53rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

53rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

There was a young woman who spent her days causing Jesus much grief because of the way she dressed, which was provocative to men. Jesus was patient with her and one day that young woman loved Jesus again and she stopped wearing provocative clothing. Perhaps her intention was not to provoke, but that is what happened when she wore miniskirts and tight and transparent clothes. She is an example for all of us, and we have to change our way of dressing if we are causing harm to others with it. It would be better to strike a person than to induce him to sin. The blow can be overcome more easily than having the soul infected by offending Jesus.

    The intention of this Report is not to correct young women for the way they dress but to call for reflection. A woman who seeks the respect of men should dress in such a way that her body is well covered. In this way men will look at her head, at her eyes, at her elegance reflected in her decent clothing. If a young woman is dressed showing her body by wearing indecent clothes, the eyes of men will go for her body, and they will easily commit mortal sins with lustful desires. Who is to blame for those sins that men commit? Why, of course, they are; but also part, a great part of the blame will fall on the indecently dressed young women. And if there are many men who sin because of an improperly dressed young woman, then God will demand that she pay for the guilt of her sin. And the young woman who provokes so many men will have to pay for having been the cause of so many sins in others.

    Everyone is free to do what the law of the land allows. These laws do not forbid anyone to provoke others; rather the laws protect them so that they can continue to provoke. But it should not be forgotten that there is a virtuous God who requires His creatures to act according to good morals, that is, to act in such a way that no one is an instrument of the devil to make others fall into sin and offend God. Good desires come from God. Evil desires come from Satan, the father of lies. Reflect on your intentions and motives in dressing indecently to avoid great punishments from God. At least, for the fear of God, think about what you are doing.

    The videos which the young people of the world participate in or which they often create themselves, are intended to provoke as much as possible, and not only with the clothes, but also especially with the movements. And the more other people see them the more they rejoice and are encouraged to make more disgusting videos, for lack of a better word to describe them. We are all children of God, we were created by God and to God we will give an account of our works. Young people reading or hearing this report should consider the idea of making videos that help others to be good. They could make one of themselves delivering a loaf of bread to a poor person, or a video visiting a nursing home. We wish they would realize that in nursing homes there are so many people abandoned by their families who live in sadness. Investigate in your neighborhood if you can do something good to help the elderly. In this you will find great happiness. Make a video of your charitable activities. Is there an orphanage near you with children who would like a small gift? Go see if there is anything you can do. And then make a little video and post it on social media instead of hurting souls with videos provoking others to sin. Could you visit the home of a near-invalid old lady and lend her a hand sometime? Then make a video of that too.

    Our apostolate on the internet is always increasing and we do more and more to win souls for God and for the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Palmarian Church. There are many countries that lack the visit of a Palmarian missionary. There is no greater misfortune for a country than to lack the Holy Mass, the true Mass that does so much good to the countries where It is celebrated. The fault is not ours: the fault is of those who, believing in the Palmarian Catholic Church, do not commit themselves to live as the Holy Mother Church, which is now the Palmarian Church, commands. Quite a lot of cowardice exists in this regard. A person who believes, who has the grace to believe in the Holy Palmarian Church, has to fight for there to be Mass in his country. He must pester the Holy Palmarian See to send a missionary to his country to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Even if there were only one believing and practicing soul, the Church would send a missionary to celebrate the Holy Mass in that country.

    Palmarian missionaries have gone to far-away countries many times to give the Sacraments to only one or two people, without thinking about money and the discomfort and inconvenience of doing so. For several years, a Palmarian missionary visited an elderly woman in Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean, just to give her the Holy Sacraments. In the end, she died at the age of 106 years and was canonized by the Holy Palmarian Church. She is a heroic example of faith and perseverance. Because of her, the True Church of Christ existed in Bonaire, because where there is even one faithful, there is the True Church of Christ. All of Heaven is in the soul in the state of Grace. What a fantastic thing! Where there is only one person faithful to the Church, there is the Church in that country. We must not forget that the Kingdom of Heaven is in souls in the State of Grace, that is, in souls baptized in the Church and free from mortal sins.

  Take the opportunity to watch the videos of a new YouTube channel where a Bishop of the Palmarian Church helps those interested to know the True Church of Christ better. There are two channels, one in Spanish https://youtu.be/Zs3NS5PUuQk and one in English https://youtu.be/XV0nRc0SI6k which has subtitles in Spanish and German.

    We will be increasing our activities on the internet so that people of all nations can have access to the True Church of Christ. The beautiful videos of Holy Week with explanations will be published in as many languages as possible. Our small Church will be the astonishment of humanity for the beauty of its Divine Worship, for its beautiful hymns, for the inspired art that harmonizes all the works of the Basilica of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain. This Basilica is the model of how a Church should be. Do not be surprised if the Temple of El Palmar is one day reproduced in other countries with the same magnificence. We are living a moment of great glory, a moment in which the True Church of Christ lives an impressive spirituality. Now we only need to increase the number, but we leave this in the hands of God, His Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.

    Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website in the last year. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

1.Colombia11.United States21.China
3.Argentina13.The Philippines23.Italy
4.Brazil14.Uganda24.Congo -Kinshasa
8.Dominican Republic18.Vietnam28.Poland