarian Church were much loved by those of the world, it would be a clear sign that our Church is evil. But because the Palmarian Church is holy, it is strongly rejected by those who love the world. There are people who want to get away from the world because they are disgusted with the way things are in the world. Their refuge has to be the Palmarian Catholic Church. They must come to this refuge and savour the fruits of the Holy Sacraments. It is only possible to receive Holy Communion in our Holy Church because only Priests ordained or in communion with the Palmarian Church can consecrate the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, all those who try to consecrate the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ without having the Priestly power to do so are committing acts of idolatry.

   There are groups such as Lefevre, Saint Pius X and others who call themselves traditionalists, but they are idolaters because they do not have the power to consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ. Every mass they hold is an act of idolatry. Those who attend are idolaters because they are adoring a piece of bread. Since their priests do not have the power to consecrate, the bread remains bread and the wine remains wine. What we teach here is very serious. Either with Christ, or against Christ. To be with Christ, one must be subject to the authority of the Pope. It’s not possible that there are so many churches claiming to be traditionalists when they are at the service of the devil. Anyone who opposes the authority of the Pope, who is now His Holiness Pope Peter III, is serving the devil. Either with the Pope, or against him. There is no in-between. The so-called traditionalists are often traditionalists only in the pseudo masses they attend. After their ceremonies, they throw off their veils, take off their skirts and go to the beach dressed like everyone else. It is not just a question of being traditional in church, but at all times of the day and every day of the week.

   We invite traditionalists to examine the Holy Palmarian Doctrine and they will see that it is a pure source of holy and sanctifying doctrine. Many complain about the norms of dress of the Holy Palmarian Church, when these norms identify people as daughters of Mary. Would the Most Holy Virgin Mary dress like the worldly women of today? Of course not! And if She wouldn’t, no one should. In the Palmarian Church we love the Most Holy Virgin Mary and, because of that love, we always try to follow Her example. A good Christian would say: if the Blessed Virgin would do what I’m doing, then what I’m doing is good. If you think that Our Lady wouldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t do it either. Of course, there are exceptions, but that is a good way to conclude whether what you’re doing is good or not so good.

   We have noticed people trying to harm the Palmarian Church on the internet. That is why Palmarian Catholic Action has taken the necessary steps to limit the spread of these lies, with great success. We will not help the enemies of the Church by pointing out what we have done, but the apostolic activities of the True Church are becoming ever more effective and notable. In the face of all that the enemies of the Church have done to harm us, we will do what is necessary for the truth to triumph. And with Divine Providence our side, we cannot lose.

   If we analyze our apostolate on the Internet, it is the publications about the Sacred Person of His Holiness Pope Peter III that are the most successful. The world does not yet know him as it should, but it will come to know him. The world will gradually realize that the Papacy is located in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain. It would be better and more accurate to think about ‘when will the triumph of the Holy Palmarian Church come’ than to think like the foolish and arrogant about ‘when the Palmarian Church will end’. With God on high protecting His Holy Church, the only possible outcome is victory.

   Some people are scandalized because a Pope apostatized from the Palmarian Church and gave the Church a bad name by saying it was all a set-up. Those people should see how the Heavenly Father has lovingly cared for His Church. The great apostolate of the True Church began after his departure. During his pontificate, he forbade the making of videos. It is thanks to this that there are no videos of him, for if he had made a large number of videos during his time, there would now be terrible confusion. The Holy Ghost knows the right moment to present the True Church to the world. Anyone with humility must recognize this marvel.

   Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website over the past year. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.


1.Colombia11.United States21.Egypt
3.India13.The Philippines23.Italy
4.Argentina14.Uganda24.Congo -Kinshasa
7.Peru17.Ukraine 27.Tanzania
9.Dominican R.19.Germany29.Poland