36th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

36th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Every month we present this report to give an idea of how our website is going. It has been three years since we started. The important thing is that there have been conversions. Not many, but yes, there are new faithful. Despite all the evil that is published against the Palmarian Church, this Holy Church is overcoming all obstacles and is pleasing more and more its Divine Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The triumph of the Palmarian Catholic Church is getting closer. Consider that Jesus, Saviour of men, continues His salvific work through His True Church, which is now the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. Do you want to please Jesus? Be a member of his Church and don’t be involved in any of those false churches around the world. In every corner of every city there are fake churches emerging one after another. And when people go there, they praise Satan. Christ said with all clarity “with me or against me”. You cannot be in the same boat as the devil preaching Christ; this is what happens in false churches.

Here are some comments offered by new members of the Holy Palmarian Church after having made the decision to enter the True Church: What does it feel like to be in the True Church? Since the transfer of the Holy See from Rome to El Palmar de Troya in Spain, the True Church has gone through endless challenges caused by the evil one; however, thanks to the penance and incessant prayer of its faithful, it has prevailed and will continue to do so. For me as a new member it is an immense joy to be part of the Holy Palmarian Church; the teachings given by the Virgin Mary under the invocation of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar are a faithful mandate to achieve holiness and the Kingdom of Heaven. The guidance of the true successors of St. Peter is an incentive for this burdened and suffering humanity. It is wonderful to pray fervently every day and to entrust the entire Palmarian Church under the maternal protection of Our Mother. Finally, I send a greeting in Jesus Christ for all my Palmarian brothers and sisters from Medellin, Colombia. J.D.G.R.

Another new member of the Holy Palmarian Church says the following: I thank God for the light and fortitude He has given me to accept His call to belong to the True Catholic Church that today has its See in El Palmar de Troya. It was not easy for me to take the step but being inside the Church is giving my soul immense peace. I have no doubt that I follow the true Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Peter III, and that I have access to the grace of the Sacraments and to the clear and pure Catholic Doctrine. For this it was essential to read the publications that appear on the website, visit El Palmar and, in a special way, pray the Penitential Rosary every day. D. G.

Another new member of the Church wrote: To have been able to know the Palmarian Church is a privilege from Heaven and to be able to participate in the Sacraments, a Grace of God. In an increasingly dark world, Palmarian Morality teaches us how to be good people; Christian education makes us a beacon of light in this world ruled by evil. The dedication to God that is lived within the Palmarian Church is truly impressive, with all the prayer and penance that helps the world so much. What would become of this world without the Palmarian Holy Masses and the prayers of all its members? S.R.O.

Finally, a former member of the Franciscan order wrote: With joy and freedom I want to briefly share my happiness at having known the Palmarian Catholic Church. In this beautiful and very spiritual community, I have decided to stay and become part of the Palmarian family. It is a joy to be a Palmarian because you strive for the salvation of the soul, which is the most important thing, something that can’t be found or attained neither in the world nor in other churches. For this reason, I want to invite you to pray with humility the Holy Penitential Rosary, the Holy Way of the Cross and the prayer to St. Joseph as they are my means to nourish my soul. Of course, not everything is easy in this life, but the love of God and His Grace sustains me every day and accompanies me like the Most Holy Virgin Mary who gives me strength to not fall into the temptation of the flesh. I feel happy, blessed, grateful and of course with a vocation to the real priesthood of Christ if it is the will of God the Father. This is wonderful, to see and feel the greatness of God at work in His Church and in His children… D.D.N.D.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

1.Argentina11.United States21.Kenya
7.The Philippines17.Honduras27.Cameroon
8.Peru18.Ukraine28.El Salvador
9.Dominican Republic19.Germany29.Italy
10.Nigeria20.Congo Kinshasa30.Poland

Here are the ten cities from which we receive the most visits: 1. Santa María de los Buenos Aires. 2. Santa Fe de Bogotá. 3. Lagos. 4. Santo Domingo. 5. Córdoba (Argentina). 6. Mexico City. 7. Madrid. 8. São Paulo. 9. Managua. 10 Quezon City.

Considering that the Palmarian Catholic Church has the mission of maintaining and propagating the true Catholic Faith, from now on this website will be made available in a smaller format for the many other languages which we have not yet been able to translate into. So far, we have translated our website into ten languages. This new smaller format will be a brief introduction. Then, depending on the interest and possibilities, the number of translations will be increased. The Holy Ghost is always pushing the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church to give more opportunities to the different peoples and countries in the world to be able to know and enter the True Church. For lack of truthful information, many people do not have the opportunity to know and appreciate the Work of Christ and Mary in the Sacred Place of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya.

This smaller website is now available in Dutch and Hungarian. There are several other languages in preparation such as Chinese, Hindi, etc. And since everyone will be able to read at least one introduction to the Palmarian Catholic Church in their own language, this website will soon bring everywhere knowledge of the True Church of Christ.

As we approach Christmas, we remind you of the Catholic tradition of putting a nice Nativity Scene in every house. Not the Christmas tree: this is a non-Catholic custom. Although it is seen everywhere, it does not please God and it is not inspired by Him. What is inspired by God is to place a Nativity Scene in memory of the Birth of the Son of God. This gives joy to the soul. Place the Child Jesus in your house and the Child Jesus will place you in His House. This is our hope.