15th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Iglesia Catolica Palmariana

15th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Once again, we will provide the latest news from the official Palmarian website: direct Inspiration from the Holy Ghost to spread the True Faith of Christ to the whole world. We are very satisfied with the number of people who have visited us this month and there is no doubt that our apostolate will result in millions of visits in the not too distant future. There are some countries that visit us more than others, but we hope to remedy this situation by studying new ways of carrying out the apostolate. Despite the bad publicity that exists against the Palmarian Church, we hope to overcome it with the help of God, preferring to have contact with people docile to Christ and Mary.

Lately, a good number of Spaniards have visited our website and are already at the top of the list of visitors. Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are the next countries that visit us the most. From Colombia, good numbers also enter every day. Recently, a Palmarian missionary made a visit to this country, sowing the seeds for a great apostolate in the future. Colombia was the country where Pope Saint Gregory XVII the Very Great was crowned as Successor in the Chair of Saint Peter, directly by Our Lord Jesus Christ, on August 6, 1978. The primary mission accomplished by that Palmarian missionary in Colombia was to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Later, with the help of the Mother of God, there will be conversions in Colombia and we will build beautiful Palmarian Chapels.

Despite the fact that Mexico has not yet borne the fruits of conversion that we would like, we hope to see a radical change in that country soon. There, as in some other countries, we have contacted several people who love the Palmarian Church. Logically, because they are creatures more docile to God, their souls have a burning desire to belong to the True Church, where the beauties of Divine Worship shine. There it is: The Glorious Palmarian Church, led by His Holiness Pope Peter III, continuing unscathed in the midst of a furious storm of attacks from his enemies and leading the Church of Christ to a good port, crossing between the two pillars: that of the Holy Eucharist and that of the Blessed Virgin Mary, just as Saint John Bosco had prophesied in his dreams. The Palmarian Church was reserved by God for these apocalyptic times; it is the beauty of beauties. Living Palmarian piety is feeling happiness in the soul. It is being at peace with God and with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here is a list of the thirty countries that visit us the most:

3.Brazil13.United Kingdom23.Cameroon
4.Mexico14.Congo – Kinshasa24.Ecuador
5.United States15.Kenya25.Dominican Republic
8.Colombia18.The Ivory Coast28.Switzerland
9.The Philippines19.Ireland29Guatemala

We should not claim victory due to the number of people who visit our website daily. However, it is a very powerful weapon to defend the Palmarian Catholic Church against the numerous attacks it receives from malicious people. The Palmarian Church has had its difficult moments, but lately it seems that hell has conspired more than ever to do the Church harm. Hell exists and we also know that there are many people inspired by the devil to confuse, with the aim of discrediting the Palmarian Catholic Church. Previously, the Seat of the Catholic Church was in Rome, and once Rome reneged on the almost two thousand years of tradition defended by Popes who had wisely guided it, the Catholic Church, through direct intervention of Our Lord Jesus Christ, moved it to Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain. Why does hell hate the Palmarian Church so much?

Well, the answer is very evident for those who want to see: If the Palmarian Church were to ingratiate itself with the current world, it would not be persecuted at all. It would be one of the many false churches that exist today. The Palmarian Church is the only bastion of the Catholic Faith that continues the two thousand years of Catholic tradition without compromises, and the devil in a rage wants to destroy it. It is necessary to affirm that, within the Palmarian Catholic Church, prayer and penance are continually carried out with the aim of saving many souls. The primary mission of the Palmarian Catholic Church is to save souls. This is the reason why Satan hates the Palmarian Church, because he knows that the Holy Palmarian Church is taking away souls from his tyrannical dominion. We do not consider ourselves Saints, we do not wear a halo, we are flesh and blood. We seek holiness, but the path is very long and has many stones. No one is holy until they reach Heaven after death.

The Palmarian Church has religious, nuns and faithful very dedicated to prayer and penance. These souls are highly appreciated in the eyes of God. Their sacrifices help save souls so they can enjoy Heaven for all eternity. This is the charity of charities: seeking the eternal salvation of other souls. If one of these religious, nuns or faithful commits errors or negligence, which are forbidden by God, it does not diminish the value of their collaboration with Christ and Mary in the work for the salvation of souls. Searching for defects of the members of the Church to promote videos and thus ridicule the members of the Palmarian Church is a work inspired by hell to recreate an abhorrent environment against the Mystical Body of Christ, which is His Church. Christ said: “Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone.” Everything that has been said against us by the media includes many lies, slander, exaggeration and envy. Sooner or later, God Himself will take care to punish with Divine Justice these liars, envious slanderers, who only live to harm the Holy Church because they have no peace in their consciences and never will.

We will not tire of mentioning that on the official website of the Palmarian Church there is a section that clearly explains “Who Are We?”. We are especially devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. As it was throughout the history of the Church of Christ, enemies will try to harm us. Perhaps they will succeed to a certain extent by Divine permission, but be that as it may, the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, will always be at our side, guiding us and strengthening us as our Mother who she is, and protecting the Palmarian Church at all times. That is why we do not lose sleep over the attacks from our enemies. Mary! From Your Most Pure Hands we will receive the graces necessary to strengthen ourselves in the Faith and thus continue to pray for our persecutors. But be careful: God maintains great patience with his enemies, but when it runs out, Christ will severely punish those who sought to harm His beloved Church. In the end, the Palmarian Church will be victorious because the Blessed Virgin Mary counts on the Divine Hand of Christ, who guides and defends us at all times.

To help defend the Holy Church against enemies, God makes the Nine Heavenly Choirs of Angels available to his Church. Sublime protection. This revelation fills us with peace. The Angels of Heaven, coming down to earth and covering the Palmarian Church under their protection, form a royal army that effectively keeps those who wish to destroy the Church incapacitated.

In closing, our Facebook page is producing the expected results and thousands have already visited us and liked our posts. We must not forget that the future of the Palmarian Church is only in the hands of God and the Blessed Virgin. In this Glorious Year of the Holy Face, the Palmarian Church will be better known than ever.

Apparently, it seems that the enemies of the Church of Christ are gaining ground on social media with their sensationalist posts. Let them express themselves freely and rejoice among themselves. It will be at that exact moment when Christ, Almighty, intervenes and reveals to the world that the Palmarian Church is His True Church. Let the Holy Face of Our Jesus Christ be Adored! Christ will have the last word.