18th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

18th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The month of May, a month dedicated to the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Virgin Mary, was a month of great success for the Palmarian apostolate. The main objective of the Palmarian Catholic Action’s activities was to present a large number of people to the Mother of God, under Her Sweet Title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar. The number of visitors to our website increased more than 35 percent in May compared to April. For the month of June, a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we hope to continue with very significant numbers. The hundreds of thousands of people who will see the videos and photographs of the beautiful image of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar will be impressed with Her beauty which so inspires souls towards holiness. The videos of Her accompanied by Marian hymns communicate great peace to the soul. Furthermore, the joy that one experiences when contemplating the Queen of Heaven, dressed as Universal Empress, is inexplicable.

Argentina continues in first place with the highest number of visitors to the website. Brazil is in second place, leaving Spain in third place. More people continue to enter from Brazil than from any other country. The number of visitors from the Philippines has been very high lately, and with surprise we have also found that quite a few people from China have visited the Palmarian website.

Here is a list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visitors:

1.Argentina11.Germany21.The Ivory Coast
2.Brazil12.France22.Dominican Republic
5.United States15.Congo – Kinshasa25.El Salvador
7.The Philippines17.United Kingdom27.Nicaragua

The number of people who follow us on Facebook is increasing. At least 60,000 people are active followers. So far, more than 10,000 people have shared our Facebook posts by putting them on their own personal pages. Each person who places the publications of the Holy Palmarian Church on their page is truly an apostle. Although some do it with bad intentions, God nevertheless takes advantage of that “harmful publicity” about the Palmarian Church to spread the news of the True Faith to more people. It is impressive to ponder how God works, bringing good out of evil. For example, those who make videos to harm the Palmarian Catholic Church can make their videos reach a large number of people. Suppose they reach 100,000 people and of this number, 40,000 have never heard of the Palmarian Church, so there are now 40,000 more people who can be attracted to the Church. For this reason, the author of the video has done us the great favor of informing those 40,000 people that the Palmarian Church exists. It is wisely said that no publicity is bad publicity. A tip from the masters of publicity to our detractors: “If you don’t like someone, just don’t talk about him. Ignore him. Remember that bad publicity is also publicity”, and we must not forget the well-known quote by Oscar Wilde who says: “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” The important thing is that people know of the existence of the True Church, and from there, each in his free will can further investigate on the Internet to satisfy their curiosity or desire to know more on the Palmarian website, the Light of the World.

The comments written on Facebook also number in the thousands. In these comments, it is very remarkable that there is much love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and many people invoke Her for protection, especially against the coronavirus. Here are three examples:

1) Blessed Mother, intercede for us so that Our Lord Jesus Christ stops this pandemic that is attacking the whole world. Help them, Holy Mother.
2) Virgin, I thank you for this day. I beg you for this pandemic to end and for us to go out to work for our daily bread.
3) Virgin, you are miraculous and holy. I ask you to intercede before the Lord to stop this pandemic in this country and in all countries. Amen.

Unfortunately, not all who write are lovers of the Queen of Heaven — some have the audacity to write against the Blessed Virgin. We will keep these poor ignorant people in our prayers. What a pity to not know how to appreciate such an excellent Mother as Mary Most Holy!

Regarding Twitter: This year, more than 250,000 people have seen our tweets or posts. Our videos on Twitter were viewed 35,000 times. At the moment, we have Twitter only in Spanish and English.

Regarding Instagram: In Spanish, it has been most popular in Spain, then Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. In English, it is most popular in Spain, India, the United States, Brazil and Italy. In German: Cameroon, Spain, Brazil, Germany and India. More than 2,000 people follow us on Instagram, receiving notifications of all new posts. Now we have more than 200 videos and photos published on this social network. Although the numbers are not very large, we have received beautiful messages from this source. We have also received slanderous messages, but sometimes people change with a few kind words of explanation, other times they become more angry. The humble are more capable of accepting correction or advice, while the proud get upset and their anger is evident in the words they write.

Right now, the True Church of Christ is like a diamond covered with clay that hides its inner brilliance. What is seen at first glance is the mud. No one wants the diamond because they do not see its brilliance, they only see the opacity and coarseness of its repulsive coating. Only by removing the repugnant mud can the purity of the diamond be appreciated. This mud that covers the brilliance of the diamond represents the media and all those who publish videos, documentaries, etc. against the Palmarian Catholic Church. The diamond is the Church of Christ, the Holy Palmarian Church. What difference is there between the Palmarian Church and other churches? Well, the difference is clear, and you do not have to be very clever to recognize that the Palmarian Church follows holy rules of rigorous religious life, which the roman church unfortunately lost long ago by the progressive reforms made in Rome after the Vatican Council II to the rules of all the religious orders of that time. The Palmarian Church is the Church of Christ, which is the same as to say that the Palmarian Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. Therefore, all its members are part of a spiritual family, and in each one of them, Christ really and truly dwells in their souls while they are in the State of Grace. And since Christ dwells in the souls of his Mystical Body, so does the Father and the Holy Ghost. There is also the presence of the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is why we refer to the Church as a diamond, because it is something precious that everyone should desire to unite to. The Palmarian Catholic Church enjoys peace and spiritual happiness far superior to the happiness that the world offers. It is what every human being should aspire to, instead of the vanities of the world. That is why Solomon wisely said: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity: If man does not employ his life in the service of God, what lasting benefit does he gain from all the work he labours at on Earth?

Those who have a genuine interest in the Holy Palmarian Church should stop participating in the worship of other religions. As we know, on July 30, 1982, Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great, by an Apostolic Decree, removed the priestly powers from all priests outside the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. Therefore, even though you see priests dressed to celebrate Mass and preparing everything in their churches to celebrate, they no longer have the powers to celebrate Holy Mass, and what you are witnessing is an act of idolatry. Idolatry is worshiping something other than God. The bread, which priests outside the Palmarian Church use to consecrate, remains bread because outside the Palmarian Church there is no longer the valid power to consecrate and effect the transubstantiation of bread into the Body of Christ. The Priests who are members of the Holy Palmarian Church have the powers to validly celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to administer the other Holy Sacraments. All those outside the Palmarian Church have no power to administer the Sacraments. It is sad, but true. This is a punishment that God imposed for the great apostasy of the Roman church.

To remedy this unfortunate situation, there is a possibility for priests outside the Palmarian Church to be admitted by the Holy Apostolic See here in El Palmar de Troya and enter this Holy Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face. Here you can validly receive Holy Orders and celebrate Holy Mass, truly worshiping God. Upright priests should set an example for their faithful. If they enter the Holy Palmarian Church with conviction and courage, many of their lay people will follow them. Certainly, for many of these lost priests, it will be more comfortable to stay where they are, leading an easy and essentially frivolous life, than to enter the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face: a Carmelite Religious Order of much prayer and penance, which follows the same steps of Saint Teresa of Jesus, Reformer of Carmel. However, despite the gentle rigours of this holy Carmelite life, great spiritual happiness is found by belonging to this privileged Holy Order of Carmel and doing great good to souls. It would be an unsurpassable opportunity for all those priests to unite themselves to God and the Blessed Virgin in this world and to make sure, above all, of the eternal salvation of their souls in Heaven. Pope Peter III is the Good Shepherd who is opening the doors to all priests and religious men and women who are meek and humble of heart, in order to participate in this highly decisive stage of the Church.