This report will seek to move the hearts of those who desire to be faithful to Christ to recognize the true Pope, His Holiness Peter III. Millions of Roman Catholics follow with great fidelity an antipope whose see is in Rome. It is said that numerous people, perhaps hundreds of millions, defend the antipope, while the true Pope is recognized as the Vicar of Christ by only a small group of faithful. This is a very serious matter because God, One and Triune, has given the Pope the authority to rule in His name. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Christ chose St. Peter to lead the Church, and we all owe allegiance to the successors of St. Peter, as if we were obeying Christ Himself. Not accepting the true Pope and following an impostor pope provokes the Holy Wrath of God. The punishments that have fallen upon humanity since the death of the last true Pope in Rome, St. Paul VI, are terrible. At the very moment of the death of St. Paul VI, Christ elected and crowned St. Gregory XVII the Very Great as Pope. With the coronation of St. Gregory XVII as Pope and the transfer of the Catholic Church to El Palmar de Troya in Spain, the Roman church became an apostate church.

     The authentic Catholic Faith is found only in the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church. Outside of Her, apostasy and darkness reign. The 30th of July 2022 marked 40 years since Pope St. Gregory XVII withdrew the power to confer or administer any sacrament from bishops and priests who are outside the Palmarian Church. Christ demands that the true Pope be recognized. He demands that all put themselves under the obedience of His Representative. Since the Holy See of the Church is now in El Palmar de Troya and the true Pope directs it from this Sacred Place, we must convert, humble ourselves and prostrate ourselves at the feet of the true Pope. If this is not done, great punishments will continue to fall on the world and they will be worse and worse. God cannot reward the inhabitants of the earth if they do not submit to the one who represents Him. Be warned, God’s punishments will increase. There may be people who will laugh at this and others who will call it madness, but those who join the Palmarian Catholic Church will soon receive great spiritual rewards for their courage.

     Study the letters of the true Pope on our website. Read them with patience and humility. The Holy Ghost speaks in these letters; His wisdom is manifested. They are an opportunity to reach the conclusion that the true Pope is Pope Peter III. The truth is clearly manifested in the Pope’s letters.

     Our website is the work of the Holy Ghost. It is an opportunity to learn the doctrine of the True Church. It is a great blessing from God that this website exists in so many languages and is within the reach of many. Savour the immaculate doctrine of the Church and receive the peace of Christ as you read it.

     We have finally succeeded in getting one hundred thousand Spanish visitors to our webpage. It has taken 44 long months for one hundred thousand people in Spain to take the trouble to listen to the other bell. Millions swallow the garbage of Satan’s minions who advertise against the Palmarian Church. At least a hundred thousand people have had the intelligence to investigate for themselves, visiting the official website of the Church. It is also important to say that Spaniards spend more time reading the publications on our website than the vast majority of those who enter from other countries. Already more than a quarter of a million people have entered from Argentina, but they spend very little time examining the website.

     Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

2.Brazil12.United States22.Paraguay
4.Colombia14.Ukraine24.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Bangladesh27.Indonesia
8.Peru18.Honduras28.El Salvador

     Let us remember that the Eternal Father entrusted Most Holy Joseph with the care of the Child Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint Joseph, anticipating with the help of God the grave dangers that lay in wait from those who wanted to kill the Child Jesus, took the Child and with Mary left for Egypt. There he cared for them until it was time to return to the land of Israel. Just as Saint Joseph protected the Holy Family, he is also the Protector of the Holy Church and continues to take care of It in a mysterious way today. The mission of the Palmarian Church has been to exalt the person of Saint Joseph doctrinally, and in return he protects the Church and its members in an extraordinary way. For this reason, the Palmarian faithful profess great faith and trust in Saint Joseph. It is not just another devotion, rather they realize that under the protection of this great Saint they can live in peace and trust in his intercession. Outside the Palmarian Church this magnificent practice of devotion to the Most Holy Joseph is not found, because those outside the Palmarian Church do not know the great doctrine revealed by the Holy Ghost through the Holy Palmarian Councils. For example, Saint Joseph eliminated everything he ate or drank by means of a sweet fragrance. Saint Joseph is quasi-immaculate and is above all Angels and Saints put together. This profound doctrine about Saint Joseph is available in the Palmarian publications on our website:

Holy Palmarian Bible

Pontifical Documents of Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great

     Even if you do not feel the strength to follow the Palmarian Church, do not fail to place yourselves in the loving arms of Saint Joseph, asking that the Divine Will be fulfilled in your lives. Ask him to give you signs so that you may know clearly where the True Church is. He will show you the Palmarian Church. He will indicate to you that the See of the True Church is in the Sacred Place of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya.

     We thank God that on this past 16th of July the Divine Worship took place in El Palmar with great success. We have published videos of the Pontifical Mass and of the Procession of the images of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar and Crowned St. Teresa of Jesus: https://youtu.be/w3zjVDhUbU0  During those days the Palmarian Holy See seemed like a piece of Heaven. The Divine Worship produced great joy in those who had the grace to be present. In spite of everything, some complain about the great splendour of the Palmarian Divine Worship, they complain about the beautiful floats and even about the mantles beautifully embroidered by our nuns. They will have to put up with their own envy because the Church of Christ will always make the greatest possible effort to embellish everything that is used for Divine Worship and thus please God and His Blessed Mother as much as possible.