40th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

40th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

If Heaven were opened up and contemplated by all the inhabitants of the earth, an unimaginable number of Saints would be seen. Among them, in very prominent places, are the members of the Holy Palmarian Church who died after the Roman Church apostatized in 1978. We know from the doctrine of the Holy Apostolic Church of Christ, which is the Palmarian Church, that Heaven is not a place but a state. In this state, the soul enjoys a heavenly happiness incomparable to any other happiness we know. Heaven is the reward for souls faithful to God who have served Him and sacrificed for Him here on earth. In spite of the terrible diabolical persecution against It, Satan has not been able to destroy the Holy Palmarian Church, which daily offers abundant Holy Masses in union with the numerous prayers of the faithful to make reparation for so many offences committed against our Creator.

We will now expose one of the most serious sins committed against our Divine Creator. It consists in the fact that so many people deny life to other human beings. What a lack of charity to deny existence, to deny life, to other creatures who could one day enjoy Heaven! And who are these wretched sinners? They are those who practice contraception. While able to have a large family, they limit themselves to one or two children for their own comfort. No wonder, then, that billions of people are going to Hell. Church Doctrine teaches this: although the majority of souls are saved, those who go to Hell number in the billions. A number of them are the selfish people who have married to enjoy the legitimate pleasures of married life, but who forget that God allows these legitimate pleasures as a reward for giving Him many souls to love Him. God commands procreation and if this is avoided, married life becomes a state of permanent mortal sin that can lead many souls to Hell. Some married couples criticize others for immoral living, when they themselves live immorally, substituting the filthy pleasures of sinful living for the fulfilment of God’s will, such as having the children He wants to send them.

In the previous Report, we shared that since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine we have received more visitors from Ukraine than from any other country. Although we do not have the same number of visitors now, there are still quite a few people coming in every day. We have received a lot of interest lately from Germany. The reason for this is that someone criticized us on Facebook, which prompted many people from that country to visit our website. What a joy to see how God uses the enemies of the Church to create a greater apostolate for His Holy Church!

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained places are highlighted.

1. Argentina 11. United States 21. Congo Kinshasa
2. Brazil 12. Venezuela 22. Guatemala
3. Mexico 13. Ecuador 23. Kenya
4. India 14. Ukraine 24. Iraq
5. Colombia 15. Bangladesh 25. Chile
6. Spain 16. Nicaragua 26. Italy
7. Dominican Republic 17. Bolivia 27. El Salvador
8. Peru 18. Honduras 28. Cameroon
9. The Philippines 19. Germany 29. Poland
10. Nigeria 20. Paraguay 30. Pakistan

Two years ago, we posted a video on YouTube displaying the beauty of the image of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar and the beautiful embroidery which embellishes this beautiful statue. With the help of Palmarian Catholic Action, this video has already reached one million views. The apostolate of spreading the image of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar is of great importance. This is Her favorite title, and She will appear glorious under the title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar over the Holy See of Palmar to show that It is the True Church of Christ. What will happen on that day? Well, those who were previously members of this Holy Church will feel great repentance for having abandoned It and many will return. Those who have been instruments of Satan to defame the Church will feel terrible confusion, even despair, if they do not humble themselves before Her majestic Appearance. And those who have never known the Palmarian Church, or who have been deceived by false and misleading information, will have a glorious opportunity to accept the Palmarian Church and place themselves at the feet of the Most Holy Mother of God.

Palmarian Holy Week, which took place as usual between the 20th and 27th of March, was a great success. This year, for the sake of prudence, only the faithful of the Church were present in order to avoid a large gathering of people. We hope that next year the problem of the pandemic will no longer prevent us from inviting the public who wish to attend. We are putting together a video of the interior of the Cathedral being prepared for Holy Week to show the indescribable beauty of the Church’s processional floats. As enthusiasts of the art of the floats have not been able to come, at least they will be able to see it in a splendid video. Palmarian Holy Week is special above all for the enthusiasm of the participants and for its spiritual grandeur with so much prayer and penance. During this week, many souls are saved and the Holy Souls in Purgatory are helped a lot. A great number of souls leave Purgatory because of the sacrifices made by the Church during Holy Week.

Although this has been said several times, it is necessary to remind people of other religions that, as of the 30th of July 1982, the Holy Palmarian Church does not recognize as valid any sacrament administered by other churches outside the Palmarian Church. We reiterate this because many priests and religious of other churches wish to join the Palmarian Church as religious. This is logically not possible because their ordinations are invalid. They must first join the Church as faithful and then ask to be admitted to our Order. Moreover, the members of the Holy Palmarian Church have a very different spirit from those who might join from other religions. Palmarians have a great spirit of prayer and penance that is not found in other religions. It is called the spirit of Elias, which is found in very great degrees in some and in lesser degrees in others. This spirit is an inner grace produced by the Holy Ghost which moves the faithful of Christ to give themselves with all their being to serve Him without fear of anything, for God is Almighty. All Palmarians have this spirit, which also implies a total surrender to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Virginal Spouse, the Glorious Saint Joseph.