17th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

17th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The Great Fisher of Souls, His Holiness Pope Peter III, continues to encourage Palmarian Catholic Action to continue this important apostolate. Launched 17 months ago, this website was created as an instrument to teach the True Catholic Faith to many people throughout the world. Before this Palmarian website existed, everything that was said about the Holy Palmarian Church on the Internet was negative and slanderous. Now, the percentage of good posts increases more and more, with great fruits. Also, a considerable increase in malicious publications has been noticed, but many people are already realizing that there is a network of lies against the Church. The Palmarian Church is very specially protected by the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. As Christ is the very Truth and the Palmarian Church is His Church, the Truth and the Church will triumph. Above all, in this month of May, the month dedicated to the Holy Ghost and the Divine Virgin Mary, we are waiting for great things that will happen in our apostolate.

The number of visitors to our website has increased more than nine percent in April compared to March. At the moment, Argentina continues in first place, Spain in second place and then Brazil in third place. The top three countries are the same as the previous month, but Brazil is now pulling ahead to become the country that visits us the most. Almost every day, more people visit our website from Brazil than from any other country. Chances are they will take second place very soon. Those who are most interested in writing and sending us messages are the residents of Mexico. The Spanish have also increased in the number of people interested. Peru has now taken tenth place, each day achieving good numbers.

Here is a list of the thirty countries with the highest number of visits:

1.Argentina11.Germany21.Dominican Republic
4.Mexico14.United Kingdom24.Cameroon
5.United States15.Congo – Kinshasa25.Russia
9.The Philippines19.Chile29Guatemala
10.Peru20.The Ivory Coast30.Venezuela

A good number of people are following us on Facebook. For now, they do not number in the millions, but we already have more than 32,000 followers who like our posts on Facebook. We will try to continually upload new videos and documents to show the wonder and beauty of the Holy Palmarian Church is. It is the only Church that has the breath of the Holy Ghost. It is the Church where Christ lives in souls in the State of Grace. It is the Church of Mary Most Holy, which also reigns in these very special souls, guiding them and uniting Herself with them very closely. In the Palmarian Church, there is a harmony of love and happiness among the souls who dedicate themselves to live a most perfect spiritual life. Why are you taking so long to declare your faith in the True Church of Christ? It is clear that the True Pope is in El Palmar de Troya. We do not need to present evidence. You can see. Just look at the videos of the Holy Palmarian Church! If you do not see that it is the True Church, it is because either you do not want to believe it, or you are apathetic in investigating the Truth and reluctant to change your life. Because you know very well that, by knowing the Truth, you will have more responsibilities and you want to avoid them. Rome abandoned God once she befriended the kings of the world, corrupting what was previously sacred and destroying Divine Rights. It is a terrible truth that God has abandoned the Roman church for its corruption, sending the Virgin Mary as Heavenly Messenger to El Palmar de Toya to prepare there the future transfer of the See of the Catholic Church, the same Church that Our Lord founded almost two thousand years ago.

There are numerous proofs of the truth of the ecstasy of Clemente Domínguez and Gómez, today Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great. Manuel Alonso Corral, today Pope Saint Peter II the Great, recounted the following episode: A group of people came from La Ladeira do Pinheiro, Portugal to see if the supernatural events in El Palmar de Troya were true. They demanded proof from God. The proof was that when they reached El Palmar, they would find Clemente in ecstasy, and he would be seeing the Lord, and that Clemente would turn around and take from them soil that they had brought from La Ladeira, and that Clemente would offer the soil to the Lord. Everything happened just as the people of La Ladeira had asked for. Some of them cried at such a great prodigy.

We have made the decision to translate the publications on our website into the Russian language, since there is interest from those who speak this language. Here is an excerpt from the Palmarian publication “Where is the True Church?” published on our website: “Among other Messages given in Fatima, the Most Holy Virgin Mary: made an anguished calling to prayer and penance, in the face of the chaotic situation of the world, immersed in immorality and amid the cataclysm of the First World War; She asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, and reparation to Her Immaculate Heart on the first Saturdays of the month; She warned that unless Her maternal desires were met, Russia would spread her errors, and that Russia would therefore be the scourge of the world, of which God would avail Himself to chastise the world; besides, She announced that after the First World War there would be another far more terrible. The Most Holy Virgin Mary also announced that, in the end, Russia would be converted.” Knowing this important message of the Virgin Mary, we feel the obligation to translate the Palmarian publications into the Russian language in order to give the Russian people the opportunity of getting to know the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church.

It takes time to translate our documents into other languages. So far, we have our website translated into nine languages. The Russian language will be the tenth. Not all documents can be translated for now, but there are enough to be able to make the True Palmarian Catholic Church known in Russia and in other neighboring countries that also speak Russian.

Living in union with God and with the Blessed Virgin must be the desire of every human being. It means giving up your own will to do only the Will of God at all times. In order to fulfill the Will of God, it is necessary to know and practice the Laws of the Church, such as the Ten Commandments of the Law of God, and to fulfill them perfectly. The Palmarian Catechism explains very well how one must live to please God and flee from sin. Sin is something monstrous in the Eyes of God. Because of His Infinite Holiness, sin, both mortal and venial, is repugnant to God, although much more so are mortal sins which are very serious offenses against our Benevolent Creator. We can all overcome sins with prayer and sacrifice, invoking the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The most effective prayer is the Holy Penitential Rosary and one of the most important sacrifices is mortification of the eyes. Do not look at what you must not. Many times, through the eyes enter impurities that destroy the soul. “Your eyes are the light of your body. If your eye is simple and clean, your whole body will be glowing with light.” Book IV, Chapter 10, 22.

Also, mortification of the tongue is very important to be right with God. As the Apostolic Letters of Saint Peter say in the Holy Palmarian Bible chapter VI: “So then, whoever desires to live this life in the peace of Christ, and later enjoy eternal life, let his tongue refrain from evil and his lips from guile.” Gossip, lies and worst of all slander do so much damage. Remember that to slander is to accuse your neighbour of sins that he has not committed or defects that he does not have. Today some people unscrupulously publish slander in the media to cause harm to the True Church of Christ. Slander brings terrible punishments from God, and those who commit this type of sin are obliged to undo the harm they have done, restoring the good reputation to those who they have wronged.