52nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

52nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church, the True Church of Christ, has the mission of extending the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Heaven is a place of perfect happiness where the Angels and Saints live, all praising and glorifying God. The True Church, and not the other churches, no matter how good they may seem, has the sacred mission of teaching and performing Divine Worship to extend that glorification of God here on Earth. For this reason, the Church cannot remain idle in the face of so much spiritual corruption that now reigns in souls. The Church of Christ must teach what the duties of human beings are towards God.

    Perhaps many people will say that the Church is very extremist because of the standards of dress that we require, but if the Church represents Heaven on Earth, how can we allow God to be offended by perverse and even satanic customs? Modern music represents Satan and his hatred of God, inciting people to offend our Creator. In contrast, the hymns of the Church crush the head of Satan and exalt God. The hymns of the Church praise Mary, Mother of God and our Mother. We sing to Her to please Her and to show our love for Her. In return, our Heavenly Mother intercedes for us before the Throne of God and helps us to attain mercy and salvation. However, the vast majority of souls are on Satan’s side. How few want to comply with Christian decency in dress and reject modern music, inspired by Satan! There will be many who even deny the existence of Satan in order to continue on with their evil habits.

    It is better not to leave conversion for later. It is time to turn your back on the devil and on your friends who encourage you to sin. It is time to turn to the Virgin Mary and ask for Her clemency and peace. The peace of Mary Most Holy surpasses the peace of the world, which is a false peace and disappears under any trial. Mary’s peace is what keeps you steadfast and devout in the face of any storm. Listen to some of the hymns on our website and you will see how they will help you spiritually. They gladden the soul and produce good desires in the heart. We are not going to change from sinner to saint in one day, but if you take a first step, you will see how quickly you can unite to God. Always keep in mind that what is most needed is to be baptized in the True Church of Christ, the Palmarian Church. Outside of this Holy Church, the sacraments that you could receive are invalid and unfortunately are of no use.

    Take a rosary in your hands and learn to pray the Holy Penitential Rosary, and you will have begun your conversion. On our website you can learn how to pray this Holy Rosary. Without fail, pray it every day. Doing so will give you a spiritual strength that you have never known before.

    Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website in the last year. Countries that have lost or gained places are highlighted.

1.Colombia11.United States21.China
3.Mexico13.The Philippines23.Italy
8.Dominican Republic18.Ecuador28.Nepal

    Lately our internet apostolate has been very successful, so much so that it seems miraculous. The number of people who have come to know the Palmarian Catholic Church these days is very high. However, many fall into the traps of the enemies of the Church who have spread so many lies against Her. But God is great and almighty and He will clarify many issues that until now we have not defended or spoken publicly of. A Bishop of the Palmarian Church is going to open a YouTube channel so that the public can see for themselves what our Church teaches and, most important of all, to show the way to eternal salvation. This channel will begin no later than May, the month of Mary.

    May is the month of flowers and the Heavenly flower is the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Devotees of the Virgin Mary know that May is Her month. When this month arrives, we are filled with great joy. It is the month to renew our devotions to the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, and strengthen our faith in God through Her. We must follow Mary’s example of humility, love and surrender to God. The Palmarian Catholic Church is the work of Mary Most Holy, since by Her Apparition on the 30th of March 1968 in El Palmar de Troya, the history of heavenly events in El Palmar de Troya began. In the Palmarian Church the Virgin Mary is loved tenderly. Each Palmarian is worth a thousand for his love for the Mother of God. We are Her slaves. We live united to Her in our daily lives. We practice full trust in Her, for our Heavenly Mother listens to Her children of Palmar and makes their wishes come true. This devotion to the Mother of God is incomprehensible to those who live with their backs to God, but we will always preach it so that they change and surrender to Her. Despite all the lies that may exist against the Holy Palmarian Church, no one can take away our motto of being a Marian Church, a Church that exalts the Mother of God as She should be.

    We have had a wonderful Holy Week. All of this can be seen in our videos that are on YouTube. Several have already been published. A video of the Eucharistic Procession we had on the principal feast day of Saint Joseph on the 19th of March was also published. Palmarian Holy Week always begins on the 20th of March and ends on the 27th of March every year.

    To accept the Holy Palmarian Church it is necessary to be humble and analyze everything you see in the videos. The perfection in the way Divine Worship is celebrated is a clear sign that we live to please God. The chains of Holy Masses celebrated by the Palmarian bishops are heroic. There are many Holy Masses and it is a lot of penance to celebrate them. Several hours every day the Palmarian bishops are at the Altar celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In spite of fatigue and sometimes illnesses, the Palmarian bishops continue to celebrate Holy Masses. Outside the Palmarian Church you will not find that. Nor are Masses celebrated outside the Church valid. And even if they were valid, non-Palmarian priests would not celebrate so many Masses, but only a small portion. In the Palmarian bishops exists the spirit of sacrifice lost in other churches.

    We cannot end without speaking about the nuns of the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face, those women who have given their lives to be spouses of Christ. In spite of their life of great sacrifice and prayer, they do not lack the ineffable happiness that is felt in the service of God. How many souls are saved by the life of dedication of our nuns! It is impressive to see how many young Palmarian women renounce the world to live only for God. What an unimaginable Heaven awaits them! If only the nuns who dedicate themselves to God outside the Palmarian Church could join our holy Order and attain holiness a thousand times more easily in It. It saddens us that so many souls do not realize the fall and apostasy of Rome, because outside the Palmarian Church it is not possible to live in the state of Grace. In summary, the life of a nun is a life dedicated to prayer, contemplation, and the service of God and the religious community. It is a life of surrender and renunciation, in which closeness to God and His Most Holy Mother and Saint Joseph is sought.