35th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

35th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

In this Report we want to thank those who help us so much with their encouraging comments on different websites. We speak to those who are not members of the Holy Palmarian Church, but see clearly the good work that we do. For example, our video “The Glory of the Church” received some beautiful comments, like this one, for example: “I have just seen the video. Fantastic! Marvelous! Charming! It is impossible to see it and not be on fire with love and devotion! Where have I been for so many years away from such great beauty and splendor! Thank you all for sharing it!”.

We believe that the number of bad comments is much higher than the good ones. We delete these comments as they are not worthy to be published. So those who write those ugly comments should know that they are wasting their time. We are talking about YouTube in particular, where we have more than a hundred videos published in ten different languages. Our YouTube channel has high-quality videos in which we teach the spiritual values of the True Church of Christ. It is then necessary to visit our website to learn the authentic Catholic Doctrine and to get to know the Heavenly Messages of El Palmar de Troya.

Here are some other comments that honest people have written: “Exciting! Marvelous! I express all my gratitude to you for having shared this audiovisual treasure. Long live Pope Gregory XVII, long live Pope Peter II, long live Pope Peter III! Long live the Holy Palmarian Church!”.

When we speak sometimes about the enemies of the Church it is to help everyone realize that there are malicious people who work against the True Church. However, the Pope, His Holiness Peter III, is very willing to forgive all those who truly repent and want to reconcile with God and achieve eternal salvation. The teachings of Christ are valid forever. Love your neighbor and forgive your enemies. We do not seek to defeat those who persecute us, but rather we desire their conversion and that they be saved in order to enjoy Heaven eternally with Christ and Mary. It is never too late to settle with God.

Another person who wrote a comment on one of our YouTube videos said the following: “The good that the Holy Palmarian Church does to the world is incalculable. It is a privilege to be able to appreciate the videos, full of solemnity, respect for Tradition and Love of God.”

Then another commented: “What stunning works of art! It’s beautiful. And the background music is very emotional and solemn just like these paintings.”

These people do not lie. They know what they are writing and they know that their words will be seen by many people. We invite those who wish to learn more about the Palmarian Catholic Church to meditate on these nice comments and not get carried away by the multitude of negative people who speak out without having made their own examination of the transcendental events that occurred in the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya.

The days pass and thousands and thousands of people are discovering the existence of the Holy Palmarian Church. Thousands reject, some believe and a few embrace the True Catholic Faith of all time. And what will these few people win? Well, all their sins will be forgiven. And the temporal punishment due for these sins will be erased forever if they receive the Holy Sacrament of Baptism. We recall that, in 1982, on July 30 to be exact, the Great Pope, Gregory XVII, withdrew powers from all bishops and priests outside the Palmarian Catholic Church to administer any Sacrament. This means that, since this date in 1982, no Sacrament has been administered outside of the Holy Palmarian Church. No baptism has been valid since then. To be baptized, it is obligatory to belong to the Holy Palmarian Church and to receive the Holy Sacraments from the Palmarian Bishops.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website. Countries that have lost or gained positions are highlighted.

7.The Philippines17.Honduras27.Cameroon
9.Dominican Republic19.Germany29.El Salvador

Here are the ten cities from which we receive the most visits: 1. Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires. 2. Santa Fe de Bogotá. 3. Lagos. 4. Santo Domingo. 5. Córdoba. 6. Mexico City. 7. Madrid. 8. São Paulo. 9. Quezon City. 10. Managua.

For those who are very interested in the Palmarian Catholic Church and especially for those who have faith in it, we have created a Facebook group called ” Hijos de Nuestra Madre del Palmar Coronada” (“Children of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar”). There will be publications in this group in Spanish, English and Portuguese. This group has the mission of promoting devotion to the Most Holy Virgin Mary under the sweet title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar. May this group serve to win many souls for Christ and Mary, and to lead them to the True Church, the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian! May it also serve to achieve massive recognition of His Holiness Pope Peter III, as the True Vicar of Christ on Earth!


On December 8th, it will be 3 years since the official website of the Palmarian Catholic Church was launched. Heaven is open to all; but in order to enter, it is necessary to have someone to show others the best way to get there. This is the mission of the Palmarian Church: to open the eyes of so many people deceived by the devil and the world, and to teach Christian truths. Whoever has discovered our website has found a treasure. Now we must immerse ourselves in this beautiful doctrine so that the soul can achieve divine peace by studying it. Let this be the sign that it is God’s work! This peace which is transmitted from reading its publications.