43rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

43rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

We would like to report that there is a great devotion and love for the Holy Face of Jesus in the world. Many people receive prayer cards from Palmarian Catholic Action with great enthusiasm and gratitude. Not a few, but many people fall in love with the Holy Face when they are presented with a prayer card. Logically the Palmarian Catholic Church gives these holy cards of the Divine Face of Jesus free of charge. The apostolate of the Holy Face is done for the love of Our Divine Saviour and not for financial gain. So many people like these Holy Face cards that we have had to print more in various countries. We have a video on YouTube showing the devotion to the Holy Face in the Divine Worship in El Palmar de Troya. It has already been seen by almost half a million people. Here is the link to this video for those who haven’t seen it yet: https://youtu.be/UH8IY5cgyXI 

     History repeats itself many times in the Catholic Church. There are many people who think that the Palmarian Catholic Church is full of crazy people. And why is this? Because the thinking of the Palmarian Church is very different from the thinking of the people of the world. Naturally everyone thinks that they follow the best way of all. As an example, without wanting to offend anyone, some people have tattoos, sometimes very prominently placed even on their faces. There is a large group of people who will say that those who do this are crazy. There are people who wear nose rings, and there are a lot of people who think they are crazy. There are men who wear earrings in their ears, and there are also a lot of people who think they are crazy. Men who dress like women and vice versa will be considered crazy by a large number of people. Having said all this, who is the craziest? Is it those who dedicate themselves to loving Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, or some of those people mentioned above? The Palmarian Church follows the Gospel of Christ, the example of Christ, the teachings of Christ. For that, we are considered to be crazy. Blessed be God that it is so. St. Francis of Assisi and his companions were considered madmen in their time. And besides him, many other saints. Everyone should look in the mirror and consider this thought: How many people think I am crazy? Do you care? Well, we don’t care either.

     According to our visitors to the website, the audios we are posting make it much easier to learn about the True Church of Christ. We will continue to post them as quickly as possible. We already have many posted in English and Spanish. And we are also posting in other languages, especially Portuguese. Many Brazilians follow our website.

     Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

4.India14.Ukraine24.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Bangladesh27.Chile
8.Peru18.Honduras28.El Salvador
10.The Philippines20.Kenya30.Poland

     Here is the list of the twelve countries with the highest number of views on our YouTube channel in the last 28 days. The order of the countries in this list changes continuously.

4.Colombia8.Ecuador12.The Philippines

     Three journalists have made negative comments about the Palmarian Church in a video, and at the end of this video they showed their desire to do away with this Holy Church. Three fools. Instead of speaking out and giving clear information, they set themselves up as judges, all with their false smiles trying to present themselves as important people. In short, they are instruments of the devil himself to try to destroy the Church of Christ. It is very necessary to speak out and tell the journalists that it is time to speak truths and not lies. Lying is a very obvious thing when those who know the truth are listening. Of course, those who do not know the truth are the ones who fall into the devil’s trap. Therefore, it is very important to know the truth. To arrive at a truth, it is necessary to study everything surrounding an issue. Let us not be fools and idiots by believing those who publish to make money. The truth will come out of places where there is no financial gain. There are also other kinds of profit, for example, attacking the Church out of revenge. Their desperate effort to damage the Church covers their eyes to the extent that they can only admit what is a lie and not the truth about the Church. Therefore, read everything that is published on our website so that you can drink from a crystal clear source, a source that is clean and where there is no rubbish or falsehood.

     Everyone likes to think that their life will be better in the future. Well, your life will be better if you live as you should, loving and pleasing God. We live in a vale of tears, on earth where there will always be suffering. But the wise man knows that he has to prepare himself for a better life, a happy life. This happiness is not to be found in the things of the world, but in spiritual things. The happiness attainable in this life is found in the perfect fulfilment of God’s law. Happiness is not to be found in bars, but in Chapels. Happiness is not to be found in modern music, but in the beautiful hymns of the Church. The joy of the soul will not be felt on the beach but in the exercise of the virtues, in sacrifice and dedication to doing good. Everything that is done for the salvation of souls is a source of happiness in this life and will be our happiness in Heaven. All harm done to souls by bad examples produces sadness in the soul, and can even lead to suffering in hell for an eternity of eternities. Happiness is not in what you think, but in what is most repugnant to you. And what disgusts you is sacrifice. As long as you do not accept sacrifice as your dear brother, you will never understand what inner happiness is. The greatest and most courageous sacrifice one can offer is to deny oneself and follow Jesus in His True Church, now the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. Do not leave it for later, because later we do not know if you will be alive to have the opportunity to enter the Church. And if you leave it for later, the world situation may change to the point where you will no longer be able to enter.