The Church of Christ is One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian. Christ is the Universal King, Mary Most Holy is the Universal Queen. As Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary is owed the reverence of all human beings. We live in a very difficult time, a time in which those who love and serve the Queen of Heaven suffer from the fact that so many people despise Her. At all costs they try to diminish the figure of Mary, our Heavenly Mother. Many religions say that the Immaculate Virgin Mary was a good woman. But the word “good” is meaningless if at the same time they deny that Mary is the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Those who deny Her Virginity blaspheme against the Blessed Mother of God.

     It is the mission of the Holy Palmarian Church to defend the prerogatives of the Blessed Virgin Mary at all costs. When a person enters a Palmarian Chapel, he immediately realizes that the faithful of this Church love the Mother of God very much. Images and pictures of Her abound. It is impossible to enter the house of a Palmarian and not see several images or pictures of Mary Most Holy. The name of the Palmarian Church comes from Mary. The word “palmarian” derives from El Palmar de Troya, the most important place of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in turn includes in its composition the denomination “marian” because it is the Church most devoted to Mary.

     Thanks to God and His Blessed Mother, our website is reaching people all over the world. At the doors of the Palmarian Church there is a great number of people. What happens is that their feet are tied together and they cannot put one foot in front of the other. Fear grips them at the sight of a pure, demanding, self-sacrificing Church. Moreover, they carry on their backs backpacks full of worldly things that do not fit through the doors. Remove these backpacks! Leave the world behind, so that the ropes will be untied from your feet and you will be able to enter through the doors of the Church. For those who do not understand what the “world” is… It refers to everything that can lead us to Hell: rotten television, filthy videos, immoral and disgusting clothes, discotheques and their hellish music… the list is long. To give just a few more examples: divorces against God’s law, the use of contraceptives and sex change. All these must be abandoned in order to enter the Mystical Body of Christ which is now the Palmarian Church, also known by many as the True Church.

     Woe to those who call the Holy Palmarian Church a cult! They will tremble before Christ on the day of their judgement. Their consciences will accuse them for siding with Satan during their lives. Hopefully these fanatics, who presume to know so much about the Palmarian Church when they know nothing, will change. The truth is that they will have to humble themselves before Christ, the Supreme and Eternal Judge, and accept the Palmarian Church as the true Church. They had better change now and avoid a long purgatory, if they can save their souls for opposing the Most Magnificent Work of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Her numerous Apparitions in the Sacred Place of the Lentisco in El Palmar de Troya.

     From now on, we will have a blog on our website with the most recent and interesting publications from the main page. At the moment it is available in six languages; Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, French and Italian. We have also started a new YouTube channel in English for those who are interested and know this language.

     Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

2.Brazil12.United States22.Guatemala
4.Colombia14.Ukraine24.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Kenya27.Iraq
10.The Philippines20.Honduras30.Poland

     We plan to make very interesting and explanatory videos in the future for those who have a sincere interest to learn more about the Palmarian Church and to teach those who do not have a good understanding of the True Church of Christ.

     How can we understand that people today buy things that are broken? They buy what years ago would have been thrown away. They buy what a normal person would not buy. How many people in the world buy torn clothing? Millions. How is it possible that a human being with normal intelligence, who has attended school, whose parents taught him to live with dignity, buys torn trousers? He does it to follow fashion. And if tomorrow’s fashion was to wear a meter tall hat, he would buy that too, or shoes without soles. It sounds crazy, but it is crazy, just like buying torn trousers.

     There are people of little intelligence who make videos about the Palmarian Church. Even though they read our publications, they get it all wrong and explain to their audience what they have misunderstood, confusing everyone. For example, the Palmarian Catholic Church in no way requires its faithful to leave their inheritance in a will to the Church. However, this lie is spread on the internet, along with a thousand other lies. Beware of those people who seek to gain popularity and money by making videos and posting nonsense on social networks. If we had as much money as people believe, we might consider buying a social network and kicking our enemies out. Of course, God is Almighty. Even moving mountains is easy for our Creator if He wants to do it. And if He wants to benefit His children, there are no limits to what He can do.

     We add to this report the good news that the prayers of the Holy Palmarian Church are working. When the Pope, His Holiness Peter III, asks us to pray for some special intention, these prayers rise to Heaven, piercing the clouds until our petitions rest at the table of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Lately we have seen great miracles achieved by our prayers. For the sake of prudence, we will not say what these miracles consist of, but we know that Heaven listens to us and we give thanks that they hear our humble petitions. The many prayers of the members of the Palmarian Church bring about great changes in what happens on earth. Prayer made with love and dedication, with holy perseverance, reaches the unreachable. Prayer directed to Heaven is most effective when it comes from humble souls who offer their prayers to the Creator.