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Who are we?

We are a group of Palmarian Catholic women and girls who have come together to help young people realize that dressing modestly is of extreme importance. First of all to save our own souls and to help other people save theirs. There are other important issues about dressing modestly, for example: it makes men respect us a great deal more. Modest dressing is more impressive to men who want to meet virtuous women. Dressing modestly is even a great advantage for getting good jobs. Dressing well can send a clear message to men that we are not to be abused in any form. The dignity of women is lost by scanty dressing.

The first point is that dressing modestly is essential to help us get to Heaven. Our model should be the Most Holy Virgin Mary and the saints who dressed perfectly, with elegance, and avoiding any type of clothing that could be considered provocative. That is why we should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or transparent. In the same way, wearing trousers is not appropriate as they are men’s clothing and men commit many sins because women dress in this way. Our Lady’s messages are clear: women must cover their bodies completely. It is no big deal. If the weather is very hot, then we should just offer it up as a sacrifice. It is better to suffer a little on earth than to go to Purgatory or even Hell for having caused men to commit sins provoked by us.

Dressing modestly makes us feel good. It makes peoples respect us and inwardly admire us. We are not extreme; we only want to do what is most pleasing to Jesus. We do not want to cooperate with the Freemasons and their satanic plans. His Holiness Pope Peter III, in his Apostolic Letter XXII, wonderfully explains that the indecency in dress after the First World War was not a matter of changing tastes, of genuine desire for lighter fashions, but that it corresponded to a Masonic plan, and the Supreme Pontiff cites several chilling texts. Here is one:

“It is necessary to corrupt, that our boys and girls practice nudism in clothing. To avoid too many reactions, it will be necessary to progress methodically: first, undress to the elbow; then to the knees; then completely bare the arms and legs; later, the upper chest, shoulders, etc.” (International Journal of Freemasonry, 1928).

What we want women and girls to do is try our way of dressing. That is why we are doing these publications. Get some decent, beautiful and elegant clothes. You’ll feel like a princess if you do. Almost everyone has tried to dress the way the perverse world wants. Try our way. See what happens.

How to Dress like Mary ("Marian" clothing)