32nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

32nd Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

As time goes by, it becomes clear that God is taking great care of His Holy Church, which is now the Palmarian Catholic Church. Although the Palmarian Church is still small in numbers, it is gaining the attention of many people who do not yet know this Holy Church very well. Some recognize it as the True Church, but fear drives them back. Nobody likes to be ridiculed by others, and this is how it is for those who are in favour of the Palmarian Church. It is a shame to lose the opportunity to belong to this paradise on earth. This is not an exaggeration. In the Palmarian Church the most wonderful graces that God gives to a human being are experienced. In order to understand this Sacred Work, a work carried out by the Blessed Virgin Mary, consider thinking the opposite of the information that appears on television, internet, etc. Visit our website and humbly read the many wise and holy publications that are found there. Let your counsellor not be a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, but God Himself. Ask for advice from Christ and His Blessed Mother to be guided along the path of the truth. When in doubt, do not turn to a spiritually blind person for good advice. Spiritual blindness now reigns everywhere. The light is within souls in the State of Grace, and it is the members of the Holy Palmarian Church who have that light.

  There was a young man who fell in love with the Palmarian Church and began to pray the Holy Penitential Rosary. He talked to others about this Holy Church, and they eventually broke his spirit and then he abandoned everything. This is what happens with many. Therefore, those who have a genuine interest in getting to know the Palmarian Church better and feel moved by God to deepen their knowledge, let them do everything in silence. Do not say anything to anyone. Neither your father or mother nor your brother or sister; even less to priests outside the Palmarian Church. The Palmarian Faith is the hidden treasure that Jesus speaks of in the Gospel. Keep your treasure and do not let anyone steal it from you. When in doubt, humbly ask the Mother of the Church, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to give you signs that the Palmarian Church is the True Church of Christ. Ask Her for clear proof; ask for it on your knees praying devoutly and the signs will come one after another. And when you have received the signs, do not say anything to anyone, but pray more and read more documents on the website. The day you are completely sure that you have found the truth, make it known to whoever you want, but you must have spent a good period of time praying the Holy Penitential Rosary daily. If you are not able to pray this Holy Rosary every day, when you express the desire to be Palmarian, it will be taken away from you immediately. The Holy Penitential Rosary is the strongest and most important weapon to persevere in the true Faith.

  Our followers in Mexico will be happy to know that Mexico is the fourth country to exceed 100,000 visitors to our website. Spain is still in fifth place, but it will be a good while before they reach 100,000 visitors. That is, unless our enemies attack us again on television or on the internet. We welcome such attacks from those who wish to harm the Church of Christ because God laughs at them! The more they talk about the Palmarian Church, the better. Although, of course, it would be better if they spoke the truth and presented the facts as they truly happen. In Brazil someone made a beautiful video about Pope Peter III and the Palmarian Church. May God repay him a thousand times over! May others follow him along this path of truth instead of falling into the snares of the devil and those who want to harm us.

  Although we are making a great effort to ensure that more people can get to know the Holy Palmarian Church, we ourselves are realizing that we are just beginners in the use of the internet as an instrument of our apostolate. We want to thank those who help us by sharing our publications on different Facebook pages and elsewhere. Good must be spread like fire blown by the wind. Satan has a multitude of websites that propagate false religions and immorality. Do not miss the opportunity to serve God by removing unseemly posts from your Facebook pages and other sites, and put up beautiful religious images that encourage souls to seek God. Instead of uploading news that is repeated everywhere, post the image of our Universal Empress, the Blessed Mother of God. This way, when one dies, he can at least say to Christ: “I have been an apostle of your Mother on earth. Now I want to work as a Holy Apostle from Heaven”.

  Here, as always, are the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

1.Argentina11.Dominican Republic21.Bolivia
7.The Philippines17.Honduras27.Italy
8.Peru18.Bangladesh28.Ivory Coast
9.United States19.Ukraine29.France
10.Nigeria20.Chile30.El Salvador

  The capital of Argentina, Santa María de los Buenos Aires, is the city from where we receive the most visits. Next is Santa Fe de Bogotá and in third place is Lagos.

  We make use of this report to inform the many priests who wish to be part of our Religious Order that it is necessary to shed everything that is not compatible with the customs of the Holy Palmarian Church before entering our Order. It is not a simple matter of leaving your religious order and joining our Carmelite Order. Remember that the roman church apostatized more than forty years ago and those who have been in this relaxed church for a long time do not realize how far they are from the holy Palmarian customs and way of life. There is no month of vacation for priests in the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face as there is in other churches. The members of our Order live the religious life always, every day of the year. If we took a holiday, our spirit of prayer and penance would diminish rapidly. It is necessary to keep the soul sacrificed always to stay in union with God and the Blessed Virgin. Christ did not take a month’s vacation; rather he withdrew from others to do even more penance. Therefore, the difference between Palmarian priests and bishops and those who are not Palmarian is an abyss. To anyone who wants to join our Religious Order we say that they first have to learn our spirit of prayer and penance. This is achieved first by being a faithful Palmarian for a long time. Even the Palmarian faithful have a much greater spirit of prayer and penance than non-Palmarian priests.