31st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

31st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

We must be very grateful to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for the good that is being done with this website. Although we live in a corrupt world, there are a certain number of souls crying out to Heaven for the light to know where the True Church is. Normally we don’t like to talk much about the apostate church in Rome, but it is clear that people realize that this church is no longer trustworthy. The roman church no longer represents the religious ideals of so many priests, religious and people of piety in general, scattered throughout different parts of the world.

  This confusion of faith is not only experienced by those in the Roman Church: many people who want to serve God and the Virgin Mary are looking for a new option where they can serve the Creator with confidence. Everyday souls eager to find a way to follow their desires to be in the true Church of Christ show us that spiritual restlessness. We all know that Christ founded a Divine Church and that he has placed it in the hands of very imperfect men. The Church continues with its holiness hidden from the crowds, because the crowds follow the perverse opinions of the “experts” who say they know what is going on in the Palmarian Catholic Church.

  There have been so many lies that it can be said that these “experts” are drunk with so much falsehood. They have so much confusion in their heads, and they sow it everywhere. Under the inspiration of Satan they come together to make false statements. An example: they have said that the money that has been used to raise the Palmar work has resulted from the sales of photocopies of the Messages given in the Sacred Place of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya. We correct this: copies of the Messages were never sold. They were always given free. The same scoundrels said publicly in videos that we were selling the Miraculous Water from the Well of the Virgin in El Palmar. That Sacred Water was never sold. Not even once.

  Those who visit El Palmar can testify that nothing has ever been seen for sale, not even to pay for Divine Worship. On the other hand, when other places of Apparitions are visited, they seem more like a market place than a shrine.

  India has overtaken Mexico and is now the third country that has exceeded 100,000 visitors to the website.

  Here, as always, the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

1.Argentina11.Dominican Republic21.Kenya
7.The Philippines17.Honduras27.Italy
8.Peru18.Ukraine28.Ivory Coast
9.United States19.Bangladesh29.France
10.Nigeria20.Chile30.El Salvador

  There are a lot of beautiful pictures of the Holy Palmarian Church on Pinterest for those who want to see them. With this link you can directly access numerous and beautiful photographs of the great work of God in this Sacred Place. https://www.pinterest.com/iglesiapalmariana/

  There is a new video on YouTube where you can see Clemente Domínguez y Gómez in ecstasy. You already know that Clemente was ordained a Priest and consecrated Bishop by Archbishop Saint Peter Martin Ngô-dinh Thuc, who came from Rome to fulfil this momentous mission in 1976. In this video, Clemente is seen full of joy upon receiving the Child Jesus in his arms. But it was not only Clemente who had the grace to have the Child God in his arms: the Archbishop who was to ordain him a Priest also received that same grace as a clear sign that it was God’s will for him to carry out these ordinations and consecrations in El Palmar de Troya. We read in the book of the Heavenly Messages of this Sacred Place the following: “‘Now I am going to place the Divine Child into the arms of the Bishop’. (The Blessed Virgin, through Clemente, places the Child Jesus into the arms of Archbishop Peter Martin Ngô-dinh Thuc, who feels the weight of the Divine Child in his arms, and was deeply impressed.” This event also coincided with the 25th December, the feast of the birth of the Child Jesus. Here is the link to the video ‘Glory of the Church’. https://youtu.be/W9HcgaYb6SE

  The great faith that many faithful of the Holy Palmarian Church live does not only come from the supernatural events that Clemente and other seers have experienced in El Palmar de Troya, but because in the daily life of Palmarian Catholics the miracle continues daily. That is why, today, despite the great efforts of Satan and his followers to destroy the True Church of Christ, his intent comes to nothing. Each member of the Palmarian Church is a column of living faith and undoubted virtue. The solidity of a building depends much on the columns and their strength to support it. Thus in the Church of Christ, its members are columns chosen by Him so that His promise to the Church may not fail: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against her.” That is why when Clemente died, then Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Great, the Church continued in the many other columns that remained in the Holy Palmarian Church. Many thought that the death of this Great Pope was going to be the end of the Palmarian Church, but they did not realize that God has many columns. When one column is gone, a thousand more columns appear, to keep the Church firm and on the path indicated by God.

  Finally, to those who follow the Palmarian Church in a hidden way, there is no problem in continuing like this, but it would be much better to manifest their faith as the centurion on Calvary did when he said: “Truly this Man was just, truly this Man was the Son of God”. There are also the examples of so many holy martyrs who have given their lives for their faith in Christ, suffering terrible torments for love of the Lord. Although the bearers of the true faith go unnoticed, almost hidden by the great cloud of people who persecute and despise them, do not worry about this, because the Divine Mother of God will help Her faithful to triumph. Just as the three friends of the Holy Prophet Daniel were put into the burning fiery furnace and nothing happened to them, the Palmarian Church will also emerge triumphant, despite the innumerable setbacks caused by hell and those who oppose the Divine plan that the See of the Holy Church of Christ be in the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya.