21st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

21st Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Once again we present the good news of the apostolate of the Holy Palmarian Church. Great efforts have been made in this last month of August to spread the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. We have been able to penetrate into the remotest places of the world, taking the knowledge of the Palmarian Catholic Church to the ends of the earth through a beautiful video of the Holy Face. Presented in ten different languages, the Most Holy and Most Beautiful Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ will have touched the hearts of many people, encouraging them to love Him more and to draw closer to His True Church, which is small in number but great in virtue. Everyone is invited to enter this little paradise, which is the Church of Christ, whose See is in the Sacred Place of the Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya. By means of the Holy Face of Jesus, we have thrown a lifeline for people of good faith and humility to cling to and draw closer to the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church, always remembering that the Palmarian Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. We will continue throwing this spiritual lifeline that is the Holy Face so that those who are humble of heart may in good faith draw closer to Christ and His Church. Remember the pronouncement of the Holy Face in one of the apparitions that Clemente Domínguez, today Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, had in the Sacred Place of the Lentisco of El Palmar de Troya: “My children: you are on the way to holiness, because whoever adores my Face will receive the grace of holiness, and everything that you ask of my Mother after adoring my Face, She will grant you.”

In August the number of visitors to our website increased by 10% compared to July. Russia has reappeared in the list of the top thirty countries with the highest number of visits. Argentina and Brazil are in first and second place respectively, but Brazil is getting closer and closer to Argentina. India is becoming increasingly important, taking sixth place. Cameroon has also climbed several places to take 12th place.

Here is a list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

3.Mexico13.Congo – Kinshasa23.Paraguay
4.Spain14.Nicaragua24.Dominican Republic
5.The Philippines 15.Poland25.Venezuela
7.Colombia17.Ivory Coast27.Canada
8.United States18.Chile28.Russia
9.Peru19.Italy29El Salvador
10.Nigeria20.United Kingdom30.Portugal

Thanks to God and His Blessed Mother, we have a Pope who is dedicated to extolling the greatness of our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We know well that the Mother of God, the predilect Daughter of God the Father, appeared in the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya to give continuity to the Church founded by Her Divine Son Jesus Christ on Calvary. By appearing to four girls, she began a momentous spiritual work for the good of the Church. His Holiness Pope Peter III, with his great spiritual impetus, is increasingly enriching the Palmarian Church with letters of the utmost importance for the well-being of souls. His dedication is also demonstrated by how he has embellished the Cathedral, the Altars and the Images of our Heavenly Mother, which deserves very special recognition. During the reign of the current Pope, the wish of the Blessed Virgin to be venerated worldwide under Her prime title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar has been fulfilled. Her Image and the beautiful mantle, which was designed and made by the nuns of our Order, have already been seen by many people. The world is amazed at the beauty of this Image, its float and the beautiful embroidery. The nuns of our Order work so professionally that, according to comments received, they have already surpassed the Vatican in artistic embroidery. It should always be remembered that Mary, the Mother of God, is our Mother as well. The Holy Father’s life of dedication to the Palmarian Church closes the gates of hell for many souls and opens up a passageway for them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Perhaps the most important mission carried out by His Holiness Pope Peter III and the Bishops of the Holy Palmarian Church is to offer a large number of Holy Masses to God every day. In the Basilica of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar, there are three turns of Holy Masses every evening. At each Mass, Christ and Mary’s Sacrifice of Calvary is brought to the Altar, so that Graces are distributed upon the Church and the world. The first Pope of the Palmarian Church, Saint Gregory XVII, in his Fourth Pontifical Document explained: “We understand that Holy Mass is the greatest prayer that can be directed to God; since as we know Holy Mass is the Sacrifice of Calvary, unbloody but real. The Propitiatory Victim is Christ Himself who immolates Himself at the Altar. Hence is understood the paramount need for innumerable Masses all over the world. As we know, the sins of us men are infinite offences committed against God the Father. If sins are infinite offences, to make reparation to the Eternal Father we need infinite reparations: which are brought about in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as the Victim is Christ Himself, Who as well as true Man is true God. Thus the Victim makes infinite reparation.”

September 8th was a very special day for the Palmarian Church. First of all, it was the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was celebrated in the Cathedral Basilica with great devotion and love, as is customary in the Palmarian Church. However, it was an even more special day because seven religious took the habit, five nuns and two brothers. With these new religious vocations, one can increasingly perceive the imminent triumph of the True Church of Christ, which is now the Holy Palmarian Church. For the world, religious life is a waste of time, but Christ and Mary grant so much consolation to those who embrace the religious life that it seems to them that they have already set foot in Heaven. To put both feet in Heaven, it is only necessary to persevere to the end in this Holy Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face. For a Palmarian family the greatest thing is to have a son or a daughter in the Order.

In the Holy Palmarian Church contraception in any form is prohibited. The main purpose of marriage is procreation, therefore it is an offence against God to reduce the number of children in this way. One of the rewards that God gives to couples faithful to the divine plan of procreation, to those who have many children, is to grant a religious vocation to one or more of their children. We have the example of a Palmarian family of thirteen children of whom five have already entered the religious life. One is a Bishop, another is a religious brother and three are nuns. Another Palmarian couple has been blessed with four daughters entering the religious life, and there are other cases with two or three vocations in the same family.

Finally, we thank the three Divine Persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost for having chosen this Holy Order to spread the greatness and excellence of our Blessed Mother, the Divine Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. No one understands the love that the Holy Trinity has for this Predilect Creature. Palmarian Doctrine teaches that the Blessed Virgin Mary, a real and most perfect creature, is the True Mother of God, eternally conceived in the Divine Mind as ideal Companion. It is also important to remember that Mary Most Holy is the Woman announced in Genesis to crush the head of the infernal serpent. Most Holy Mary is the Universal Mediatrix in the Dispensation of all Graces, the Supplicant Omnipotence. Therefore, we must turn to Her in all our spiritual and material needs with full confidence that She will attend to our needs.