28th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

28th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Welcome back to the website of the Holy Palmarian Church. In order that our website be of greater benefit to your soul, carefully study the Palmarian publications, which will lead you to attain peace and wisdom. The Holy Ghost, God of love, is urging souls to read our publications in order to find out the Truth — the infallible Truth that the Palmarian Church is the true Church of Christ. The greatest sign that this website is from God is the interior peace that you will feel from reading its publications.

  Right now there are some beautiful videos of the Palmarian Church published on YouTube. People can leave comments if they wish, and we are very thankful to those who regularly send nice comments about our videos. May God repay them all. We welcome all positive comments, but those who wish to insult us should not waste their time, for nothing will be published that offends Jesus, our Father and Redeemer. To offend the True Church is to offend Jesus.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

1.Argentina11.Dominican Republic21.Poland
3.Mexico13.Congo-Kinshasa23.Ivory Coast
5.India15.Nicaragua25.United Kingdom
6.The Philippines16.Chile26.Guatemala
9.United States19.Cameroon29.El Salvador

  In these times of general apostasy, it would seem as though there is no efficacious way to bring about the restoration of the True Faith. The Church of Christ is reduced to a small number of faithful. It seems impossible to think that the Church could recuperate and have a large amount of faithful again. It is not in the hands of the Church, but rather in the hands of the Creator, in the hands of the All Powerful. The day will come on which the Mother of God will show the world where the Church of salvation is. What purpose is there in going to churches where they offend the Creator instead of glorifying Him, where people enter dressed in a scandalous fashion? In the Palmarian Chapels, such people are not allowed to enter. Palmarians have to dress in a Christian, dignified manner to present themselves before God. God, of course, is truly present in the Tabernacles of the Palmarian Chapels.

  We continue on with the cross on our shoulders, but the cross which the Church carries is a light cross, one which does not weigh down heavily, because the heaviest part is borne by the Most Holy Virgin Mary. She supports our cross with Her powerful arms, and Her children, who are all the members of the Church, carry the part that weighs less. The members of the Holy Palmarian Church have the good fortune of being bearers of light crosses, crosses that bring joy to the soul. In the True Church, the cross, that is to say suffering, loses its harshness and becomes soft through God’s blessing. God is continually blessing his Church through the Priests. Every time the Priest gives the blessing during Holy Mass, he is blessing all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Every Palmarian faithful benefits from each of these blessings and, being in a State of Grace, they grow by unsuspected degrees of grace and holiness. Those who have the good fortune to read this report must consider very seriously that being outside the True Church of Christ is a horror. Not in the least because they cannot receive Heaven into their souls. For that, it is necessary to be in the State of Grace and only those who have received the Sacrament of Baptism administered by a Palmarian Priest can be in the State of Grace.

  Days pass by, and every day you read about deaths from the corona virus or of someone who has died in an accident or in some other unexpected way. You never know whether tomorrow your neighbours will be talking about your own unexpected death. Today is the day to convert. Those who know that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the True Church ought not to waste any more time but rather act as quickly as possible to become a faithful child of the Church of Christ. Some will say: “How will that benefit me as I am more comfortable the way I am?” Greater comfort you might have outside the Church but only when it concerns natural comfort. In the Church, you could achieve supernatural comfort. Being with God and the Most Holy Virgin means that Divine Providence looks after us in a special way in everything. Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you; he who possesses God lacks nothing.

  The Church has the very important mission of teaching the way to love Jesus to all those who are prepared to listen. Jesus is God made Man. He came to earth to perform a very great work, one of incalculable importance. He came to change our path. There was no way to enter Heaven before His arrival on earth. Instead, there existed a waiting room or the Limbo of the Just. However, it was a waiting room, a place with no window to participate in the happiness of Heaven. Between the Limbo of the Just and Heaven there was an impassable wall. There were many people there, including Most Holy Joseph. Abraham and other great Saints and personages from the Old Testament were also in that waiting room, waiting for the promised Messiah to come one day and break down the wall, thereby opening up the entrance into Heaven.

  To put an end to the Limbo of the Just, that waiting room which contained an unimaginable number of souls, it was necessary that infinite reparation be made to God. But who could make this infinite reparation? The Heavenly Father decreed that the liberator of all these souls had to be Christ, the Son of God. For the Heavenly Father, not just any victim would do, nor even the sacrifice of a multitude of victim souls. No. The victim had to be his Own Son. Adam and Eve’s sin was most grievous. Human understanding cannot begin to calculate the seriousness of original sin. That sin was so abominable before God that it upset the whole of creation. A pure person was needed, a very holy person whose holiness would make reparation for that sin. It fell to Christ to make that reparation. The reparation that was necessary was on such a scale that it would frighten a human being. God became Man and He made reparation for the sin of Adam and Eve. Who can understand the love that God has for his creatures? In gratitude to Him, we ought to dedicate ourselves to a life of prayer and sacrifice and thus collaborate with Jesus and Mary in the eternal salvation of souls.