34th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

34th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Thanks a thousand times to God the Holy Ghost, the God of Love, for His wise inspirations that open the way for a large number of people to acquire knowledge of the True Church. Lately, we have been able to carry out a very important apostolate in many countries thanks to the lights that the Holy Ghost is bestowing on Palmarian Catholic Action. Logically, these inspirations come through the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Pure Spouse of God the Holy Ghost. And how does one know that these inspirations are from God? Because man is inclined to evil, and without the Holy Ghost he cannot do any good works. All good things come from God and all bad things are instigated by the devil. When God the Holy Ghost impels our apostolate down a path, the result is wonderful. Whether people accept or reject the truth is another matter. We present the light of the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church to the world. It is up to them whether they accept or reject that light. We are not going to explain how we are conducting this wonderful apostolate for now. The reason for this is because the enemies of the Church could imitate our efforts in order to do damage to the Church of Christ. It is important to remember that God is the Creator and creates ideas to do good for the salvation of souls. Satan cannot create anything, but he has a lot of experience in deceiving men and putting bad ideas into their heads.

  Our new apostolate is having particular success in the English language. Until now we have had much more proliferation in the Spanish language. The fall of the roman church was largely caused by the infiltration of bad customs by those who infiltrated the church. Today, they do not have to infiltrate the roman church because it is already completely corrupted. Now it is up to the Holy Palmarian Church to undo all those bad habits. How? Only God knows and only God can remedy this situation. Let us remember David and how he defeated Goliath. Well, the True Church of Christ is in that same situation. The Church is very, very small but it has the great mission of restoring true piety and good customs to the multitudes. David picked up a stone, threw it, and killed the giant Goliath. And how is the Palmarian Catholic Church going to win? Well, by using for good what the world uses for evil in many cases: the mobile phone. Thus, we will throw a multitude of truths to the world through the mobile phone and we will wage war on evil. So easy? Yes. And how are we going to carry out this great apostolate? It is a great secret, but within a few months a very spectacular presence of the Holy Palmarian Church will be noticed in the world. It is also true that our enemies will duplicate their wicked reports against Her. However, as the Holy Ghost guides His Church, we will always be one step ahead.

  Here is the list of the thirty countries that have most visits to our webpage:

7.The Philippines17.Honduras27.Iraq
9.Dominican Republic19.Congo-Kinshasa29.Poland
10.Nigeria20.Bolivia30.El Salvador

  Here are the top three cities that visit our website:

  1. Santa María de los Buenos Aires
  2. Santa Fe de Bogotá
  3. Lagos

  Argentina continues to be the country that visits our website the most. There are already more than 200,000 people who have entered our website, which is very engaging to navigate. However, despite so many visitors to this blessed page, we do not see much fruit. There is something there, but it is not as it should be in relation to so many visits. Perhaps something special is needed to move you to conversion. As, for example, a visit from the Pope, Peter III. Once the pandemic is over and the restrictions are lifted, we are going to invite the True Pope to bless Argentina with a visit. That would be a great reparation to God for what is happening today in the roman church, which is headed by an antipope. In Argentina, they tell us a lot about the scandals of priests and nuns in the roman church. Really, all of this should not be surprising, since it was explained in the Apparitions of the Virgin in El Palmar de Troya. As there were so many corrupt priests in the roman church, the Holy Ghost inspired the founding of the Carmelite Order of the Holy Face in El Palmar de Troya to save the Church and create a place of refuge for those who were true devotees of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Although people attack the Palmarian Church for all kinds of nonsense, look at what has happened in Rome, and you will see that the Palmarian Catholic Church has not fallen into these scandals. And to those who insult us, we say look in a mirror and consider your own disgusting sins before throwing stones at us.

  What little intelligence journalists and youtubers have! How is it that they do not realize that they are being used for evil purposes by the anti-Palmarian mafia. Of course, the anti-Palmarian mafia is a group of ex-members of the Palmarian Catholic Church, who fell into depraved customs and were expelled from the True Church of Christ. And since they know perfectly well within themselves that the Palmarian Church is a great truth, they suffer terribly in their consciences for the way of life they live now. It is a small mafia that the devil takes advantage of to harm the Church of Christ. They appear to be poor, mistreated by our Church and thus win the sympathy of the people who listen to them. It must be said that they are very clever, and any journalist or youtuber who is looking for information about the Palmarian Church will find them immediately at their disposal. What wonderful people, the journalists say! How good to have these people to help us. But beware, you do not see that you are being manipulated by that anti-Palmarian mafia. One of the main bosses is a Peruvian living in Ireland, in Wexford to be more exact. We are not going to say his name this time, or name the other main bosses of that mafia, but let them know that God is great, powerful and will end all of them sooner or later. Let them tremble before God, Almighty and righteous God! Once again, we say to those who seek information about the Holy Palmarian Church: do not ask for information from those who have been expelled from the Church for scandalous behavior. Read the letters of the Pope, His Holiness Peter III on our website, www.palmarianchurch.org and you will see the holiness of the Palmarian Catholic Church.

  With all the useful information on our website, there is enough to reach the clear and absolute conclusion that the Palmarian Church is the True Church of Christ. God, Great and Wise as He is, does not ask you to accept this truth without first receiving proof that it is the True Church. He has arranged that those who wish to live and die within His Church should humbly ask the Blessed Virgin Mary for signs and lights in order to accept with peace that they have found the Church of Christ. It is not necessary to talk to anyone, only to go to the Mother of God, ask for light and you will receive it in abundance. It cannot be easier. No one can say that it is impossible to know where the truth is. It is a matter of consulting with the Mother of Truth, our Heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin. It was She who appeared in El Palmar de Troya to give continuity to the Catholic Church. As Rome had become rotten, there was no other choice but to take the Church elsewhere.

  One of the greatest signs that the Palmarian Church is true is the peace which one receives by reading its publications. If you read it with bad intentions, logically you will not find peace but inner apprehension. However, if you have a good disposition to know the truth, the Palmarian publications will transmit that peace which confirms that what is read is from God.