49th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

49th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

From the commentaries made on certain websites, there are people, probably many, who take us to be mad, heretical, phoney priests and a thousand other like things. Why is it that the True Church is so difficult to see and accept? If we turn to Calvary, we see there the Son of God, almost naked, nailed to the Cross, agonizing for three hours upon two wooden beams joined together to make Jesus look as ridiculous as possible. This is a reality which all Christians accept. They accept it now because this truth has been proven. The proof is that Christ rose from the dead after the atrocities they had done to Him. Christ’s many miracles in life did not suffice to save Him from the cruelty of men; yet, on rising again, there was no need to think further. Christ had proved it. He was truly the Son of God.

The Catholic Church is now in El Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain. Her Spiritual Head, who is none other than the Vicar of Christ, is considered by the world to be quite mad. His Bishops and faithful are considered a gang of misfits or tricksters. They consider the Holy Masses of the Palmarian Church a circus, as if all had sprung from the imagination of some drunk or backward mind.

We make a comparison between Noah’s Ark and the Holy Palmarian Church: The Holy Patriarch Noah, obeying God, constructed the Ark in a Valley where there was no water, called the Valley of Josaphat, in Jerusalem. People took him to be a madman, a fool, an idiot. But Noah went on complying with God’s command and, after a hundred years of construction, God commanded the Universal Flood. No one laughs at God. Now, in the Palmarian Church, history repeats itself: the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church is the second Noah’s Ark. The Palmarian Pope is the second Noah. Everything will be fulfilled, but God only knows how and when!

And one day, the Glory of the Palmarian Church will amaze mankind. The truth of the Papacy in El Palmar de Troya will be manifest and there will be immense remorse for all the many years that the world has swallowed falsehoods instead of embracing the truth of this Holy Church.

And when will all this happen? When will the Palmarian Church prevail over her detractors and calumniators? Will it be soon? Who knows? Can anyone say at what moment the Palmarian Church is going to triumph? What sign will there be? Do you want to know the truth? Will you be able to bear up when you know the truth which will oblige you to make a radical change in your lives? The future of the Palmarian Church cannot be told right now, because you would become dreadfully disheartened. You would have to throw out everything rotten in your lives in order to be admitted into the Holy Palmarian Church, Christ’s True Church. The moment will come when the Holy Ghost will teach you with all clarity where the True Church is and you will want to be part of Her, but a great number of people live scandalous, rotten lives, or rather their souls are rotten and contaminated by Satan and his agents. The fact is that the truth will be tremendously difficult to embrace because it will mean turning your lives upside down. For example, something that seems quite normal at present for many young people: social media networks, which are harming souls ever more, to the point that they can no longer be called social networks, rather satanic networks. Some of these networks are worse than others. It is as though young people have surrendered their souls to Satan in order to join up with him in provoking sin all that they can. And to enter the Palmarian Church, they would have to give that up. The Church will never yield on matters of impurity, since to commit impure acts is forbidden by God in the sixth Commandment. Hence not only the one who commits them sins, but those too who provoke, and the sins of those who provoke are countless. They have turned the world into a hell for those souls desirous of living a virtuous life. It is better to start changing now, and stop provoking others by scandalous dress and provocative videos and photos. The Angels will sound their trumpets and chastisements will fall from Heaven to purify many in order that they may save themselves and attain Glory.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the greatest number of visits to our Website. The countries which have gained or lost places are highlighted:

2.Brazil12.United States22.Indonesia
4.Colombia14.Ukraine24.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Nicaragua27.Iraq
10.The Philippines20.Uganda30.Chile

To support our apostolate in Congo Kinshasa, we now have our Website in Lingala, the native language of this African country. Also, to help people get to know the Holy Palmarian Church better, we now have YouTube channels in Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish. With our Spanish, English and German channels there are now seven channels in total. Little by little we will be putting videos on all the channels.

We have spent a very beautiful and interesting Christmas in El Palmar de Troya with a good number of pilgrims from different European countries. The Christmas Nativity Scene of the Holy See, as always, was different from other years and all our visitors were impressed.

A very important event in the history of the Holy Palmarian Church was the first Ordinations and Consecrations in El Palmar de Troya at the time when the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face was founded. These events took place towards the end of December 1975 and the beginning of the New Year 1976.

Words of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Her Apparition to Clemente Domínguez y Gómez on the 25th of December 1975, addressing the Archbishop Peter Martin Ngô-dinh Thuc, who had recently arrived at the Sacred Place: “And yet I ask of you a special grace needed in this Sacred Place: THE CONSECRATION OF NEW BISHOPS IS NECESSARY. VERY NECESSARY! VERY NECESSARY! URGENT!… This is the labour which corresponds to you in your old age: venerable elder, Doctor of the Church. A great day for El Palmar de Troya and for him, if he accepts the Will of God… And his holiness should shine out as example and virtue for the whole Community.” Saint Peter Martin asked for a sign of the truth of the Message. The seer placed the Child Jesus in the arms of the Archbishop, who felt the whole weight of the Divine Child and was deeply impressed.

So then, fully convinced that his mission in Palmar was to perform the ordinations and consecrations, on the 1st of January 1976, Saint Peter Martin, in the Lentisco of El Palmar de Troya, ordained as Priests five members of the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face, including Clemente Domínguez y Gómez, today Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great; Manuel Alonso Corral, today Pope Saint Peter II the Great; and Paul Fox, at present the Secretary of State.

This saintly Archbishop, at night in the Lentisco of El Palmar de Troya, when the 11th of January 1976, Feast of the Holy Family, had begun, and in the course of the Nocturnal Adoration, consecrated as Bishops Father Clemente Domínguez y Gómez, Father Manuel Alonso Corral, and three other Priests.

He then had to face up to the opposition of the prelates of the Roman Church, and defended the legality of his actions very well, as he was a Doctor in Canon Law. Saint Peter Martin Ngô-dinh Thuc drew up an official Document in Latin dated the 12th of January 1976, signed and sealed, recording to all due effects the Priestly Ordinations and Episcopal Consecrations conferred.

On the 15th of March in the year 1938, Saint Peter Martin was appointed Papal Legate by Pope Saint Pius XI the Great, with full powers, giving him authority to ordain Priests and consecrate Bishops without further permissions, according to the needs of the Church, in any part of the world.