39th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

39th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

For those who do not know the history of the Holy Palmarian Church well, it is necessary to evoke the figure of Saint Paul VI, Martyr of the Vatican. Before this Great Pope of the Roman Catholic Church died, he had been manipulated and drugged by the enemies of the Church. Regrettably, he did not have enough support among the Cardinals and Bishops to keep the Catholic Church firmly on the path it had followed since Saint Peter translated the Church to Rome. Although Saint Paul VI (Pontificate: from 6-19-1963 to 8-6-1978) was the true Pope, very many of his Cardinals and Bishops were not faithful to the Church. All kinds of heretics, Freemasons, Communists, etc. had been introduced into the Roman hierarchy. That is why, when Saint Paul VI died, Rome was so rotten that Christ could not act by choosing a True Pope. This was not possible because for the election there were more traitors than loyal candidates. A traitor Pope would have to emerge victorious. But since Christ was not going to validate a traitor Pope, He already had another solution prepared.

That solution began with the Apparition of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in El Palmar de Troya on March 30, 1968. It was necessary to change the See of the Holy Church. The place chosen by Heaven is in the South of Spain, in a place well known for its devotion to the Mother of God. The Most Holy Virgin began the future transfer of the Church by appearing in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya ten years before the death of Saint Paul VI. For eight years She prepared this Sacred Place until the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face was established. Then two years later, the See of the Catholic Church of all times was transferred there, giving continuity to the true Church.

Our website is now published in 30 languages, with Indonesian being the latest addition. We are progressing with courage and dedication so that no one lacks the knowledge of the True Church. We are also increasing the number of documents available in each language. Colombia is now the fifth country that has had more than one hundred thousand visitors to our website.

It is interesting to note that since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have received more visits from Ukraine than from any other country. Many days they end up in the number one position. And on the other days, second or third. We have no doubt that the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the most beautiful Image of Our Mother of Palmar will bring much comfort to these people who suffer so much.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

1.Argentina11.United States21.Congo Kinshasa
6.Spain16.Nicaragua26.El Salvador
9.Dominican Republic19.Germany29.Pakistan

For those who accept the Holy Palmarian Church as the True Church of Christ, it would be important for them to respond to the call of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to collaborate with Her in this very difficult moment for Her Church. There is no need to be sad because the Palmarian Church is very small. Rather, one should rejoice for being called to be a member of the Church of Christ. God does not need many people to achieve victory. What He demands is that those whom He calls in a very special way, dedicate themselves with their whole being and thus achieve a great intimacy with our Creator. And when Jesus finds a soul willing to suffer for Him, willing to give himself wholeheartedly to His Great Mysterious Work, which is the Palmarian Church, He makes Himself known to this soul. For this reason, souls, despite being persecuted and suffering, persevere in the Palmarian Catholic Church because they know Jesus and they know that they have the Truth. These souls live the words of the Holy Gospel: “I am the Good Shepherd. I know My sheep, and My sheep know Me.” Book V, Chapter XLIV.

And it is not only Jesus who manifests Himself to the faithful souls of the Church, but also the Eternal Father and the Holy Ghost, because where Jesus works, the Father and the Holy Ghost also work.

We are approaching Holy Week, a time that is always very glorious for the Palmarian Catholic Church, because we very specially re-live the events of Calvary with great fervor and piety. The Sacred Images remind us of the terrible moments that Jesus and Mary passed through during their respective sacrosanct passions. The image of Christ, carrying his Cross and crowned with thorns, must penetrate the soul with repentance for the sins that each one has committed. Holy Week is a calling to ask God for forgiveness for one’s own sins and to make acts of reparation for them. Unfortunately, many will spend Holy Week criticizing others, blaming others for a thousand things, speaking ill of others, sowing lies, spreading slander, sinning against Christ with bad desires and acts, losing what is essential. The essential thing is to look within oneself and humble oneself before God and accuse oneself of one’s own sins. Holy Week is a calling for everyone to look inside their own soul and see how much misery is there. It is a time to forgive everyone, imitating Christ who forgave his enemies on the Cross. His sweet words: “Father, forgive them, for they do know not what they do” is the example we are to follow. On the Cross, Christ is King, a King who allows His executioners to mistreat and kill Him. If you don’t shed any tears thinking about Christ Crucified, you still do not love him. Do not fool yourself. Meditate on Calvary and you will achieve a great love for our Divine Saviour Jesus Christ and also for our Co-Saviour, the Divine Virgin Mary.