24th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

24th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

We are now publishing the 24th report on Heaven’s website. As we do a report each month, this means we have now completed two years of spreading the Heavenly Messages of El Palmar de Troya in this way. We have every right in the world to call this website “Heaven’s website”. The reason being that the Holy Palmarian Church is the True Church of Jesus Christ. As it is the True Church, it is inspired by God the Holy Ghost to spread the True Faith around the world. We now have many more publications on the website than when we started out two years ago. We have uploaded sufficient information and publications for any person to be able to reach the conclusion that, due to the apostasy of Rome, the Church of Christ is now the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. It is the continuation of the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ on Calvary. 

Our friends in Argentina will be glad to know that the number of Argentinian visitors to our website has now passed the 100,000 mark. Also, our friends in Brazil will not complain either as they too have just reached the 100,000 mark. Behind these two countries comes Mexico in 3rd place, also with large numbers. We hope in the next year to double the number of people who have visited our website this year. We are quite surprised at the number of people who have returned to visit the website. Of course, there are quite a lot of people who just come once. However, the number of returning visitors is continually growing. Our Spanish and German visitors spend the most time browsing the website. Also, people from Norway and Austria seem to really enjoy our website based on the time that they spend on it.

Here is the list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

2.Brazil12.Congo – Kinshasa22.Ecuador
5.The Philippines15.Poland25.Ukraine
6.India16.Nicaragua26.Dominican Republic
8.United States18.France28.Ireland
9.Peru19.Ivory Coast29Canada
10.Nigeria20.United Kingdom30.El Salvador

We have been receiving a larger number of emails from people interested in the Palmarian Church from around the world. Also, our apostolic efforts are bearing great fruits with the help of Facebook and Instagram. Many people enjoy our videos on YouTube. As time goes on, we hope to have even better videos to show people.

As we said above that this is Heaven’s website, there can be no doubt that Satan has his numerous websites and pages as well. They work with the intention of damaging the image of the True Church of Jesus Christ which of course is the Palmarian Catholic Church. You will find information and videos online that are inspired by Satan and his numerous followers to damage the Palmarian Church. Though God permits this, He nevertheless will severely punish all those who use the Internet for bad and evil purposes. The fight between good and evil began in the Garden of Paradise when Satan tempted Eve:

“The infernal serpent said to the woman; ‘Why has God commanded you not to eat of this tree of Paradise?’ To which the woman replied. ‘Of the fruit of the trees that are in Paradise we may eat. But of the fruit of this tree of good and evil God commanded us neither to eat nor to touch so as not to die.’ And the serpent said to the woman: ‘By no means will you die, because God knows that whatever day you eat of it your eyes will be opened; and you will be like gods, knowing everything, good and evil.’ Throughout the dialogue with the demon, Eve, at first full of certain fear and indecision, sometimes looked towards the Tree of Life, receiving from it prudent encouragement to withdraw from danger, and at other times listened with growing interest to the seductive insinuations of the deceitful serpent; to the point that he succeeded in seducing her with fraudulent and flattering promises which excited ambition and vainglory in her, with the malice of a monstrous sin of pride, namely, to try to be like God. Moreover, that the serpent spoke was also an inducement to the curiosity of the first woman, who marvelled at the oddity of hearing speak what she thought was an animal. Eve, then, after protracted wavering and rejection of divine inspirations, seeing moreover that the tree was good to eat of, attractive to the eyes and pleasant to behold, took of its fruit; and surrendering to Satan in heart, mind and senses, she materially ate the forbidden fruit; which, though ethereal in make-up, nevertheless gratified her as though it were a natural fruit. Eve committed this most grievous sin of disobedience motivated by pride at two o’clock in the afternoon on the first Day of Creation, without Adam being present.”

The devil will never give up trying to make us offend God and thereby draw us into the infernal dungeons of hell. He uses people who have turned their backs on God to hinder those who are looking for the truth—those who seek God, the True Faith and the True Church to find proper information. Satan wants the enemies of the Palmarian Catholic Church to help him get as many people as possible to lead a sinful life and lose the opportunity of Heaven for eternity. 

It is a very wise thing to dedicate yourself completely to God and to offer yourself totally to His service in order to accomplish the most for Him in this world, with the purpose of saving your soul and gaining a high and beautiful place in Heaven. In Heaven, your relatives are waiting for you, and also your friends and others you have known well who have been rewarded with eternal happiness. The Angels and the Saints are waiting for you, especially those saints who were released from purgatory thanks to your prayers and sacrifices. There awaits for you a happiness that you cannot imagine. If the fire of hell exists, so too does the fire of eternal happiness. This is the fire of charity, which God the Holy Ghost produces in Heaven. In Heaven, charity reaches its perfection. In Heaven, the acts of charity we have performed in our life will achieve eternal value. We will be in Heaven for an eternity of eternities. Not for a thousand years, or a thousand times a thousand years — our stay in Heaven will be permanent, without ever ending. There we will benefit marvellously for the good that we have done in our lives. The good we have done on earth will be for us a sea of happiness in Heaven. Heaven is a state, a state of total and absolute delight. Let us not be stupid, let us take advantage of our opportunity on earth to make sure that we have an immense joy in Heaven for all eternity. We must be virtuous. It is necessary to be always holy and dedicated to the things of God. There is no excuse for slowing down and setting aside the practice of the virtues for later. The safest and most secure way to get to Heaven is to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ which is the Palmarian Catholic Church.

The Palmarian Church has its arms open to all those who wish to follow the calling of the Blessed Virgin Mary to form part of the Mystical Body of Christ, whose Apostolic See is in the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya. But the one thing that everyone must understand is that to be a member of this Holy Church, one must be willing to obey the Pope, His Holiness Peter III. We cannot accept groups or individuals who are not willing to follow the norms of the Church. Obeying the norms of the Church is the cross that each one must bear in order to receive peace of soul in this life and happiness for all eternity.