29th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

29th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

To begin this report, we want to express our gratitude to all those who support the Palmarian apostolate. In this month of May, a month dedicated to the Holy Ghost and to the Divine Mary, our apostolic activities have greatly increased. One of the reasons for this is the great love that the Palmarian Catholic Church has for the Most Holy Virgin Mary— a love that the faithful embrace following the example of the Church. Here, in the Holy Palmarian Church, we intensely love Mary, Mother of God and our Mother. There are some ignorant people who think that we love Our Lady more than God. How confused they are! We love God above all things, and after Him, Most Holy Mary for being the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Queen of good souls.

  The heart of each Palmarian is a castle where the Queen of Heaven lives with the entire Heavenly Court. Holy joy reigns in these castles, and the hearts of those who live faithful to God and to Most Holy Mary are very pleasing to the Most Holy Trinity. Such is this pleasure that Their Mercy is poured out on souls, creating actual graces to lead them all to eternal salvation and to the Heavenly Homeland.

  We would like to share the good news that Colombia is now on the list of countries that will frequently receive the visit of a Palmarian missionary to assist the faithful with the Holy Sacraments of the Church. We hope that those interested in Mexico and other countries will not take long to follow the example of Colombia, and will take the necessary measures to join the True Church of Christ.

  Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

1.Argentina11.Dominican Republic21.Kenya
7.The Philippines17.Ukraine27.Ivory Coast
9.United States19.Cameroon29.United Kingdom

  Many souls outside the Holy Palmarian Church maintain that they are very happy serving God in their own churches, practicing works of charity and devoting themselves to other useful missions for society. Their happiness is achieved by their good conscience and by the reward God grants them so that they continue doing good works. However, happiness outside of the Holy and True Church, which is now the Palmarian Church, is nothing compared to the happiness given by the Holy Ghost to those faithful souls within the True Church. The joy of the Holy Ghost received by the faithful for being in the State of Grace is immensely greater than the joy produced by a good conscience and good works alone.

  When we say that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the True Church of Christ, we prove this truth with clear facts. In contrast, false churches try to prove that they have the truth based on some phrases from the bible and certain works of charity. A proof that the True Church is the Palmarian Church is that Divine Providence cares for it, moves it, maintains it and protects it. See how she is persecuted, insulted and slandered. Well, that is what happened to Jesus Christ. Jesus preached the Kingdom of Heaven. The Palmarian Church also preaches the Kingdom of Heaven, which is not a material kingdom nor a kingdom full of comforts and false friendship with the world. The Palmarian Church teaches its faithful to stay away from false religions, and not to listen to their lies and deceptions. False churches have petitioned many times to join us, the True Church. There are countless times that many countries write to us with the desire to be under the Papacy of His Holiness Pope Peter III. We would be very pleased to have faithful in all these countries, but we will uphold the true Catholic Doctrine without changing a single word. They have to give up their false beliefs and fully embrace the Doctrine that the Holy Palmarian Church preaches, which is of Divine origin.

  In this report we make a special call to all priests of other churches to abandon their invalid Masses and ceremonies once and for all. There are a large number of priests in the world who believe in the Palmarian Church, but continue to practice invalid rites. They accept Pope Peter III as Vicar of Christ, but they do not want to obey him. Those who already know that the Palmarian Church is the True Church must seek the way to enter our Church and follow the path that the Holy Father shows them. It would be wonderful if there were many more true priests, but for that there must be complete submission to the Pope. What is lacking in many is to follow the example of the first Jesuits who went to Rome and placed themselves at the feet of the Pope to do what he ordered.

  Those who follow the Holy Palmarian Church should not be afraid to spread the Church of Christ, because every time an effort is made for the apostolate, God and the Blessed Virgin are very pleased. Heaven rewards these efforts with numerous blessings, which are greatly needed by many people.