50th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

50th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

A man found our website on the Internet. He read the documents and watched our videos. He concluded that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the one great truth. He read all the books he received from the Palmarian Church and embraced the True Faith after spending a few months as a catechumen. A catechumen is a person who fulfils the rules of the Church for a period of time before being admitted to the Church, a time of preparation in order to become part of the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the True Church. Now he is preparing to take another important step in his life. His desire is to enter the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face. The devil does not want more Palmarian Priests because they take many souls away from him. A Priest at the Altar fulfils the most important job in the world. He surpasses in importance all the kings and presidents of the world. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the perpetuation, by the Priest at the Altar, of the Sacrifice of Calvary or Sacrifice of the Cross. The Holy Masses celebrated by the Priests of the True Church bring down from Heaven an enormous amount of blessings upon the world. That is why this new Palmarian faithful who wants to join our Order will be persecuted by the devil and by men not to take this step that he so desires to take. He is an example of those who have put the truth first, and family, friends and everything else second. So others who wish to be true Priests of Christ must follow his example by putting God first, depriving themselves of family, friends and possessions for the love of Christ. Taking upon oneself the cross of the True Priests is the most perfect way to find Jesus and Mary, and the happiness with which They reward their faithful sacrificers.

     Many times we let the discouragement produced by our environment defeat us instead of following what we believe and feel in our souls. Christ calls many to be Priests and Nuns in the Holy Palmarian Church, but many out of cowardice and because they are used to an easier life turn around and go in another direction. Others, to please their families, choose to look from afar instead of entering the flock of Christ and serving Him as He deserves to be served. Christ must be number one in our lives. We must love Him and make Him known and loved. The same with the Most Holy Virgin. We must love Her and make Her known and loved. Those who reject Christ’s call to enter our Order knowing that it is the True Church of Christ, lose a glorious opportunity to win souls for Jesus and Mary by this great example of manifesting their faith in the True Church.

     The same applies to lay people who believe in the Palmarian Church and do not take the step of leading by example and embracing the True Faith. They miss a wonderful opportunity to set that example for others. They also lose the inner joy that souls who are within the True Church experience by fulfilling well what the Church commands through the Vicar of Christ. Many say that next year they will enter, and then the next year they say the same thing and then some illness or accident occurs and they die. They lost the opportunity to earn an unimaginable Heaven by not following the call of Christ.

     The videos on our YouTube channel clearly teach the true religion. This year we are making a lot of progress with the new channels in different languages, and the first video of the year on the Solemn Procession on January 1st has been a great success. Those who think that we pay graphic designers or other experts to help us with the videos are wrong. Even the young Palmarians help us wonderfully with this work. Those who work for the love of God and for the Church receive the assistance of the Holy Ghost with their work and that is why the videos come out so splendidly.

     From now on we will list the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website in the last year.

1.Colombia11.United States21.Turkey
3.Mexico13.The Philippines23.Egypt
4.Dominican Republic14.Indonesia24.Vietnam

     It is very interesting to see how sometimes with little resources, Palmarian Catholic Action has been able to distribute food to the poor. There should be no hunger on earth. It is all down to a lack of organization. If the Palmarian Catholic Church were accepted by the faithful of the Roman church, there would be no more hunger on earth. It is not only a spiritual punishment: the rejection of the True Church is also a material punishment. In the past many Religious Orders received large amounts of food from the faithful and were able to distribute it to the needy. Today food producers in general seek to make as much money as possible from their crops. If they gave a tenth of their produce to the needy, hunger would end. If oil companies gave 10% of their production to end poverty, there would be no one suffering from hunger. And the banks that charge exorbitant interest are content counting their profits when they could give 10% of them to alleviate hunger and help hospitals that in many places do not even have medicine for the sick. How many people die for lack of medicine! These insurance companies that get rich by charging much more than necessary. Woe to you, the rich who do not give anything to help the needy! God’s punishments will be terrible for you. You cannot ignore the suffering of so many people and live as if you do not have to give an account to God for being so miserly and stingy with those in need. That is why Christ said on the Mount of the Beatitudes “Alas for you who are wealthy, because you have already had your consolation in this world!” Also take into account the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Her visit to Her cousin Saint Elizabeth when She said: “He has shown the might of His arm: He has confounded the proud in the thoughts of their hearts, dethroned the mighty and exalted the humble; He has filled the hungry with good things and the rich left empty.”

     Wealthy people should keep in mind that giving generously to those in need is a way to atone for their sins and receive the reward of saving their souls. Charity is the most important virtue of all.

     It is important to note that those who have a habit of criticizing the Church for spending money on Divine Worship offend God terribly. How can the Church be denied worthy places where the faithful can gather to adore God and venerate the Queen of Heaven? Don’t be foolish. It is written in the Gospel: “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Words spoken by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, what the Church spends on Divine Worship is a pittance compared to what the rich could give to solve world hunger. It is nothing compared to what the wealthy could give to build houses for those who have none. They could easily build much-needed hospitals, etc., etc. If someone who is wealthy reads this report, they should take into account that when Christ judges us, money will not be worth anything, and worse yet, they will have to give an explanation for not having practiced charity by helping the less fortunate.