33rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

33rd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

It has now been thirty-three months since we started this website. Thirty-three is a very important number because it was Christ’s age when He died on the Cross to save humanity and open Heaven to us. Accompanied by his Most Holy Mother, Christ offered Himself as a victim for us, miserable sinners. If someone does not consider himself a miserable sinner, he is very wrong. Very often we sin numerous times a day without realizing it due to the bad habits we have formed. A bad word is a sin, something repugnant to God, and it deserves His just punishment. Nonetheless, how many bad words are used without even a sign of regret. How many times do people offend God by looking at bad things on mobile phones, such as immoral videos and photographs, as if it did not matter. Well yes, it does matter: God has been offended, because we are obliged to reject all immorality so as not to offend our Creator. How many times do you hear that a neighbor or an acquaintance from work or school has died due to COVID? Remember how many times they have been heard to use bad words and tell sinful stories. Now where are they? They are certainly not in Heaven. The best you can hope is that they are in purgatory, suffering terribly there, and it is even worse if no one prays for them. The souls in purgatory are in the same situation as those in intensive care in the hospital – they cannot do anything to help themselves, instead they are totally dependent on others to alleviate their sufferings. Purgatory is like that; one suffers there without being able to alleviate one’s own pains. These souls depend completely on the faithful of the Church to relieve them with their prayers and sacrifices.

  We have opened a page on Facebook called Palmarian Church USA to give greater focus to this vast country that the Palmarian missionary visits so often. We do not have large cathedrals or churches in this country, but we have very worthy places to celebrate Holy Mass and administer the Holy Sacraments to our faithful. We know that there is a lot of interest in the United States in the Holy Palmarian Church. Never a day goes by without a large number of people from this country visiting our website. We know that there are many groups who believe they are traditionalists or defenders of Catholicism, but since they do not submit to the True Pope, they are all outside the True Church of Christ. There are also many different groups who fight each other, just as it happens in hell. Satan is the boss there, but nobody obeys him. Above all, young people who are in these groups must realize that this is not the path to follow to reach holiness. It is better to get out of these groups and humbly put yourself at the feet of the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Peter III and do what he tells you.

  Our followers in Colombia will be happy to know that a significant number of visitors from their country enter our website every day. We already have Palmarian faithful in this country which has historically greatly favored Catholicism. There are signs that Colombia will become an important country for the True Church of Christ. At the present time, we do not have a fixed Chapel there, although we visit Medellín. If someone in this city or any other part of Colombia wants to be a member of the Palmarian Church, they should know that the Palmarian missionary already goes there quite often. We would like to have a permanent Chapel in Medellín, in case there are any generous souls who can help us.

  Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

1.Argentina11.United States21.Chile
7.The Philippines17.Congo-Kinshasa27.Poland
9.Nigeria19.Ukraine29.Ivory Coast
10.Dominican Republic20.Bolivia30.France

  Here are the three cities from which we receive the most visits:

  1. Santa María de los Buenos Aires
  2. Santa Fe de Bogotá
  3. Lagos

  Thanks to God and the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Palmarian faithful of Brazil have recently received a visit from the Palmarian Missionary, who has not been able to go for a long time due to the pandemic. There is a lot of interest in Brazil in the Holy Palmarian Church and we hope that this interest will turn into conversions very soon. Thanks to our diligent translators, there are now more documents translated into Portuguese to make it easier for Brazilians to access our publications. We strongly encourage everyone to read carefully the brochure “Where is the True Church?”. This publication has been highly praised by many people who have read it. The story of the apostasy of the roman church and how God has chosen and led the Catholic Church to the Sacred Place of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya to become the Apostolic See of His Holy Church is explained very simply. This brochure is already available in several languages in the Palmarian Library on our website. https://pdf.ocsficp.org/en/Where-is-the-True-Church/index.html#page=1 

We know that there are many people who watch videos and read publications against the Palmarian Catholic Church. There is one video that many have seen and it has been highly acclaimed by numerous people – silly people. In the video, a person on a bicycle is seen on our grounds. The video commentator says that men have to go up to the Cathedral on the left side and women have to go up on the right side. This is absurd. There is no such rule. The person who made the video, not knowing what he was talking about, explained it in this way. The matter itself is not even important enough to be mentioned, but we point to it as an example of the ridiculous things that are said about the Holy Palmarian Church. 

Because of the inaccurate explanations in many videos and writings about the norms of our Church, many have come to believe that once one becomes a member of the Palmarian Church, they can no longer speak to members of their family. This is not the case at all. Joining the Palmarian Church does not prevent speaking with one’s family. We know that people believe this because of what others have commented on Facebook, Instagram and through other media. 

For those who are interested, we have opened information channels on Telegram in the same ten languages that we have on the website. It is called Palmarian Church. https://t.me/palmarianchurch