20th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

20th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

This July, the number of visitors to our website increased by 34% compared to June. In this month of August, we are carrying out a great apostolate, spreading the devotion to the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of the human race and Solace of our hearts. Despite certain difficulties, which have now been overcome thanks be to God, we have uploaded to YouTube a video about the Holy Face with subtitles in ten languages. In this way, we hope to obtain great blessings for the human race from the Eternal Father through the Holy Face of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Mexico has climbed to third place on the list of the highest number of visitors to our website. Argentina and Brazil follow in first and second place respectively. Spain is now in fourth place, but visitors from Spain tend to stay longer on our website than those from other countries with more visitors.

Here is a list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits to our website:

3.Mexico13.France23.Ivory Coast
4.Spain14.Nicaragua24.Dominican Republic
5.The Philippines15.Congo – Kinshasa25.Venezuela
6.United States16.Chile26.Ireland
7.Colombia17.United Kingdom27.Canada
8.India18.Cameroon28.El Salvador

Unfortunately, our videos on YouTube do not receive as many visits as we would like. It is clear that what attracts people the most are superficial and immoral videos which instantly arouse the senses of the body. These insubstantial videos do what they set out to do very well: they amuse minds momentarily with banal stories and stimulate empty souls eager for new visual experiences to somehow fill up their hollowed spaces, eaten away by the pleasurable cancer of viciated idleness that audiovisual media offers them at every moment. In turn, like a vicious circle, the soul covers up its spiritual suffering with more distractions because it cannot obtain the complete happiness that it so desires, and hides this ailment for a while with a kind of mental anesthesia that, like a cancer, little by little eats away at the longed-for harmony of the soul. This is not the path that the soul should follow to obtain happiness. One thing is certain, and the saints themselves warned us through the centuries, that even if you try your hardest, you will never obtain complete happiness in the things of this world. You will lose the struggle and your time, which is very limited in this world. God has created souls with the right to seek, possess and enjoy “true happiness” which is not that of this world but of eternity: You have been created for this purpose by the Eternal Father. Your soul was “programmed” by God to seek eternal happiness, not earthly. Everything is fictitious in this world: its pleasures and honors, powers and boasting, laurels and flattery … everything is straw for flames and will be ashes in eternal life. Know that the ashes of your vanities will not cover the nakedness of your soul before Our Lord on your day of judgment. Vanity of vanities! Everything is vanity! A waste of time that leads you away from the virtues. The virtues are like fragile birds enjoying the garden of your soul: however, if unfortunately you fall into mortal sin you become like a beast. The chilling roar of that beast in the mire of sin frightens those poor birds that flutter away from you in terror, and they will not return until your soul regains the peace of the Lord.

You know well that physical exercise keeps the body healthy, and you also know that it is difficult to maintain it on a daily basis. The wild instincts of the body need to be subdued with strict exercise and diet in order to maintain a healthy life. Otherwise the body will seek the short and easy path, abusing with its excesses. Everyone knows that to maintain a slim and healthy body you have to make sacrifices. Do you think that the soul should not go through the same rigor? Only a fool would think that the same does not happen with the soul. That is why you must seek the peace of Our Lord in videos that delight the soul, hoping one day to contemplate God face to face for an eternity of eternities. Fool! Do you want to watch your insubstantial videos for eternity? That would be a torture more like Hell. Absurd videos…empty stories…fleeting experiences that do not benefit the soul but the senses so prone to passing amusement. Vanity of vanities. Everything is vanity in this world. Those fleeting distractions are like fireworks for the soul, which at the same time needs new visual experiences to remedy its spiritual boredom. Watching video after video, thousands of them, without ever getting sick of it, the precious time of life is wasted, filling it with spiritual emptiness. Unfortunately, these videos attract much more attention than any video that we could offer. However, one day 180,000 people saw a video of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar thanks to a YouTube error that showed our video to a large number of people. We hope that this same mistake will be repeated again in the future.

Once again our apostolate is bearing fruit in Russian-speaking territories. Even our Russian translator who lives in Georgia sent the following message to a member of the Palmarian Catholic Action about her work translating the documents of the Holy Palmarian Church: “When I worked in a translation office at the beginning of my career, I was really bored because I usually received materials about experiments on laboratory animals and how certain drugs affect the liver, etc. or from politicians that I don’t really like. I mentioned to Father that these materials bring me great joy: I learn about such great saints! I was astonished when I saw Saint Pio of Pietrelcina on the website and then I learned that he was canonized by the Palmarian Church twenty years before the Roman Church canonized him. And I really feel blessed to be a part of this sacred work. Thank you for all your help and sweet spirit. I am determined to visit El Palmar one day!”

It is very important to remember that the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church is the continuation of the Roman Church with its See in the Vatican, before its collapse and apostasy, which was official and final at the death of Saint Paul VI, on August 6, 1978. The Lord fulfilled His promise on the indestructibility of the Church: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against Her.” Before the apostasy of the Roman Church, Christ had previously formed the Episcopal College of El Palmar de Troya with the founding of the Carmelite Order of the Holy Face in 1975. So everything was well prepared for the great day of August 6, 1978 when Christ chose, on the same day of the death of Saint Paul VI, Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, as his Vicar, continuer of Holy Catholic Tradition. Saint Gregory XVII was the first Pope with his See in El Palmar de Troya.

The bishops who knew Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great well bear witness to his life of piety, especially in the last years of his life. He certainly earned his title of Saint, praying long hours of the day. He never lacked praying the Holy Penitential Rosary, the Holy Way of the Cross, the Holy Trisagion and the Holy Josephine Rosary. He also liked to pray a second Penitential Rosary. He used to say these prayers daily walking through the corridors of the Papal House in Seville, and later had the same habit when the Order moved to El Palmar de Troya in 2003. Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great was a humble soul and always spoke the truth. There was no lie in him.

Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great had the gift of being able to read the thoughts of others. This gift of the Holy Ghost brought him much hatred from certain bishops who at times lied to him or tried to deceive him. They were dishonorable bishops whose deceptions were discovered by this holy Pope. Today, thanks be to God, these bishops are excommunicated, outside the Holy Palmarian Church, and since they cannot harm it from the inside, they try to do the greatest possible damage to the memory of that great Pope from the outside. It is reasonable, and any person with common sense will be able to grasp the idea, that proud souls typically seek revenge after being expelled from the Palmarian Carmelite Order under totally justified and proven reasons.

The unexpected death of Pope Saint Gregory XVII was a very hard blow for the faithful of the Palmarian Church. A sea of tears was the overwhelming proof that he was loved and appreciated by the faithful and religious of the True Catholic Church, the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face.

It is imperative to make this clear to all those interested in the Palmarian Church and to again proclaim the truth, which is attempted to be misrepresented on social media by certain individuals supported by those same bishops excommunicated from the Palmarian Church. We simply try to safeguard the truth, firmly defending such a historical and important figure for the Catholic Church as was Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great.

Finally, as a finishing touch, we have tightened the screws on some of our slanderers. Some have had to shut down their false personal Facebook pages that denigrate members of our Order, others have had to remove their videos from YouTube. It is worth remembering a Spanish saying that translates as “What happens to others, could happen to you”.