42nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

42nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Viva la Santa Faz! 

   According to the Palmarian Catechism, the main devotion of the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church is to the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, in our Religious Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face, the reply given to the Pope’s orders is always: Viva la Santa Faz! (Long live the Holy Face!). With this response, obedience to God is proclaimed through the commands of the Holy Father who represents Christ on earth. The Palmarian Moral requires Priests to especially preach about Christ Crucified. By preaching about Christ Crucified, we teach the faithful to love and make reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus, so terribly outraged on the day of His Passion and Death. To better understand the devotion to the Holy Face and its great importance, read the Heavenly Messages given in El Palmar about the Holy Face on our website. There you will discover very valuable and beautifully prepared reading.

   We have been able to considerably increase the number of audio recordings available on our website, especially in Spanish. In this way, those who cannot read as well as the blind can take advantage of the opportunity to get to know the True Church of Christ. Also, many people find it easier to listen to recordings than to read. Next month, with the help of God, we will increase the number of audio recordings published in other languages.

   On this past 15th of May, His Holiness Pope Peter III, in union with all the Palmarian Bishops, consecrated the world to the Holy Ghost. This ceremony took place in the Holy Palmarian See, with the presence of a good number of faithful who traveled from other countries for such a great event. There was a saint, Concepción Cabrera Arias, who prophesied about this Consecration to the Holy Ghost: “One day not too far away, in the center of my Church, the Pope will make the consecration of the world to the Holy Ghost, and the special graces of the Divine Spirit will be poured out on the happy Pope who does this. For a long time I have desired that the universe be consecrated to the Divine Spirit so that a second Pentecost may be poured out upon the earth”. We have published a video on the Palmarian Church’s YouTube channel about the event of this consecration:  https://youtu.be/GzDENUKA5Do

   In late May to early June of this year, His Holiness Pope Peter III made an apostolic journey to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This trip was a great spiritual lift for the faithful of these countries and for the faithful of other countries who traveled to see His Holiness on this very special occasion. During his visit to Switzerland, the Holy Father inaugurated a new Palmarian Chapel.

   Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. This time there is no change in the ranking of the countries compared to last month.

1.Argentina11.United States21.Paraguay
3.Mexico13.Ecuador23.Congo Kinshasa
7.Dominican Republic17.Nicaragua27.Chile
8.Peru18.Honduras28.El Salvador
9.The Philippines19.Germany29.Cameroon

   Here is the list of the twelve countries with the highest number of visits to our YouTube channel in the last 28 days. The order of the countries on this list changes continuously.

4.Colombia8.Ecuador12.Dominican Republic

   It is remarkable that the Palmarian Catholic Church maintains the traditional devotion to the Holy Eucharist. In Ireland in the year 1932 one million people gathered for a Eucharistic Congress. Even though transportation was not as advanced as today, a great number of people made sacrifices traveling long distances to attend this Congress. How many people traveled by boat to get to Ireland! How many traveled in very uncomfortable ways! However, they arrived in Dublin to give glory to God and to the Holy Eucharist. For those who attend Divine Worship in the Holy Palmarian Church, watching the videos about this Congress makes it clear to them that the Palmarian Church follows Holy Tradition. It would be very efficacious to look for videos of the Eucharistic Congresses of the last century and see the devotion of the faithful who attended. You can also see how they dressed according to the laws of Christian decency in those times. The hymns sung at these Congresses are still being sung today in the Palmarian Catholic Church. The Eucharist is God alive on earth, that is why you have to be dressed very decently in churches. The Roman church is no longer the true Church of Christ. Looking carefully at those who enter there, one realizes that the faith of our ancestors does not exist in those places. A person who is going to appear before God present in the Eucharist will dress as well as possible, as decently as possible and not in provocative and scandalous clothing.

   It is time to wake up, time to analyze what is happening in the churches outside the Palmarian Church. You do not realize it, but you are following error, deception, a good appearance but full of poison. The poison of false doctrines, doctrines much easier to follow and fulfill than the doctrine of the true Church of Christ. Christ does not allow divorce or contraception, and the impurities that abound on earth disgust Him horrendously. It would be necessary to write a book and even then it would not be possible to name all the multitude of sins that offend God terribly and are permitted by the false churches. Following what is easy can make this life on earth more comfortable, but it will have to be paid for in Purgatory or, if there is no repentance for those sins, in Hell. The only way to enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven is to embrace the cross that Christ gives to each one of us and to follow Him. And to be certain about reaching Heaven, Christ has given us a guide, and this guide is Mary, His Most Holy Mother. Embrace this sweet path to eternal salvation, intensely loving the Divine Virgin Mary.